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Salaams Jefimat,

I hope you are better. Try seeing a Sufi Shaykh. They will be able to help you Insha-Allah

You can use Ayatul Kursi. It's very powerful against these evil things and for protection in general. If reciting it once is not enough, just keep repeating it for a stronger effect.

You can also have it on a loop playing from your computer. You can also play Surah Baqarah it is also good for keeping evil away from the home.

Take care,
1 We all have energys
2 we send enrgy signals meaning what ever we feel we show it in our aura

3 there are some people called vampires some are givers

We people have diffent ways each individual has his own way either giving or recieving energy that's why your friend attracts poeple to be nice to her don't know the right way to explain it but you can find info about it if you search it:)
Sorry I just forgot to add this info reiki is not just teaching you to meditate but it will also teach you to heal your self using your own energy and healing others and prottecting your self from bad people and learn about your inerbody by learning each chakra for each body part then you will be able to see other people auras and see how they feel and how they are and help others and your self:) I hope I have helped and it is not against any religion so its all good:)
Leaning reiki is a good way to learn meditation and spiritualizm and learn to visualize and connect with your spirit guides to
Its called the third eye if you use it correctly and visualize you can get really good and strong vibes and guidence and different spiritual things
I use to feel someone watching over me a lot a few years ago when my mom died: (and I have seen her twice walking dowm the stairs not straight in front of my eyes but in the reflection of a glass window so it reflects anything infront of it like mirror... That was ok no problems then after the 30 days when the spirit leaves to go to heaven...:) after that I was hearing things droping seing ghosts like a girl in while black hair standing next to my bed dog was growling wierd stuff then I asked a priest to come to the house... You know holy water and etc and now thank god is all gone but having that dream last night about that black shadow hope it doesn't start the ghost things again I am psycic and clervoyant to I can see things happen before they do happen and I get guided from the highest spirits using pendulum and angel cards sometimes only if I feel I need to be guided:) I'm not afraid of the dead its just sometimes I get some wierd dreams and I don't know what they mean:)
Hi there I'm here because I have been searching on the web conserning these subject because its similar to my situation that has happened to me last night... I was dreams suddently I could feel and see a presence of a demond. Ghost. Spirit or djinn. Dont know anyway behind me it was a black shadow looking like a person with red eyes when I woke up it dissapierd... Reason why I am telling this is because I would really like to know the meaning of the presence that I have seen in my dream because searching on the web it mostly doesn't give you the right answer so I thought to try this site thank and hope someone can tell me there opinion all my best wishes to all and god bless... Bye
I gets visions sometimes. Like my car getting smashed. I have to pray this vision so it does not happen.
Hello DauntingSoul,

It's not that hard really to learn how to spiritually protect yourself against dark entities of any kind. The universal principle to understand is that the Divine power is stronger than darkness. It's a truth that is true anytime and anywhere. So you learn this protection and you are all set to do any kind of spiritual or psychic practice you want. There are many ways to to accomplish this. I personally like to keep it as simple as possible and doing so, I use what some people refer to as a "bubble of protection". I use it all the time and it never fails. Well, that's almost true. Sometimes I forget before I go to sleep. On those times it has happened that black entities try to invade me, but that's for another story. So I would recommend that you google "bubble of protection". If you want exact instructions I can give you that too (click on my profile).

Good luck!

