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Palm Reading?


It all started April 2013. My boyfriend at the time and I were sitting at home and randomly I wanted to hold his hand. I told him " let me see your hand, I want to see if I could read you". I never questioned it before that day it literally came out of nowhere asking. So when we started I held his hand and told him to clear his mind and relax. I did the same. When I held his hand It was a dark cloudy vision. I also saw a number and then I continue to feel horrible. After the " reading" I couldn't even be next to him. I felt sorrow. Towards the end of that month he broke up with me for no reason and the number I saw was the actual date of him breaking the relationship off. Another one was with a friend and I felt amazing reading her and the visions were good and I also saw the number 7. This was back in 2015. Last year 2017 in July she passed away from diabetes. She's been suffering with it for awhile and when I saw her body she looked at peace and once I put two and two together. Her death month was the 7th month of the year of course also in 2017. Another big vision I had was someone I just knew of but didn't have no background story of her. When I held her hand I saw an angel. A The number one and also I felt at peace and a feeling of letting go. After the visions she revealed to me her brother died a year ago and she knew she had to come to peace with it. I want to increase my ability but don't know how. I want help understanding my gift and what to do to practice it.

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