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Pennies4U in Auras And Angels
Keep doing AA-steps are cathartic.
Daily meditation.
Read this book:to see and read the human aura, by Judith Collins.
Interpretating the aura is not just I'd color. Using our psychic senses interpret each color and what area of body or chakra it is hoovering over.

The aura moves like a heatwave appears to have woven pattern.
Hi Jaserusk,

Your premonitions might be called "precognition" which is also a part of clairvoyance (clear seeing, in this case it is clearly seeing the future). I have this gift too, it's normal as are all psychic and medium gifts. Make sure you stay grounded,centered, shielded, and protected as often as possible and cleanse yourself and even your home if neceasary when things feel heavy.

Yes, your precognitive gift might develop to the point you are having visions all the time, which sounds extreme, but I live it every day and I am OK now. I only had the problem of feeling my emotions coming through from the future and the past through the visions and dreams, and the best remedy for that I found was crystal healing, although maybe some other kind of energy work might help but I am not sure if they will help as much as crystals do.

Also, be aware that if you have crystals near you, they might be the reason why your gifts are opening up.
giftedone77 in Dark Smokey Shadows
Thank you ThulsaDune, for your response and suggestions. Please do provide with your experience on this, I am sure it will be beneficial. We all four slept in the other room yesterday, but my daughter said she still wants to sleep in my mother in laws room, now that she is used to sleeping there. She said she was not comfortable sleeping in my room either due to place change. (Sigh) I made her pray last night and will now on make this a routine for her. Thank you for your prayers. In India they say that when you see a dark black crow nearby it indicates evil spirit or death. During the last four months of my mother in law passing there was this 2 pair of dark crows who used to sit on the roof of the building opposite to our's. I had never been superstitious but I looked up the internet and asked an old maid who used to work at our place and she said it means evil or death. Now again once in a while I see these dark crows only a single now... I try to shrug off thinking more on this and divert myself. Don't know if these two are inter-related - seeing the shadow in my house now and the crows...?
giftedone77 in Dark Smokey Shadows
Thank you 1020coco, for your reply and inputs. Yes, I will continue to pray for her happiness and thank her for she watching over us. However, I am feeling hesitant if I should ask her questions since I have never ventured in such communication before. Shall wait and see how things shape up and will be connected to this forum for help and support! Much gratitude and warm regards.
Amazing how intuitive you can be when you decide to listen to it. Thank you for sharing! ❤
Hi agapemom-N-love,

Your experience sounds almost exactly like one of my friends experiences with the angels. Maybe like her, you have agreed to work with the angels before incarnating?
ThulsaDune in Dark Smokey Shadows
Hi giftedone77,
I also experience these things. I am lucky and can discern the difference between good and evil entities. I would suggest going with what you feel right now and don't get concerned unless it starts to bother your family. Ultimately you are the one experiencing what is going on and our input could help if you need it. If it becomes a problem ask for guidance. If it is exciting to you, feel free to share it with us. I would advise you not to try and interact with it, but let some time go by and see how things develop. You will know if things are ok if you are true to yourself. If you think it is a shadow person I have had a lot of experience with them and may be able to help you. Again go with what you feel inside.
I would continue to pray it will give you and the children comfort.
I will leave you with a word of warning or caution. Some entities will pretend to be passed loved ones to gain your trust and decieve you. If things don't seem quite right ask for help or guidance.
We appreciate you sharing with us and I wish only the best for you and your family. I lost my Dad 2 years ago and it is still a hole in our family. He still visits my younger sister once in awhile. She took it the hardest.
MaggieQuartz in Am I Having Visions?
I would like to add to my story in response to comments! They often happen when I'm not totally focused, but occasionally when I'm a bit upset. I feel like when I'm not focused on something (either on nothing or a lot of things at once) they happen more. They happen a lot more when I'm under long term stress. I almost always get a headache after, not that intense but they last a very long time. I am always awake and often in the middle of something, which is frustrating. I was 15 when I started having them and I'm almost 17 now.
1020coco in Auras And Angels
Congratulations on your spiritual awakening and becoming sober. You have so much to be proud of and this is a great achievement.
To answer your question, you are meant to heal others. For you know what it's like to be ill and to receive healing and therefore are perfect to help others to become their full potential as well. The amazing thing is that you don't have to worry about what to do and how to do it. The path is already there for you when you do one simple thing. It's so simple that you won't believe it. Just say to yourself everyday that I am on the path of healing and helping others heal and this is so. By affirming that you are there already, it manifests. People will be drawn to you that have illnesses or problems and I suggest you start finding a place where you can learn how to do aura healing. You'll also need to learn to ground yourself and maintain your energy so that you do not become depleted. I hope this helps.
Hi -

As a teenager I saw shadows that I knew were spirits or people or something. It scared me as well. Once I got older and less afraid, I was able to understand what was happening more. It turned out that I was a medium and was picking up on the energy of spirits. I don't believe they were demons. Honestly I don't think mediums/psychics really come across demons. If people think about them, obviously they'll be drawn to them. This is life. If you think about ice cream all the time, chances are you're going to eat ice cream, maybe work in an ice cream store etc. So, basically, remember to meditate, surround yourself in the white light of love and affirm that you are here to bring peace to this planet.
This is what I do when I see a shadow, I ask for love to surround us and I ask the energy who they are and they'll tell me. I don't worry about if it's a demon. That's not in my mind and it's not in my reality. I have had that as my reality and was fearful of the shadows and then I realized that it didn't have to be that way and a whole new wonderful world opened up to me. So please forget all that stuff about demons and lesser demons. Keep your heart full of love and you'll be at peace.

It sounds like you're anxious and looking for answers as to who you are and what you can do. Since you see shapes and hear voices, you may be a medium. The best way to know is to ask. So when you see the shape, ask them who they are, where are they from.
This is quite another world and is very interesting. The other interests you have about witches etc. Fall into this category of other worldly things. I would like to suggest that you follow your intuition to see where it takes you and the doors will open to you to experience more. I myself used to be very interested in the occult and phenomenon such as that, but it really is more of a fantasy world and entertaining. Look into the law of attraction. This is something you are familiar with since you are manifesting things in your life that you are thinking about. The most important thing I can suggest is to be consistent in meditation, surround yourself in white light, ask your guides/angels for assistance. When you use your gifts for positive things, you will feel very happy and fulfilled.
What you're seeing is her energy. It appears as a shadow, but in fact it's energy that you're picking up. The reason why you see her is quite simple, you're family is her family and as you said she is possessive of the things she cares about. Now that she's crossed over, her belongings don't hold the same attachment. So in other words, she is there to let you know that she is still with your family. When you ask if there's something else, I don't get the impression there is. Think about it this way, if you had crossed over, you would want to come back and see your loved ones and it'd be great if they knew you were there still. Send her love as you said you do and talk to her. Ask her questions and let her know that you appreciate her being there to watch over your family.
hello windgod42 can u help me control the weather I want it to be very windy at my place cali
Me. I can't believe I found you. I really thought it was only me. I have the same experience since september last year. Have you ever seen ghosts before? As for me who see ghosts more often than common people ever would I can tell the difference between the two. First let's call this shadowy figure Shad. Shad is certainly different than ghosts. Ghosts have really subtle and windy sense of existence. When Shad, in fact has much bolder existence like human, almost. But it's a bit lighter than ordinary human. Like almost kind of altered. Blurred. I'm not sure how to describe the feelings. But it's only from my experiences. I don't know whether you experience the same thing. I just want to let you know that you're not alone. Because me too, have creepy things happens around me when Shad is around. And it makes me scared because I always feel it's targeting and watching me. I've been wondering the same thing too about schizophrenia, but I don't know. Shads just feel too real to be explained by a simple mental condition.
But to be honest, I can't deny that I begin to question my sanity after so many events unfolded before my eyes.
I don't know. I just am so confused with everything.
Hi starsofclay,