Universeteachings (guest) in Shadow Across Someone's Face
I believe that you arein danger with this entity or being.
It could be a grim reaper but then again it couldnt, due to the fact that you haven't mentioned a scythe or skeletal hands.
Im a spiritual sorceress who can conctact many beings in the universe.
Hurry now, time is wasting.
Universeteachings [at]
Stay determined,
P.s. One more thing...
Your fate is at risk.
Universeteachings (guest) in A White (phantom?) Dog
Running after it its no use, the dog sense of smell can be effective. So I suggest carrying treats with you will do. Especially a bobe piece dog treat, bacon and meat style or something like a chex mix.
Contact me if its turn out to be true.
Universeteachings [at]
Stay determined,
Universeteachings (guest) in Messages In My Dreams
You are a dream seer,
You need a journal or notebook to carry with you at all times, or in the morning whenever you wake up with a pencil or pen with you.
This vision possibly is some kind of vision or warning of something. This event you have to figure out. It maybe related to your life. Or something on the news. That is how I get messages. I read the news how they related. Or to my personal life. I watch my personal life and people who I am related to or friends with. The message may be something related on the News. Sometimes I get these warning dreams or vision a year or months before something happens. You also may be getting a vision reading from someone on the internet or someone you know. You as a psychic have to figure this out. Now the strange languages maybe you connected somehow in the spirit realm. There is a portal that they spirits came through. Also possibly visions can be related to the people in the room where you were seated. Or the locations.
Possibly, your encounter with these spirits was an evil spirit or. You were picking up some residual haunting in the house you are in.
I can sense things like you have sensed. I dream it though. My email is rcarriwill [at]
I don't think you are delusional. Thanks for sharing, what a great story Love
Wow fascinating story. I don't have any advise for you, I'm looking for answers on how to cultivate my own gift further... But thanks for sharing and good luck Smile
I'm so sorry to hear of the hardships you've endured. I wish you peace and happiness. Love
Haunted house. She may be evil. Plead the blood of Jesus over you. Say this out loud. Be gone unclean spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ. I command you. Shout this out loud. Put up Jesus photos get a cross. And anything with Jesus. Pray out loud. Daily and play religious music. If you can. To fight this haunting.
this happens to me a lot, its like when it happens, my brain feels like its going to blow up and when I wake up its like I have been choked or something
Universeteachings (guest) in Demon Or Spirit? What Am I In Bed With?
Gabbie, you are mistaken. Not all demons belong to the darkness. Darkness is not evil nor light is good. Dont you know the definition of the ying yang. Ask your angel with the long brown hair behind you.
What kind of demons are you referring to? Imps? Beingswith horns? Or the sucubus who longer exist the red one or the black one? Not meaning to make you mad. But keep the facts straight from the universe and the world of light and darkness not the bible and society. Especially media here.
Stay determined,
DauntingSoul in Over The Years
Thanks Boson, I'm not sure how to embrace it though, I know this sounds odd but when I was about 14, I tried to tune into it but I ended up attracting more shadows and then for a week I got 3 scratches on my thighs and arms that just came out of no where and burnt so I stopped out of fear. Is there anyway I can learn to without attracting dark energies?
I have seen orbs by my face. And I have seen them many times. I won't let them go inside of me. The orb could be why you are having problems. Orbs are spirits. They can be bad spirits also.
Hello DauntingSoul,

From reading our story, I would say that you definitely have a psychic ability and you have definitely had real supernatural experiences. I also see that this ability has attract negative energy into your space, such as orbs and shadows. It doesn't have to be that way. You are really in control of your spiritual environment, providing that you have learned how to control your ability. After that you can banish any malevolent being, and what remains is a life where you can assist both spirits and humans with your ability. And you should be able to start cherishing your unusual ability. We were all given certain gifts in life. Some people were given gifts of a rare kind such as the gift of being psychic. It's good to ask yourself how you want to use this gift.

I hope it helps a little.

RockShan (guest) in Strange Visions?
xx2short2cxx, I sent my explanation to you're email as requested.:)
It is great to see that you are using your abilities to help others. Smile I currently do not have any advice, sorry. Sad But if you ever need advice or help with anything, feel free to email me. I will try to help you any way I can. My email address is on my profile, don't hesitate to email me. Smile
Just pray out loud. "Be gone unclean spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ I command you." say this real loud shout it. To rid yourself of this unclean spirit. When unclean spirits are cast out. Then they look for somewhere to go. Then 7 more come from one cast out. Amen
This is a Sucubus demon I know I had one after me and my child. Plead the blood of Jesus and tell tell the unclean spirit to leave the house at once in the blood of Jesus. Command it.
try to yell this out loud. "Be gone unclean spirit I command you by the blood of Jesus Christ." Yell this many times and the spirits will leave you alone. If they don't you are in real trouble. They have taken hold stronger than most people could handle. Pray a lot put up Jesus candles or photos, bibles. Etc. Call a priest if it gets real bad. I will be praying for you amen
Hello youthfulwalkerancientsoul,

You seem to have a plethora of psychic abilities which makes everything more confusing for you and harder to grasp. After reading your stories, nothing really surprised me. As a matter of fact all you mentioned feels normal to me - as normal as psychic phenomena can be. Everyone is unique with his/her abilities of this kind. You can have visions of the future and that future will not occur until many many years later. On the other hand you can also have visions of what will happen tomorrow or even what is happening in real time too. And of course visions of past times too, both in your current live and past lives. All this information is available but only from the vantage point of a non-physical reality which is what you tap into when you get psychic insights. From my own experiences, I just don't think there is any limitations.

Hope this helps a little. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

I can sometime read into what people are thinking or going to say. I can sometimes see visions of things to come or dream of things to come. You have a gift. Just a different kind of psychic ability.
After having this go on for many years about unimportant things I know see major problems ahead for my immediate family. I now need to advice / guidance of a individual who has vast experience in these events. Clairvoyantkate I have read your post and I wonder if you could help me with this. My visions are far to personal to post exactly on here. If you could contact me on darrenshields10 [at] I would be greatful
wow, sounds kind of interesting. Just talk to her out loud. That is what I do. I don't even mediate. I just say out loud. The name of the murder victim and then I stare at the photo of the victim then I ask out loud what happened. It takes a few weeks a few minutes each day. I said is there a serial Killer in northern middle Wisconsin. Then I got a crashing noise. I then said what happened to the missing girls of Northern Wisconsin. I also said the girls names. That night I saw a huge orb. It tried to go into me when I was asleep. I stopped doing that stuff I was too afraid at that point.
Be careful with these beings. They can abduct you. Take you into a dimension where you at. They will send you astal body projection at night. These are higher beings. I won't mess with this stuff. I get too scared. Sometimes with astral body flight or projection you don't come back.
thank you so much for your time and help, all of you guys.
Shanon I will email you.
Thank you
I am being to believe it has to do with intentions. Perhaps, it is someone who has, shall we say, less than honorable intentions?
In each case, until the last one, it was people I knew and loved... My father dearly... People who, yes, had less than honorable intentions, to put it nicely.

Thanks again for the input.
Am curious about what the different key points you listed mean Kratos-Atlas, as I am new to all of this.
Hey, I've had a similar story to yours. And it's pretty cool that I'm not the only person that has lived with this. All my life I thought I was weird or that god wasn't on my side because of the episodes I've had or the things I've seen.
As far with the entity, you just need to be calm and not think about it. It took me years to realized that and even though it still bothers me nowadays, I know how to handle myself.
I've always had dreams. All sorts of dreams. Dreams that can predict tomorrow's agenda, dreams where I see myself in a different world or dreams that are just nightmares.
My mom has dreams too but not as intense. Since she has lived with having dreams, she knows how to difinite them. At first I thought it was my imagination but it really wasn't. I felt more calm when she told me she had them too. And she taught me how to difinite them.
But when it came to seeing things and to listening to voices, my mom had a hard time understanding. It wasn't until I got older that she understood why. A medium told her that was my gift.
Sometimes I wish I didn't have that gift but in a way, it had made me who I am today.
I had my first vision when I was 8 or 9.
Saw and heard things when I was 6 or 7.
And since then, I still have them.
I always thought I was the only one that had visions or dreams. But there were some visions where I had at different parts of my life and I always wonder why I got them if there were so far apart of my actual age. How can I know if a vision is real or not?
I have seen orbs before. And they scare me. I usually say out loud. Begone unclean spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ.
Neat. Interesting story/experience!
My first question would be- what happens if you continue to browse through other photo boards, for similar experiences?
Did you ever take the Drug LSD, because I don't know it sounds fishy to me.
I need a REAL Psychic or CLAIRVOYANT person to help me in the next month or 2. I'm about 70% sure that I will come across ALOT OF MONEY, but I am not psychic or anything. I'm a 46 year old Man that's been PERMANENTLY DISABLED since I was 10 years old, and my life has been HELL ON EARTH SO FAR!
You aren't alone. I have had some of the exact same things happen to me as well and have found someone I am soul connected to. Mine connection is a little bit more in depth, but like you I am still learning and at times am confused. I to would love to have someone to talk to and share experiences with. So if you would like to share experiences just let me know and maybe we can email.:)
Thanks Carri, that's very kind.
It's always nice to have someone to talk to about it. Happy
The shadow could indeed be a kinf of "death vision", but it could also be:
-An entity on the person, maybe Death itself.
-The negativity in someone's life
-Everything bad in/with a person that, if not fixed, could lead them to their death.
-The "manifestation" of everything a person did of bad in their lives, and maybe you can only see it in certain point of times. The deaths would have no relation to it.
-a person's "dark side"
-a "veil of doom"
Kratos-Atlas in Time For Realisation
You probably have some "medium traits", the hearing could be related to it or some kind of clairaudience.
As for knowing what people will say, you probably can "read"/feel their intentions, a kind of "mind reading" if you want to put a name on it.
You just translate these intentions into a phrase before they can do it.
You have a gift somehow you can see them, these spirits. Someone where you reside. Let a portal open or some spirit attached to someone in your house and brought these spirits home. You have to say this out loud to get them to stop tormenting you. "I command you unclean spirit begone in the blood of Jesus Christ. Mediating can allow these spirits to break through to our world. The only way to rid these spirits is to pray and shout out loud. "Begone unclean spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ. I command you. You must shout this or these unclean spirits will torment you.
It is a voice talking to me. Or a dream will come from the photo when I fall alsleep
I did say out loud to a murdered girl spirit about 4 weeks ago and communicated by accident. To the spirit world. I asked out loud are you murdered by a serial killer to the girl mentioned she is missing Kayla Berg. Angio Wisconsin. I live about 6 hours south of the town she is missing from. She is a 15 year old girl. I asked the question kayla May Berg are you killed by a serial killer? And a loud bang came in my kitchen a deafening pop and bang. At 3am then I asked what happened to you Kayla May Berg and that morning after sleeping I saw a large orb in my bedroom right by my head. It was trying to go inside me I woke up. Then my microwave died. And washing machine in the basement would not work. I stopped asking those questions out loud. For at least a while.
Hi Rockshan,