I'm really happy to hear that your business is doing so well; especially after everything you described during your schooling. I have come to realise something quite important about bullies. The people who are usually extremely bullied in school have some sort of quality that scares or intimidates those who are doing the bullying. After reading your story, I feel as though the people who bullied you at school saw this in you too. I feel as though what they saw in you was someone extremely capable of making a success of their self. Sometimes that scares people as it makes them confront their owns fears that they might not be a success in life. Here you are with the courage to chase your dreams and you're working really hard and they're too scared to do the same. It is easier to bring someone else down than to fight for whatever it is you want in life! I have witnessed many extremely lovely, compassionate and empathetic people who are really really good people at heart be bullied. I believe that this happened to them as the people bullying them found it easier to bully the lovely person and find projected fault with them than to confront their own short comings. Isn't it funny how every celebrity you ever read about seemed to be bullied. A lot of the time it takes a lot of courage to be where these celebrities are. People see their determination and their courage and it scares them. The bullies are afraid because they do not believe deep down that they are capable of the same courage. You need to allow yourself to enjoy your success and to let people in. You deserve it! You can only control your reactions to others behaviour; not their behaviour. If you don't let people in, the bullies will win and succeed in bringing you down. That is not good for you or the bullies. At the end of the day, these people are just lost. A lot of the time they are lying to their self about what they are doing and they are in an extremely unhappy place. If they weren't, they would have never have bullied you in the first place and they would have seen you for who you really are; and not the reflection of their own shortcomings. I wish you all the best. I think you were always destined to be a success. Enjoy it! Thank you for commenting.
Hello Jaserusk, I see those figments on air too, sometimes it scares me because someone told me that they are spirits. I see auras and lately in color. Also, I can manipulate people very easily, think of something and they start doing it. Not only people but objects too (ex: switch off the light) this is called manifesting. I think I can "read" minds too. I often know how someone is feeling (mentally and physically, i'm an empath) and sometimes I know what they will say or do. I would like to learn more from users that have more information.
Hi CoffeeBlackSr,

I have the all of the gifts you have listed above, just at different degrees. The "talking to yourself in different times" came to me as a result of nonstop visions and dreams of my future. I started hearing my thoughts in the past and I could interact with myself in the past and future, and I still can. It's natural for me to do. The one thing that overwhelmed me was feeling the emotions come through from different times of a vision. I would feel nausea, coldness, panic, fear. It was chaotic and I do not wish the horror I had to live through to anyone. I am still not completely healed from it.

My theory is my gifts came out because of the crystals I had near me.

Surprisngly, crystal healing was the answer to get rid of the emotional problems I had like fear and even the slightly more physical, nausea.

So if you are curious, look up Crystal Tiger on google and see if you can get information on crystal healing to help any of your needs. Just as a warning, crystals are not all fluffy, gentle, and pretty all of the time with their effects, especially if you are resisting their changes. Relax. Breathe deeply.

I can totally send messages to my future self and my past self. I also found it funny to think of it as "telepathy" because it kind of is, but only to yourself.

I get dejavu nonstop. My visions are nonstop. Every night in my sleep I see my own future. Through that gift, I am able to hear my thoughts from different times but now you got me wondering if I am more of a telepath than I thought because I have had telepathic experiences with other people while awake and asleep... And with aliens that came to my window one night.
I see auras of people automatically and I cannot see color in the auras just the effect it does. As if you are looking at the predator while he is invisible. I don't have to focus to see energy I can just see it whenever it is beautiful. For some reason if I focus on one spot really hard the surroundings will start to change as if I'm in another place. Creepy but amazing.
This is similar to my own experiences. Mine happen when I am asleep. It's through the eyes of other people but a lot of mine are people in trouble. My most recent was that of a young girl who was in college. I was seeing through her spirit. She was showing me how she was murdered and by who. She wanted her body found and she showed me a quick view of where she was left.
I myself am trying to understand what this is. I may not have advice to offer but I can at least let you know that you are not alone.
Hi Tatiana, I'm suprised to found someone like me here. And the fact is we're not so alone after all. All I can say is most of the feelings you described above 80℅ is totally me. Such a shame I found your post this late. As for me I knew I'm different since I was around 8 I feel like I was born to carry some kind of mission in this world and to get something done. It tells me that I'm going to make big things that either good or bad. But it's going to be significant and impact the others. In short, yes I feel like I'm going either to make world a better place or put it at its worst instead. I also feel that there's something apart from human realm but not really is. I always believe and know that place for someone like me is really does exist and someday I would go there and live my real life. The feeling of belong to somewhere I don't know vibrates strong deep in my heart and soul. I feel like stuck in wrong realm and life. I don't meant for this world. Something big about me is coming I know it. Either it's on my early 20's or a bit later on.
We have 20℅ of difference anyway. I do also observe how human interacts to each other, but not in sense you've described. It's more like I can connect with their thoughts, like reading it. Almost. But not quite. I also have distinct feeling of what they really feel inside when they tell truth of the deeper side of theirs. It's just something I can't quite lay my fingers on.
I can't relate with your personal association with number 1, since I have none of it. But I have unconscious distinct feeling that somehow this kind of stuff of mine is somehow related to each other and have the same ground of everything. They make some random yet patterned web in their own way. Something is coming on my way I can tell, but I can't see what it is.
Actually I still have much to say, but it's 2:30 am here and my fingers don't cooperate too well either.
If you or anyone else here feel the same way about particular things or just want to make friends and/or share their experiences, please let me know. You can contact me by email at hborstze[at]
Like you, I am an introvert, and I usually only have one or two good friends at a time. I always wanted to be popular in school (didn't happen), but nowadays I kind of shy away from it. I feel like something in my psyche got broken during and after school, and now I'm living in the aftermath.