I hope this is ok to ask of you... Especially on here but I read a previous comment you had made. I was wondering if you could scan or read me? I'm just wondering if you will pick up anything. Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you
Neat idea I wish the American psychics could do something like that.
Hazel I get strange warning like that. Where photos appear out of no where. For some reason while I clean. Then a warning rings out. You can email me at rcarriwill [at] I am a police psychic also part time. Online only.
Hello Cole_Harris,

Yes, you kind of answered your own question. Meditation is a very good tool to better understand and develop your psychic abilities. When your mind is quiet and your heart is at peace, then you are most receptive to receive. Not only is this the state you want to be in to communicate with non-physical realms, it is also the state you want to reach as it also has health benefits to attain this level of peace on a regular basis. So there are a multitude of benefits that comes with dedicated meditation.

Then you asked if there is anything to be concerned about with your gift of foreseeing. Well, I would like to give you my standard answer to that which is that you should be aware of the different unseen forces in the universe and that not all forces are good. This ultimately means that you may receive psychic messages from sources that are not of a good nature, unless you apply spiritual protection before you go into meditation.

I hope this helps a little.

Hi Carri thank you kindly for your comment this did cross my mind... I have had a few similar warnings while I've been awake & asleep.
But I'm still wondering if it is from the spirit world, would this still come under a psychic ability? Confused
keyofallsouls in Child With Bright Light
It seems to me that your son can see the auras of the spirits around him. Each color has a general meaning but also a specific one to the individual person.

This website might help you help your son figure out what each color he sees represents.

For me personally I can't exactly see spirits but I can sense them and sometimes just see the colors/auras of them. Over time I've been able to associate feelings and if that spirit around me is good or bad for me with seeing the colors.

For me personally, red is usually a color that means that a spirit or someone has a lot of anger or passionate desire. I can tell the difference between anger and desire from what I feel from the colors (fear or being uncomfortable or just negative in general tends to be anger, overwhelming tends to be desire for me).

Blue energy I find to be very calming and positive. I also sense a lot of blue in my own energy.

Colors could also mean what the energy is associated with.

For example brown or green could mean that a spirit or someone is tied to Earth energies. Blue water energies. Red or orange fire. Purple air. Etc.

I wouldn't get super worried over what he sees. As long as you are there to support your son (especially if he ever starts to feel like he is going crazy because no one else around him can see what he sees,etc) I think he should be fine. Plus you did say he was only 7. When he is older he may still develop his abilites or they might "fade" out (meaning because they arent actively used anymore they just become dormant).
When I've tried mirror gazing and would stare at myself in the mirror a shadow would cover one side of my face. When I did this it was a few months before my grandfather died. After his death, I mirror fazed again and never got the shadow across my face to that extent again.

I'm thinking the shadow on people's faces is a form of death sense or related to death. Maybe you are able to sense death from people or deaths that would affect that person greatly?

I'm still unsure about the shadows in faces since I've only really experienced it when mirror gazing. I don't really mirror gaze anymore (stopped some time last year).

Anyways, I don't know if this helps or not but I do think the shadows across people's faces is relating to a form of death sense or death.
Thank you all for your comments and experiences. As I stated in my post, I am new to this site and forgive me, however I cannot seem to read the comments. Suggestions welcome and thank you again...
I think these shadows on people you are seeing is a warning of death of that person. I get dreams of death of warning like of people. You get warning signs like on people's faces. Different psychics get different type of warnings. Like my friend's sons sees a shadow person stand next to someone who is going to die soon. My friend's son can see this at funerals with the family. He can see it this shadow person and the person will die that week.
this dream is a warning so listen to the dream and warn other about it. The warning may save their lives. Or even your sons life.
a warning psychic ability possibility. Some kind of warning from the spirit world.
Hello Magpie121,
You are not alone. This has happened, never quite to this level, in different forms throughout my life. Normally, I don't perceive things in dreams, but here is my dvice for you.
Can you sense spirits at all? If you can try to meditate after something like this, you might be able to identify whether someone is addressing you directly, or you are being shown these events. Perhaps as Kratos-Atlas says you may be receiving a general cry out or memory.
I would advise you to do a bit of research into each case, if you can. It will help you learn whether these cases have been resolved. If they have not, it may be a good idea to enter the area of your dream, try to find the spot. I would advise against doing it alone. Have you told your partner? If you can, it may help. Also, going with a local psychic might help you orient yourself, and decide whether anyone should be contacted.
This is difficult, but know that this is not your fault. Even if ut cannot be resolved, you did not take those actions, and you cannot prevent them. You will be okay, and if it is any comfort, the fact that you understood their stories may in itself have brought these individuals some comfort, if they knew you were perceiving these things.
Take courage and trust your instincts. Guilt is a terrible sentiment, but try not to let it overtake you. Learn what you can and have faith in yourself.
Wishing you answers,
Kratos-Atlas in Watery Dreams
Some times, you have to take the dreams literally, other times you have to "translate" their metaphorical meaning.
Kratos-Atlas in Purple Flying Energy
It could be a lot of things:
-Your energy or the current ambient energy that was seen/assumed a form that you're used to see/think/interact with.
-Energetic beigns (non-fairy) that can assume this form or are seen by your eyes as this form.
-Spirits (human or non-human)
-A manifestation of nature's energy.
-Different kind of orbs...
Kratos-Atlas in Dreams Of Being Murdered
If they aren't related to past lives, then maybe you can be a "medium" and be able to "live someone's last moments", even if you don't want to, if you can't control your ability.
It isn't uncommon for mediums and others with similar "gifts" to be able to see what happened to someone, or even be in their shoes. When the latter happens, it can be because the spirit is asking for help.

Now, if the plea is sent to anyone in range that is more sensitive, or if it is directed specifically to you, that I can't say.
Kratos-Atlas in Uasual Events
Although people like to say that you can "inherit" the "gifts" of your parents, the truth is that you already have them way before you're born. You just choose-or it is choosen for you-a family that have people with similar gifts, that might become your mentors.

Sometimes what is "heard" is someting that happened years (or more) ago, and it's just on a continuous loop. The voices that people tend to record from ghosts, are just echoes from the past. Rarely they are communicating with the entity.
Interesting. My eyes are some sort of blueish green, but they have these yellow-brown rings in the middle. I'm actually hoping for them to turn yellow someday. I was looking for a way to control (and maybe speed up) the process when I found this site.
I would like to know about how do you SEE the energy/lights in the darkness. I mean I can feel it, but not like see them with my eyes. Don't even understand their shape, just the direction and that's all.
I get the same type of dreams. I have seen orbs and asked out loud what happened to this person for example I was working on finding Kayla May Berg. With the Angio police in Wisconsin. I was talking with her mother. I said out loud late at night what happened to Kayla May Berg. Then I heard a loud crash in the Kitchen. And then an orb appeared that night huge one.
From my experience, sometimes direct energy healing to a chakra can cause distress for the person receiving the healing or the healer themselves.