Unfortunately that is hard to do... Since this pet grooming business kind of fell into my lap and suddenly I became owner of a local small business, and all the customers know my name. I think that can be considered a form of popularity, and my ego has been resisting it at every turn... I am working hard on opening up and being myself but it is extremely hard. I'm kind of wondering if this popularity was forced upon me for that reason. I have learned and am still learning so many lessons, and basically had to teach myself to grow up just to run this business properly and be successful.

One thing that I'm learning is that my life lessons are almost meant to put me completely out of my comfort zone on purpose...
As for the figments in the air, I think you are seeing auras and energy. The fact that you can manipulate and and shape it confirms it (I think...). Although, if you aren't seeing the colors in auras, that may just take a bit more practice. Do you ever try to see the figments around people? It's hard because until you get good enough you will have to stare at them for a while and of course they will think you are weird. Maybe try going to a park and sit on a bench and do some people watching. That way they mostly won't pay attention to you.

I am just now learning to see auras, and the other day I think I taught myself to see energy, but it doesn't come on command just yet.
I think you are definitely using clair-cognizance in many of these situations, especially the ones where you feel like information is being downloaded or when you seem to get a solution to a problem before the problem even arises.

I used to get deja vu all the time. Now it just comes every now and then, but when I get it, it is strong. I've never considered doing a psychic scan during that moment to see if there is any hidden information... Actually I wouldn't really know how to do that, since most of my abilities come during meditation or while hypnagognic. I am working on trying to pull them out during waking hours though. My ego has a super strong wall, so to speak... Growing up a devout christian probably hasn't helped much in that aspect. Now I am working on marrying the two ideologies instead of fighting either one. Hopefully that will help me to open up more and break down those walls.

I think we should all talk to ourselves, and even listen for answers. I think it is sad that there is a taboo against it. Maybe you can hide it from others so that you don't stand out as a weirdo in their eyes, but I really do think it is important to have a conversation with yourself on a daily basis- especially for those out there that have no one else to talk to. From what I've heard or read, a lot of messages from spirits and spirit guides (or in your case, your future self) are delivered that way, like it sounds like you are answering yourself, but it is actually a spirit sending the message telepathically in your own voice in your head, so how would someone know if they never even try?

Can you explain the sensations of telepathy for you? Is there a certain tingling sensation or the feeling of falling backwards?
I think you should meditate on it. I think meditation will only make each of these skills stronger and you might find the answers you're looking for. Good luck!
Thank you for your response seeblue. You're right... I have been trying to appreciate everything in my life as much as possible regardless. Gratitude is the key to happiness. You're absolutely right, it could mean anything. A million things have run through my head. I just find it strange as 'popularity' doesn't exactly sound like me I guess. I don't even like to be around a small crowd. Anyway, I guess that time will only tell. Thank you once again!
tgelfand, the white orbs are people that are pure and have pure intent. I have seen spirits as well and they come to me in such vivid detail I thought that they were really there and that everyone could see them. Some spirits just come for help, others to add chaos to your life. Sometimes it isn't a spirit at all but a projection to where they are actually living on earth even if you do not know that. I would love to help you if you want to e-mail me.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
MaggieQuartz, I know abilities and visions may seem burdensome, but they only are that way because you have yet to understand them. What your seeing may seem insignificant but usually when I see visions, even the smallest details clue me into something bigger and where I'm supposed to be at that point in my life. I would love to help you train your abilities and help you understand them better. E-mail me if you want or have any sort of questions for me.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
jaserusk, I know what it's like to have people think you're crazy when dealing with all of this. What you have, is a gift, which is a good thing. If you want, I can help you control these gifts to where you can use them to their full potential and learn about them, but I also want you to know that no matter how alone you feel when it comes to this, is that you're not alone.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
seeblue in Sparkling Lights
Yes I've expereinced this on a few occasions. Could be angles, faries or loves ones. What colours were the sparkles? This is a good read for you:

The significance of 3:20:
Angel Number 320 suggests that you have a strong connection to the angelic and spiritual realms, and this connection is supporting and guiding you along your spiritual path and life purpose. Trust that your angels and the Ascended Masters are encouraging and helping you with love, light and blessings.

Read more here:

Enjoy, this is exciting, sounds like you are awakening!
Start appreciating the things you have and you'll soon find out.

Becoming popular can mean so many different things... Being recognized for doing something good for example can lead to popularity.
Hi there, I have wings too. And I could interact with this world. I could banish the cold out in winter and could even harm people or poke them on shoulder.

I consider myself also an angel. So if you want we can talk more.

Have a nice day
Yup, we call that a gut check. Pay attention when it happens. It is your inner voice giving you information to keep you safe and guide you. Trust it.
Sorry about the windy post.
As to your sheet like entity that is a warning. It was a challenge and enticement. Don't fall for it. Do not go back and investigate that area. The entity wants you to play with it. It wants to invoke curiosity, to draw you in closer. Did anyone else see it? I doubt it. It will lead you somewhere you don't want to go. Trust me on this seek faith and protection now and delve deeper into your gifts later. You just might be a soldier against evil in the future. Only you can find your purpose and no one can do it for you.
First of all hello. I know you are young so I will try and come at this from your side of this.
I know exactly what is going on and how it is progressing. I have experienced everything that you are writing about and seeing. I can remember back to when I was 4 years old. Like all kids I was afraid of the dark. I remember 1 night feeling somebody watching me and when I looked I could see no one or nothing in my bedroom. I was fully awake and sat up in my bed and looked toward my open bedroom door. In my door way I saw a shadow of a large man knelt down on 1 knee watching me in my bed. I was scared to death and covered my head I was so frightened. I learned that he or it was there every night and did not hurt or harm. It was like he or it was standing guard over me. Some nights it was standing and some it was crouching or kneeling. I got used to it after not too long. I never talked to it that I can remember but I remember in my mind thinking don't be afraid it is ok. I believe that we have guardian angels protecting us from the time we are born. When we pass through puberty we can and start to choose our own path. When I turned about 10 or 12 I stopped seeing my protector watching over me. I had weird psychic things happening to me but did not bother with them until they turned dark and malevolent soon after my protector was gone. Most teen and tween-agers are the most easily attacked and influenced by evil or dark forces. This age group is very confused and venerable to outside influences and easy to manipulate. I was lucky and had an old soul or was more mature for my age. I started to see things other people did not see and notice things out of place. My psychic gifts came crashing in kind of all at once at about age 12. I could see horrible ugly things in my sleep and awake. I had just gone through confirmation and finished at about the same time. It was like these things targeted me for some reason and wanted me to fear them. I think they were trying to be proactive and drag me down a dark path before I could grow stronger. At that time in my life I made an oath and promise to do what I could to fight evil. I am now almost or basically 50 years old and have learned a lot through time. So here are the pearls of knowledge to pay attention to.
1. There is a God or prime creator and (HE) or she or it or they as in Trinity is your only true source of protection from Evil.
2. Love is the most powerful force in our realm and his.
3. Evil does exist and it also is powerful but not as powerful as good.
4. Yes the Devil does exist and has full freedom of control of it and can use it however he pleases.
5. Angels exist and never have been human. They are an entity unto themselves.
6. Ok now pay close attention. Hell does exist and has a pyramidal Hierarchy. The Devil was an Angel and twisted into something else. He wants to be God. Below him are many Demons (fallen angels) and they are his dark army.
7. Each Demon has lesser Demons that it has control over. That Demon and the lessor Demons under it's control have minions and servants that they all control. Guess who those servants are?
8. The Devil's, Demon's, and minions servants are Satanist, possessed people, and influenced people that have been deceived. Even if their intentions were originally good they have been tricked.
9. Shadow people are not people, but are minions shifted and shaped to resemble forms we are familiar with. They are manifested to help entice, deceive, and frighten us. Demon's feed on fear and minions enjoy playing tricks on us.
10. Very few Ghosts are actually spirits or Souls moving to another realm or the beyond. Do not ever trust what they tell you fully. Always question and question more. Through time the truth will come out.
11. Never ever play with Ouija boards, or any form of the dark arts. They will lead you straight into possession and servitude to something evil and destructive. It's not a game.
12. This is not popular with many people but, I don't care it is my belief and the truth. GOD is our protector and salvation. We need to form a personal relationship with him. You can be a Christian and a psychic. I believe our gifts come from him.
Now this knowledge I have come by over many years. I have battled Evil for many years. Only GOD can protect us from Evil and Demons. Even the mention of his name from a true believer brings them pain and fear. Satanist think they can control Demons and it is all a lie or deception.
Trust me on this knowledge it was hard won. If you are seeing more and more shadow people it means either your abilities are growing more and you need help learning to control or shut them down or you have other issues. If it were me, I would stop what you are doing right now with any paranormal slant or interest and seek GOD. I am not a preacher or holy roller or fanatic and I am by no means perfect. I just want to help you gain balance. I do not believe that you are crazy, but be careful with what you imagine. Sometimes we bring our own reality into existence. Just be careful in the future and come to this site if it helps you. Find someone in your area to help you if need be. If things are turning dark, stop what you are doing and reverse course.
Above all relax you got plenty of time don't push it.
You might have the same gifts as I and other psychics have. I have the ability to see demons and evil entities in their true form even during the middle of the day. I have seen them in and around crowds all over the place. I do not fear them and they know it. They also know that I can see them. I can hold them in my gaze as long as I don't blink. If I blink they can and will disappear. I was able to take a psychic and a skeptic to a closed college campus that is haunted or should I say infested with demons and minions. They both witnessed a shadow form move across about 10 feet in front of them at running speed. The skeptic was so frightened she could not move. She demanded we leave right away. The psychic had never seen one before that evening and was intrigued. Both the skeptic and the psychic had recording devices and cameras. 5 minutes before that happened all batteries went dead. How convenient for the shadow entity.
Hart227 and AriLuna, much like AriLuna, I had the ability to do this from a young age. I don't know if it is something that can be taught, plus it's a big responsibility.
Hey, wow this is nerve-wracking. So what do you all think about the possibility of someone being "host" to an entity (non-demonic)? I have a spirit protector who's not actually a spirit protector. He's more like the very powerful, old, and very kind entity that has been with me my entire life and protects me. I have always been able to see ghosts, and have had a great deal of paranormal experiences. It runs in my family, and my dad has had similar experiences. This entity is not a family member in that he was never a blood relative of mine. His origins actually lie across the world in Japan. Yet, he still protects me against the more negative and unfortunately regular paranormal attacks. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Let me know!
ThulsaDune in Taken Over
I agree with the others here. You definitely seem to be blessed with the natural ability to channel spirits. I believe with some practice, time and guidance you could really build on it. I would advise you to find a channel-er in your area with a lot of experience to help you refine your gift.
Now I have been told that sometimes my writing comes across as dark and scary, so I am warning you up front that I don't mean it to read that way. I want to caution you to please please please learn to protect yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. If you are young or inexperienced in this realm of ability never ever experiment with out guidance, protection and someone else around for support. The danger lies in letting another soul or energy take you over or possess and control you. There is a danger anytime you open yourself up to channeling. There are other entities with ill intent that will take advantage of the opportunity to possess or influence someone that is not protected or shielded. Some channelers' use guides to warn them of danger to allow time to break the connection and shut down. I myself do not have the gift of channeling but have helped in warning, protecting and cleansing the after affects. I once had a horrible time with a poltergeist in a haunted home. It came in after a seance where a channel-er was trying to make contact to find out about the homes past residents. It was a mean strong nasty thing. It was throwing 3 to 5 lb objects around the house and slamming doors. Don't doubt what I am telling you. It was very intelligent. It did not harm anyone there just scared the heck out of them. We sent it packing eventually once we cornered it.
I don't know because I don't have this ability, but I would think it would take a huge amount of concentration and intent. Perhaps the people that say they can do this have a natural ability in those things but I definitely do not. I have had dreams though, where I can talk straight into someone's head, and even in those dreams it takes a large amount of concentration and the feeling of pushing the thought forward. I know they are just dreams, but that doesn't mean they aren't showing an ability that maybe we all once had.