I don't necessarily think it was that demon thing that caused you to be drained, but rather maybe you used more energy than your used to? Energy healing can be draining if the receiver's energy is being stubborn/resistant to the healing taking place.

Negative entities are stubborn when it comes to being cleansed so that could be another factor to why you fell ill. Some are just more vocal about it than others ahahaha.
Greek921 in Energy Inside Me?
I get the same feeling too. If anyone wants to help me please comment. I really need help with this and just discovered this a year or two ago and I am 13.
keyofallsouls in Aliens And 'soulmate'?
Usually if you feel an overwhelming sense of calmness or safeness from a spirit, they are genuine and positive (at least in my experience).

Since those two spirits you believe to be your spirit guides emit that sense of safeness and calmness, I'd say to trust that feeling or work towards trusting that feeling.

As for what to make of your experience, I think you are still exploring your abilities and what you know and don't know. That's really good and completely normal. If you want to make more sense of this particular experience, I recommend exploring more with yourself (as in learn more about you and your abilities, things like that) and asking for help or guidance from those who are positive spirits that give you a sense of calming and safety (and love).

It also doesn't hurt to write down any of your experiences in a journal. That way you can always go back when something "clicks":) (Hope that made sense)
Nightingale in Messages In My Dreams
Hello kittykath,
Please know that you are not alone. Many of us can understand the difficulties that come with such experiences. My sincerest condolences for the death of the baby, especially.
We cannot always control these things. Meditation may help you make sense of what will come to you, or may help you become more open to the information you most need. Try to clear your mind and simply be. If needed, you can use music to help you. See what works best for you.
Most of all, trust your instincts. They will not fail you if you do not resist your gift.
Wishing you well,
Universeteachings (guest) in The Demon Who Won't Leave
Im so sorry for not contacting you sooner... But the red sucubus and incubus are dealt with.
If she or he is no longer around.
Dont worry, they both turned to dust...
Contact me if you haven't seen them in a while.
Universe teachings
Peepers1314 in Psychic Connection
I have heard it's rare to find your "soul mate" per say. Is that true? I mean I haven't really heard of many people finding there soul mate in any of my research
RockShan (guest) in Child With Bright Light
The colors he sees at night is energy, He should be able to see them in the day as well, but some people notice them a lot more during nighttime or when it's dark. I can help quite a bit in regards to him seeing the energy, if you need any assistance just mail me at shanon.beck1 [at]

In regards to those spirits, chances are they have not gone. Well it all depends, usually when someones commands them away in any name. They realized they have been seen, and might be removed, in which they go into hiding or just be a lot more careful. They are probably targeting you're son due to him awakening spiritually very young. Without knowing how to defend himself he could be drained of energy, or even injured by some entity's/spirits.

I "scanned/read" you're son, he feels decently open to the spiritual/energy, based on the feel of his energy etc. I did notice a pain in his neck that I should notify you about. It may be nothing but I can usually feel anything related to the physical due to training I have underwent. (But, I could be wrong every once in a while). I sent my energy over near him, he may of felt it. But I removed any tainted energy that could be in him. And healed any injuries to his "energy system", that those entity's could of caused. Lastly I put a shield of my energy around him due to feeling a few spirits near him. But I can say one of them was a Angel, not an ArchAngel though wasn't powerful enough. But what worried by is I did feel a few other spirits of unidentified nature, one appeared to be a black haired girl (white), that I didn't feel any negative intention from.
Hi Peepers1314,

I think you feel this connection to that guy because of a past lifetime (or many) with this very soul. It's not uncommon that one crosses paths with the same soul through many lifetimes. So it's just your soul memory that emerged into your awareness and that's why you feel this connection to that person.

Hello Angeliclove,

Some people are like magnets to spirits both of the good and not-so-good kind. So what will make a huge difference for these people, and that would probably be the case for you too, is to realize that there shouldn't be a reason to fear a spirit of any kind. You have the innate power to ward off spirits you don't want around you. Once you learn this, it will more feel like a gift than a curse about the ability you have. It doesn't have to be that complicate to learn. I would like to suggest that you practice the method of a bubble of divine protection. It's easy to learn and you it can be done anywhere you are and at anytime, since it's all about mental focus and visualization.

I hope this helps a little.

Hello henraiElizabeth,

That's a great initiative! I lived in Wales earlier in my life. I wish you all the best.