Hope some of that helps.
shydragon89 in Is That My Reflection?
I know All about this, some people are born with a variety of gifts, some are born with one but it will be a strong gift, and some will be born with none. I don't know exactly how it works but I have been doing a lot of research because I remember experiencing everything you had mentioned and more as a child. But when I transitioned from my adolescence until the age of 21 they had went away as if I was just imagining things as a child. There is something about hormones when you go through puberty that prevented me from experiencing the same things I experienced before. I'm 28 now, with meditation and training I have grown exponentially from 22 until now. To the point of where it started scaring me, I thought I was going insane and the fact that I suffer from PTSD, and some other health issues I didn't know what to think. After looking into it and doing lots and lots of research I found there is a lot of people that also have these abilities and also other's I do not have... But back to what you asked and experienced I also experience that quite often, now what the physicist said is also true when you study psychology and start to understand how the brain works. Your brain will play tricks on you in the darkness now the difference between your experience and mine is the fact that mine happens when ever I desire it to in light, dark when ever I desire now this might also be because of my training and experience I have developed my skills way beyond yours and I have double your years. But i'm sure if you train and meditate since your starting so early you will be way beyond what I can reach your potential is endless... So train every chance you get, challenge yourself and meditate as much as possible. Now what you experienced Is a mix of your brain fooling you and actually changing your self with your aura getting brighter and your skin and facial features changing its because the eyes are the windows to the soul so when you stair in to your own eyes for a long period of time your literally playing everything your soul has been through like in a movie through the mirror. See also with a mirror you can see the unseen with a little help from your powers also with smoke and fog, they help also so in this experience the changes you see is what you may and may not have looked liked because you can also be seeing loved ones or people you have seen in your past lives or the current one. Plus spirits use mirrors to be seen clearer cause its hard and takes a lot of energy to manifest themselves its a lot easier to be barely seen through the mirror then not. Now with your eyes changing the way they did I have blueish greyish goldish eyes. But when I'm using my gifts the grey turns gold and it appears like my entire eye but like 5% of it becomes gold they also glow as if there is a light shining behind my eyeballs. Now the difference between your eyes and brain playing tricks on you and your gifts is when your eyes turn black, your zoning out and your brain is playing tricks on you, and when your eyes turn gold and you are more focused but not zoning out your eyes won't appear black and you won't appear invisible or as if your skin is changing you will see more clearly the unseen with your third eye. Soon you will see spirits and black shadows as you grow the possibilities are endless I hope this helps good luck and enjoy your gifts, don't be afraid, and train yourself. Also you may come to a point where you can help yourself or others with your abilities I suggest you do this and try to be a good person. The light within becomes stronger the purer you are be selfless because if you do things to gain that's as bad as being selfish and wicked... Well good luck my friend
I was curious if there was anyone out there that could help teach me the ability to put thoughts in peoples minds / telepathy? Someone who could mentor me in this ability?
I have had similar experiences. It's hard to tell if it is claircognizance or clairaudience. But there have been several times when I am at work or home and a thought will pop in my head before someone else says the exact same thing out loud. It's been too long now since that last occurrence that I can't remember exactly what was said, but every time it happens, it's pretty profound. Lately it's more of an idea than an exact phrase, for example, I may be talking with a coworker about something, and think that they should do a certain thing, but not say it, only to hear them announce that idea themselves seconds later. One could say that it could just be from knowing that person too well, but when it happens, it doesn't feel like that.

Also, I do get hit with the typical thinking of a song before turning on the radio and there it is. Like you, I also don't listen to music very much, especially the radio, so that is why those moments stand out.
I would start with a simple concentration game, which will really help you with meditation. Just count down from 100, visualizing or not, and see how far you can get without losing count or getting distracted by other thoughts. It's not as easy as it sounds, and takes practice. If you really want to be hard on yourself, then you should start over at 100 every time a single other thought pops in. Easy mode would to just keep on counting down, unless you have completely forgot which number you were on.
Jess_19 my boyfriend also died on January 7. It was nine years after yours but it seems our stories are very similar. I'm still in shock. It hasn't quite been two months since he passed away and I can't accept the thought of never seeing or touching him again or looking into his beautiful green eyes. For a few weeks before his death he wasn't acting like his normal self. He was loving and affectionate but he kept talking about family members who let him down in the past or said things to him that were hurtful. He said I was the only one in the world who loved him and as long as he had me he didn't need anyone else. I don't know what brought on the sudden depression but I feel as though it contributed to his death. So many things have happened to make me feel as though he is still with me but I can't feel him, hear him or see him. Every morning I wake up with one of our favorite songs playing in my mind. We both loved panda bears. Everywhere I go I see them. He called me his beautiful brown eyed angel. I see those words popping out at me in order all the time. So many things happen that seem as though he is showing me signs. I feel like I can't go on without him. I don't have the will to get out of bed. I even sleep with ashes under my pillow. I also feel as though there is something unresolved. Am I just losing my mind? Have you had any closure. I need answers. Right now I just want to be wherever he is.
ebay82 in Dreams Or Obe?
Thank you all for the advice. It has been very helpful. I was just telling my mother about these dreams. I know she has had quite a few visitations in her sleep from family that has passed. I don't think it has been like mine but I can see where I get it from.
My conversation even reminded me of another "dream" I had where a woman came to me and said specifically, that she was going to take Frankie...? I didn't know what that meant, who she was or even who Frankie was?
So I called my mom and told her about it and how odd it was because I didn't know who Frankie was! Well my mom shared with me that my aunt's dog Frankie had just passed a few days prior...
Thank you ThulsaDune! I will definitely try to get to a private space and meditate in that same way. Starsofclay, are you referring to the practice where you count down from 100 but imagine opposite numbers? I will try that as well thank you!:)
There is a belief in a universal or shared common collective knowledge. Like every bit of information or thought from everyone past present and future is stored and resides in the aether around us. Even information from the world around us in water, Trees, plants, animals and residual energies from life situations that happened already. The belief is that some people can access little bits of it here and there. I am sure you have heard of Deja vu. Kinda like that but way before it happens. Some times just chalked up to intuition.
There are many descriptions and subcategories but that is for another time. It is late and I need sleep. Have fun researching.
Hi Entomophagy,
I don't know if this will help you, but I can explain what I figured out for myself to help me. I had to learn how to control focus and shift focus to filter out what was in the way. I trained myself to zero in on what I was trying to gather and block out the rest. I would go out in nature to a spot as far away from people and traffic as I could in a short distance from my home. Luckily I live not to far from a river with a wildlife habitat preserve next to it. I would find a spot close my eyes and listen to nature around me. It would not take long and I was thinking of nothing but what was around me everything else was gone. I would pay attention to the sun's warmth and where I felt it on my body. Then I would feel for and pay attention to the breeze and where it hit my arms or face and which direction it was coming from. Then I would turn my attention to a sound around me that I would pick out. I would try and focus intently on it and try and figure out where it was coming from and how far away it was from me. Believe it or not I actually could catch the sound of a field mouse moving in the dead vegetation on the floor of the woods I was sitting in. I was able to tune everything out and listen to just the sound of that mouse. I could feel where it was at around me open my eyes and look at almost exactly where it was at. I was training my mind and senses to shift focus and tune in or tune out things going on around me. Yes it is a form of meditation but it trains me to gather information from outside myself and to shut down or tune out things I don't want bothering me. It gives me the ability to alter my state of consciousness very rapidly and come back out of it. I have many abilities but, I have to constantly shut down or tune out to much information to keep my sanity. There are times when I just have to escape and get away or unplug from it all. I need to recharge my batteries so I can deal with the crushing energy again. Some psychics need to really reach out towards things and some need to seriously filter the garbage out of the way. Some get just a jumbled up confusing mess of stuff to try and see through. Everyone is unique and it takes awhile to find your own path.
I hope maybe a little of this helps you.
I'm sorry if you don't like your ability and think it is a problem, but I myself have many abilities and keep getting more and all I can say is that this is one ability I would be glad to have. I do know what it feels like to have an ability you don't like because I am starting to seemingly jump to different dimensions and that really worries me because the possibility of getting stuck in a different dimension.
That is an extremely powerful range, If I were you I would try my best to understand it and control it and make it more of an ability than a punishment. I too have that and I have learned on my own to control it and it can be very fun, just don't use it in a bad way. I only use it strongly when I am trying to learn about how strong it is and if some people cannot be affected.
I seem to be doing the same things except on a much lower scale as if the ability is just starting. If it s a new ability then that really worries me because what if I get stuck in another reality. I really hope this is not what I will soon experience as it gets stronger but at the same time I do.
Hi everyone, I am going to expand on some possibilities and theories using some similar experiences. I learned from a young age that I was affected by and could affect electrical fields. I could sense electrical charges and fields building up and changing. Here is when the issues started. I used to get little songs and ditties (commercial music), and jingles pop in my head. I also would here people talking like a radio was left on low in another room. It was strong enough that sometimes I would ask my mother what? I thought she was talking to me and I did not quite here what she said. I believe I was actually somehow picking up on radio broadcasting signals. Sometimes I would come in from doing chores and singing a song in my head and it would be playing on the radio in the kitchen when I got in the house. It freaked my mom out when she walked in with me one time when it happened. She said could you here that from outside? Then stated you could not have known that song would be playing before we got here. I agree with one poster that there is a lot of radio frequency noise and garbage electronic pollution in the environment around us. I believe that some psychics can sense it. I have trouble with a high pitched whine that comes and goes and gets almost unbearable at times. I went on vacation one year in Montana in the mountains and finally got relief. Where we were at had no cell signal very few radio stations and only 2 tv stations that came in. It was heaven for me. Maybe she is experiencing something similar for part of it. Maybe she is picking up thoughts from people around her or maybe picking up on cell phone conversations. Who knows what we are bombarded with daily. Maybe she is tapping into residual energies.
ThulsaDune in Am I Having Visions?
Hi, I don't think you are crazy. I also would like to know the circumstance when this happens. Are you awake or sleeping when this happens? Is it during times of stress or anxiety? Do you take on the feelings of the people from their perspective when it happens? Does it happen as a sudden jump like your falling and trying to catch yourself or like a slow zoning out trance state? You could be having an issue with your brain. You stated you feel nauseous after it happens. Do you ever get headaches from or after it? My brother had a friend that was bipolar and suffered from migraines and seizures. He would have weird images and lights flash in his head and brief memories he had forgotten. He would get confused and inject other peoples experiences into his memory and dream about them. His brain did not know how to process some of the information it was getting. Some times he would just lock up and did not know where he was or what he was doing. This started at the age of 9 years old. My brother is younger and I witnessed his friend go through this for many years until they got his medication dialed in and helped him understand it. I am not saying that this is your issue, but only to keep an open mind and don't rule anything out.
It is also quite possible that you are experiencing a form of psychic gift or curse depending on how you feel about it. With time it may turn out to be a wonderful blessing. I myself sometimes travel or remote view depending on peoples terminology and understanding. When I experience it, sometimes I intend to or will it to happen and sometimes it just happens. Sometimes when I am just about to sleep I get flooded with images and small video clips that come out of nowhere and surprise me. I have a notebook by my bed and I will jot down notes before I lay back down and finally go to sleep. Sometimes I can go into a trance state in the middle of the day and will or intend a search for information. Sometimes I have dreams and visions while sleeping that play out in the future. So in summary, don't worry to much. It could be something totally different than you expect. It could be an exciting roller-coaster ride you will get to experience. It could be a new psychic ability you are just learning about or a vivid artistic talent you will get to nurture. Share your info and experiences with the people on this site and they may be able to help. I would not rule out physical issues though either. Just pay attention to what is going on with you and your life and take nothing for granted. 😊
KikiGirl: It seems there is a poster on YGS who could benefit from your comment below. Here's the link:

amandac9616, thanks for replying to me! I did not mean, at all that you need to go on to some sort of medication, but, it helps and I've got to say it... It does help some times - ESPECIALLY, during spiritual awakenings things can feel totally out-of-whack! That's why I said, you take the medication, but, with the idea to eventually, lower the dosage and then, stop. The routine with the medication will make you feel a lot better. You will hear people with psychic gifts talk about - vibrations. It is the ability to perceive information and messages on a 'different frequency' which usually means, you are psychic or clairvoyant or a fortune teller etc. The thing is, you cannot think, operate or feel correctly, and in harmony with the vibrations or your gift, if, you are feeling unwell or overwhelmed, even depressed!

Once you get yourself into a routine where you feel like a normal person and a whole lot better then you do now, you will notice that you will be better equipped to deal with Clairaudience. This is what you are experiencing and I have it too!
See the list below and where you fit in!

Clairvoyance - The ability to perceive person, object, location, and physical events through extrasensory perception.
Clairsentience - The ability to acquire psychic knowledge by feeling. For example, touching an object and being able to tell a story from it, or, walking into a house and intuitively knowing past events which took place within the house.
Clairaudience - The ability to acquire information by paranormal auditory means. For example. Hearing a future conversation or future event, and hearing people's thoughts or prayers.
Scrying - The ability to look into a suitable medium like, a crystal ball, with a view to detect significant information.
Lucid dreaming or dream manipulation - The ability to remain lucid during voluntary dreams and/or to control one's dreams.
Mediumship or channeling - The ability to communicate with spirits.

As you can see on:
There are hundreds of people experiencing vibrations and who have psychic abilities, and have gone through what you are going through. I used to think, Clairaudience was silly because hearing was not the same as being a "real" psychic with a crystal ball. BUT, now that I better understand my gift, it is a much more easy gift to deal with.

It was "sprung" on me, just, like it is being sprung on you right now - but, in my late teens. You will get through it and the advice I've given you is personal experience, as "hocus-pocus" as it all sounds!

And, just a note, it took me a full year to begin to feel like a normal person again... WHILE going through all of the voices 24/7 and taking medicine to help with it. And then, another half-a-year to feel like a completely normal person. Shortly after I started feeling better, my Mother and Doctor (who was reluctant) slowly cut down my medication and today, I take no medication just a light anti-anxiety at night. That year was terrible, I remember, at a stage, I started hearing everybodies prayers and feelings, and I almost passed out! Three months after that experience, the movie - Bruce Almighty came out... You know? The one where God gives him his gifts for one week, and part of his gift/s is hearing ALL of the worlds people and their prayers?... Lol, I felt a bit better, after that.

Today, I don't hear the voices because I guess... I just ignored it until it went away. I still hear some voices which are mainly premonitions or other psychic gifts like, a girlfriend worrying about what her boyfriend will say when she gets home because he is abusive, but, it is really... More by choice, and I don't feel helpless, confused or overwhelmed!
oh yes you can look through other people eyes in dreams etc it somewhat difficult to explain not even sure if there's info to read in books
Lets start by saying your not crazy. These psychic experiences can start at a very young age, you need to seek other people like your self to give you guidance. You need to treat your self as more spiritual being. I am not going to talk about my self because I now were your coming from it can be very scary and nobody else understands except people like us its a gift fine tune it you never know when it will stop and start again, you need to think of your self as a special person and learn to switch the gift on and off when you call it a day. I wish you the very best of luck on your journey if you decide to carry on
Tonj100, that is exactly why, I was so upset when my Brother left that day and passed away, later. Although, I did feel that I needed to say some things to him just before he left which included "I love you", but, I had no feelings or thoughts whatsoever regards everything that happened after right until the Priests came to our house to tell us he had passed away.

However, some of my visions become very real, and to be honest, most of them are bad. This leads me to believe that it is either a "heads-up" to let us know to be prepared! Something bad is going to happen! Or maybe, to change it?
I have seen future in my dreams, of course, at that time, right after, I never know, wheither events seen in dream are from future or just a regular dream.
But I have seen future, some events that are only related to me and my close ones, but also some big events that affect many people.
The feeling, when you realize that events dreamed are becoming reality, is not plesant, in fact its awful. I cannot describe it, since it does not feel like anything else.
Years ago, when I started seeing such dreams, and little bit later, when I was (sort of) used having them to become reality, I started to wonder about things.
Is future pre-written?
I mean, if i'm able to see ahead, then, logically, there should not exitst such thing as free will.
Is it just a theatre play we are playing here?
So I decided to make an experiment. Next time, that events started to happen, that I have seen before, I decided to change them.
One day, another event started: I was at work, my friend comes to see me, after a while another friend of mine enters room, they started talking to each other.
This was the moment of realisation - I knew exactly what one says to another, what another replies, facial emotions, tone of voice, etc.
For a minute, ot two, I wached this happening like a movie, that I have seen before, and then I intervened.
I knew what one is supposed to say to other and what other will reply, but instead of thishappening, I invited one of them to go out of building. So conversation between them was interrupted.
That lead me thinking - future can be pre-witten, but we can change it. But there's a logical paradox - you only can change things you have seen before.
Questions remain...
sunshine_taylor in Electrical Changes Around Me
[at] kikigirl having gifts can sometime be scary. My spiritual awakening has opened up a lot of realiziations. I am basically woken because I felt sleep all along
sunshine_taylor in Electrical Changes Around Me
[at] ght I have most of the electrical happenings at my father house. The house I'm currently in now (mom) I just hear knocks on the wall and tapping on sheets of paper.
starsofclay in Am I Having Visions?
Do you think that these "visions" occur at a particular time, like when you are having a panic attack? Just curious.
starsofclay in Am I Having Visions?
I would look into shared consciousness. It's hard to say exactly what could be happening, outside of your own active imagination. Many people believe that we are all part of one consciousness, but individualized into billions of different beings. So going along with that theory, perhaps you are tapping into someone else's individual consciousness, but in a way it is also yours. You just seem to have developed the (unwanted) ability to jump between different strands of consciousness.
Entomophagy, (or Serenity)
Get really good at visualization. This will help not only with developing your clairvoyant ability, but will help you to build those barriers for your empath protection that you talked about. I admit, I don't practice building energy shields as I should, so do as I say, not as I do...haha.

I am really interested in mind exercises as well. I would love to hear any that other people on here have come up with. The ones I have come up with for myself have mainly been to improve visualization and concentration, two areas that I have a terrible time with. You will find them in my posts. But it takes constant practice, and once again, I have fallen behind, so do as I say, not as I do.

I had even created an entire library/meditation room in my head that I would go visit, and I created it down to the last detail, but I haven't visited in a while. Before I started the exercises, I could barely even visualize a single number in my head. We all have this ability. Dreams are proof of that. Just look at how vivid and real a dream looks. And then remember that it is nothing but visualization, created by you. The problem is, you need to learn to do it while fully conscious. That's where meditation will help. By practicing doing it while in a state of semi-conscious, you will eventually learn to strengthen that ability to do it while fully awake. These will be more of visualization meditations, not the typical ones that are always talked about on the internet where you need to clear the mind. But the method of getting there will be the same.

Binaural beats and Isochronic tones will help you get there very fast. Every time you use them, you strengthen the ability to get and stay deeper and deeper in a lower state of mind. Start with alpha first, and once you feel you've mastered that, then start trying to get into theta. If you feel yourself falling asleep too often, find a track that stays just a bit higher in frequency until you are used to that and then learn to go lower and lower. If none of that makes sense, let me know and I will break it down for you.
It sounds like classic spirit guide to me. Perhaps one that is romantic, or maybe your own imagination has put that spin on it. I've been told by a psychic who specializes in contacting spirit guides (let's just assume she is correct) who told me that if I see myself in the mirror and I think I look good, that's actually James (my spirit guide's supposed name) saying hi. (apparently he told her that during the session). So it's funny you mentioned that you've seen this person in the mirror. And the feeling of being held is classic guide or angel giving the sense of protection. And maybe you just really needed it at the moment.

The above advice is only based from things I've heard and read, and of course I have no real idea of what may be happening. Don't forget that the power of imagination is extremely potent. But you also can't rule everything out to just your imagination, because then you will be doing yourself a huge disservice. Stay objective about it as much as you can. Try to look at it from both sides without making a judgment on what could actually be happening.

You also seem to have a very strong visualization ability. Next time you see someone doing something that isn't really happening in real life, try to ask them (mentally, without breaking the visualization) what they are doing and why. It may be your first step into developing clairvoyant abilities.
Hi ariahmont, it sounds like you are going through a lot, at the moment!

Talking about your 'invisible' suitor, you may want to follow this link:
I don't know too much on the subject, so, I suggest you read some of the stories on the link provided.