Hello Artemis89 could you give me a free reading Smile there is a problem I have with a certain person
Quite possibly, you are getting visions of people from the spirit world.
I have had some success dealing with astral spiders.

Firstly, they do much more and worse than simply feed off astral energy. I fully believe these things can cause us to engage in thoughts and activities that are very harmful to ourselves and others, so that they can feed off the resulting negative energy. I think the worst cases can lead to psychosis or death.

I became aware of mine through years of lucid dreaming. Becoming aware of this giant thing with its abdomen stinger sticking into the back of my neck is the most horrible realization I've ever had. It seemed to me that my soul was at stake and that there was nothing I could do about it.

Astral spiders tend to attach to us in moments of trauma, and it can happen at any point in our life. We are weak in these moments of trauma, and they are also hide behind our tendency to block out trauma... And not just the original trauma, the added trauma of one of these things attaching itself is fiendish and causes us to block it out.

After years of living with this demon, I made something of a breakthrough. I oddly became also attached to it, as it was one constant in my life, almost like a companion that I had grown accustomed to, as horrifying as this sounds. One night I sincerely thanked it, appreciated, and dare I say, sincerely loved it. I think these things are not used to that sort of energy and it sort of stunned it. Soon after I was able to manipulate my own astral energy to sever the connection its stinger had in me and push the thing off of me.

This was several years ago. I have not had repeat occurrences. I'm hesitant to write about it, as I'm not sure how these things work and I'm afraid to draw any undue attention to myself or my situation. I imagine part of the way they work is through our silence, so hey, I'll write about it and share my experience and try to bring a little light to this situation.

On a bit of a more speculative side, I've often wondered if these things somehow weave webs of chains of events... Events that lead to intense suffering/negativity/trauma, so that they can attach themselves to us and feed off us. Looking back at my life as a whole I've seen a 'web' in retrospect that caused me to enter into an abusive relationship or abuse substances. It's a thought. As a species we might actually be involved in some evolutionary struggle with these things. In that case, I wish us the best
Hi All

I have this too, happens in various ways and only realise afterwards, it's difficult to explain, it seems to happen more when I'm relaxed and letting my thoughts run by themselves, if that makes sense? A good example was a few years ago - I was waiting in the playground for my six year old to finish school, I was relaxed and almost day dreaming, In my "daydream" a teacher came up to me and said that my son had banged his head at school that day. A minute or two the class room door opened and my son came out with his teacher, she told me exactly what I had seen in the "daydream" I was absolutely stunned! It was like watching a re-run. My son was fine by the way, she just wanted to make me aware of why he had a scrape on his head.
This has happened to me allot, I nearly killed a dog driving after the same kind of imaginative foresight, in fact I would have it I had not foreseen it, it still came straight out of the blue half a mile down the road - I didn't link the for-sight to the real near future but I was driving more carefully due to it. I also at the age of about 11 managed to guess about 18 or so random cards out of an upside down shuffled pack by naming the card before twisting it over - I actually stopped myself pulling the cards when it got too freaky, I will never know it I could have achieved the whole pack. I actually was so spooked I ran to my parents bedroom and told them! Yet again I was relaxed, sitting in bed letting my mind wander when this happened. I have had many more experiences like this, It's strange.
mirrors, tv set, windows they channel spirits that is why you son is afraid of them.
I saw a big white orb like ball floating by my head. I saw it waking up from sleep.
Thanks a lot for saying something that I have not looked at yet. It might take a while to find, but I could also learn some new stuff wich is great. Altho I will have to do it later, I packed with homework and projects from school. Darn school work : ( Sad Sad Sad
You may be dreaming of a murder. That you will see in the future. It could be a 6 months or a year ahead of time. Just watch the news. I have the same type of dreams. And I have to watch the news usually.
If you want to talk to me. I have the same abilities. So does my daughter. My daughter sees the angel of death the week of the funeral or death of a family or friend of ours. I usally dream of deaths before they happen. My email is rcarriwill [at] it would be nice to have a friend who has these abilities.
I dream of death of others friends and family at least a year before it happens. I can also see black shapes sometimes or signs before a death. Things go wrong like. Right before someone close to me get sick, hurt or dies I sometimes get a dream. My email is rcarriwill [at]
carri in Electricity
The lights go out by me. The microwave died at my house. My washing machine stopped brand new. Lights at work malfunction by me.
I pray you win. What a neat story. I hope it happens for you. Maybe god wants you to play the lottery.
gstories in Robin Knows Best
Did you find out what you were having yet? If it was twins or not I mean.

I don't know I don't really believe in past lives.
Lovely, and so true. You should be a public speaker. I think some straight talk on this subject is so long over due. Small kind acts, praying etc... Like ripples on still water (sorry not even really a grateful dead fan) reach out far beyond what we can even try to imagine.
Dang, I have read about this, actually, it was on one of those PBS shows, sorry I can't remember who gave the talk. Maybe if you search this up again look for energy work, rather psychic... I know, thin line.
Anyway the guy was talking about kenisiology and how music physically effect on the body. Best of luck to you.
I don't "smell" death but have seen, perhaped, helped? Some people and a few animals pass over. Having said that, my connection to what you wrote, about not having a similar experience re: your mom, was something like a conversation I had with a friend last night. Her father passed away recently (they we were close) and she had been praying for a sign. Nothing. My father (we where very close) passed away years ago and I pretty certain he has never been "around."
Why a random person, or a friend... But not someone where it would matter so much to have some sort of communication?
I don't know. Personally, I could see myself becoming too absorbed in communicating that I might start to not pay enough attention to my living life... If that makes sense? As for you, or my friend, maybe the loved one just knows they'll see you again (soon enough from their perspective and keep a distant/ watch) I don't know... I do know that something about attachment can block the "processes" for lack of a better way to say it.
Btw, the smell of flowers, to me anyway, seems a comforting affirmation of the next world. Best of luck to you.
Well, I want to say that my comment won't be much help except that from time time I see the exact same thing. The first time it was a single blue...? Sparkle? Thought it was glitter bc I was working at a day care, until it floated about three feet off the ground and then disappeared. I do see a whole gambit of otherworldly things but not on any regular basis, however, the sparkles are the one thing that I have never heard anyone else talk about.
If I really had to guess in my situation... I think it may have been my one student's spirit guide? (She was a nonverb autistic kid)
I'll follow this post though, very curious about it.
Final thought, I lost my mom recently too, and for other reasons, we were not close. She took a long to "leave" this plan bc I think she had regrets and didn't want to pass on. I "talked" to her and told her to please move on. She did.
Might help...
Anyway, nice to hear a similar experience.
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Atmokinetic, Crystal children are real and so are Indigo and Rainbow children. They are the three types of star children and we all are somewhat star children. We are the generation who can change his world and make it a better place. We all differ in abilities but we all have some sort of ability that we are suppose to use to help people. So don't tell me that crystal children are not real when there are people out there who have the exact same abilities as crystal children that have changed the world. All of the star children are here to make the world a better place, we are the future generation and we have a goal to change this world to make it a better place.
I have had visions when I was younger of future things such as TV scenes, pets, and family members. Once, I remember, I had a vision wile I was in my sixth grade math class while I was talking to my friend. It was of a scene in a TV show, but I wasn't sure which one. I decided I'd put it out of my mind until a couple of weeks later, I was at another friend's house. We were bored and I suggested that she show me her favorite TV show, which she'd been bugging me about. She showed me an episode and I was taken back to the time in my math class with the vision. It was of three girls in light blue outfits standing at one corner of a hallway. And the same exact scene came up then. The show was called Grey's Anatomy and the three girls were Meredith, Izzie, and Christina. I still have these sort of vision and they all come true to this day.
Searching in the Internet found the frase cognitive talented (in a remote viewing page) you can practice in the remote viewing exercises in this page to learn the difference between visions and imagination and also maybe you can get information at will.
I used to had that type of situations as a teen, now rarely have them, (now I miss them) don't know if I started ignore them, or if they stopped.
Later trying to get them back decided to play with random number generadors. Realized that the difference between the visions with imagination or better said the only way I could diferencia te them is keep my mind empty.
Agree with perder, doing that will help you gain control over it.
please be careful. This Neko could be a trickster. I've delt with a simular spirit that tried to tell me that he was with me in every lifetime. There are rarely people that are with you in every life. Does Neko leave you alone? Does he get jelous when you're around other men? Does he act possesive?
Have any of you guys ever had a speck sparkle when another brought up Death.?

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