It's a type of 'romantic' spirit who wants to be with a human. Some of them have good intentions, only to be with you, but, some of them are possessive and problematic. Like all spiritual and psychic adventures, make sure your mind is in the right place and don't allow something in that isn't of this world.
Wow KikiGirl, Out of all people, why are we given these messages? My other brother who share the same mother as I, was shot 3 times one night and I felt nothing. No warnings or nothing! He made a full recovery. He was in really bad shape.
One night after my brother death, he came to me in a dream to tell me that he made it. He told me to tell dad and everyone he had made it. He told me our (deceased) grandmother sent me the dream premonition. He game me a phone number to call and tell his friend he made it. In this dream we also had fun on a beautiful green lakeside. We rolled our bodies like children down a hill. We laughed and really had a good time. Once I had just put my daughter to bed. I sat on my couch with my eyes closed and head back, then thought of my brother. All of a sudden the clock got stuck and began ticking loud. My daughter came out of her room to see what the noise was. I took the clock down and it never worked again.
Hi, and I hope to help clear up questions and misunderstandings through conversations and questions. I do not want to scare people if possible, but too many people are experimenting with things that they don't understand. They are opening themselves up to things with no guidance or protection. I did not say psychics were attacking psychics or their energies. There are energies in other realms and on different planes of existence that are not and have never been human. Everything around us in our realm is made of vibrating energy. Everything in this realm vibrates at different frequencies and reacts or cancels out against opposing frequencies. We are the only unique form in this realm that is made in the image of the creator and has been given the gift of a soul and free will or freedom of choice. The creator has given us a set of rules and boundaries that we have the freedom to do whatever we want in this realm with those boundaries. I can have a thought make a decision and effect my future and present right now. On the other hand I cannot hold my hand out and will an apple into existence for a snack. That is against the rules. There is a veil, curtain, wall boundary that protects us from the other realms, planes, universes. We cannot move through or to them in our soul form until this vessel is shed. We are protected from them here as long as our energy does not travel past or through that boundary. Every time we enter into that realm we open or disturb that veil or boundary even if or just a brief moment. Sometimes we unintentionally let things through and then they will affect us or others around us. If comment 1 B. Is true don't worry I just fixed it. LOL.
I have spent a lifetime closing these portals and openings and beating back these entities and doing my level best to cleanse and help people. Not once have I taken money from or gained anything from anyone by doing it. I have been given a calling or mission to do these things and was warned that if I used my gifts for personal gain that I would lose them.
Comment 2. And 3. She already knows if she is true to herself that something is out of balance. I don't mean to be to rough or aggressive, but most people just don't get it if your too warm and fuzzy with them. Too many people feel it's fun and exciting and that there is no risk in trying to move or reach out past the protective barrier given to us. People especially new or young psychics need help and protection and guidance while growing and experimenting. I have advised her to find someone in her area to help her right away and hope she will not experiment or try to go any farther. To your last comment on the baking analogy, think of me as the chef who says pull it out now before it burns and you will be fine. 😊
Well, as long as there's a solution provided in the message, even if it says that you're being haunted, and no one is being harmed, including the messenger, then all is well to me.

You may be a SLIder. Do the lamposts go out when you are walking on the streets? Research it on google, its perfectly normal, there are many people who affect electricty. We are all energy, everything is energy.

You may also have telekenitic/psychokinetic gifts due to affecting electrical things so a way to help lessen those helpless emotions you're feeling about your family and maybe calm down the activity is to do this simple energy work:

Shield yourself and your home. Here is the link-
Imagine a big bag and dump inside the bag all of your excess energy, negativity, negative emotions, anger, unhappiness, and negative energy. When you are done dumping it all out, tie it up, hand it to your angels and ask this- "My angels, please take this bag and transform everything in it into positive energy and then give that positive energy to someone who needs it."

You can also ask that the angels give you that positive energy instead. Maybe give it a shot and see if it works doing it once a day minimum for a week.

Also, you can create landhooks when traveling long distances like walking, running, bicycling, driving, etc. All you do is imagine a rope of energy coming out of the back of your solar plexus chakra (which is where your stomach is) and create a big hook at the end of the rope. Then, anchor the hook into the Earth and travel away.

Making the landhooks gets rid of extra energy, creates healing energy for others, and is good karma for everyone.
ThulsaDune, was it vampire Bill? Okay, no I am joking and I apologize.

Can I tell you something ThulsaDune? You say, people are getting attacked by psychic energies, particularly psychics and being undone by malevolent forces? Then;
1. HOW can you come onto a website and tell someone, "there is something attached to your soul, a worm and it is a malevolent energy."
1.A. This is the worste possible thing that you can say to a person and you have no way of knowing how he/she will react. How do you know he/she is not experiencing the most trying, challenging and terrible time of his/her life and what you say will only make him/her feel worse and give the "spritt" more energy?
1.B. How do you know that you are not making-the-future? You know, what we think becomes our truth? So, maybe he/she did not have any bad energy at all, but, now you have opened a doorway. 😠
2. THEN!... "Don't worry!" - The person is going to worry! Wouldn't you worry if somebody said this to you?
3. THEN!... "It has been there for sometime". Honestly, I feel I must tell you that the way that you speak or write constantly supports negative affirmation, and drastically makes stronger the feelings of helplessness, worry, insecurity, depression and so on.

Maybe, it is because these messages come to you so pronounced, loud and forceful that you don't mean to but you then, give the message in the same way. You have this gift, so, you have learned to deal with it, but, some people need understanding, compassion and lengthly explanation to come to terms with and understand their predicament in a way that will improve their life and strengthen their spirit, in the end.

You asked a few questions relating to her experience but, that was it! You need to; read the recipe first then, get all of the ingredients, sieve all of the dry ingredients like the flour and salt first, break the eggs gently, add the milk specifically, add some water and then, carefully place the mixture into the right temperature - Before Baking!
I asked these questions because I am concerned for your safety. I am not on this site all that often. Usually I get information and am compelled to act. I usually am compelled or driven to open this site once in awhile and help people at risk. I have spent many years dealing with and battling dark forces and energies. I am 50 years old and have experienced many things in my life since childhood. In the last 10-12 years I have seen and experienced a major uptick in the occurrence of malevolent forces. More and more people especially psychics are being attacked, used and controlled by dark forces. People are being influenced and used with and without their own knowledge. In the recent past I have been trying to help and protect a family that has been infested with a malevolent entity. It attached itself to a family member and has been causing all kinds of trouble in their home. The reason I am telling you this is that I get visions in first second and third person. I travel in visions and sometimes watch from outside the entities perception and sometimes interact with them. I have learned a lot about how they use and infest people. When compelled to I try and warn people of the dangers they are attracting. As psychics we need to always be on guard and protect ourselves. I trust nothing I come in contact with on the other side. They have tried to deceive me many times but, I have the ability to see them in their true form. I believe that you need to seek someone in your area to help you cleanse and clear yourself and your energies. A couple weeks ago I was getting visions and images of someone with a parasitic entity attached to and following them around and feeding on them. This thing was partially wrapped around and attached like a leach or ship worm and kind of floating around this souls aura. It was sending energy into and drawing out of this soul. I watched the energy change colours as this happened. I believe you are that soul. I am telling you this to help you and not scare you. Don't freak out or panic it has been there awhile. Just know that it can be dealt with. You now have knowledge it did not want known. You need to get help as soon as possible and deal with it. There is anther person on this site right now with something similar but not quite the same. Again I was compelled to give you this information to help you. You need to gain control and balance in your life and soul. I have no reason to tell you this for gain of any kind and do not wish it. I do not need contact or validation. I only want to help those who need it when they need it. I genuinely care about the well-being of other people. I have an inner voice that won't be quieted until I act on what I have been given for information. I was literally yelled at by a man's voice in my head in the middle of the day driving between cities. I was told to pay attention and then given a vision a few days later. It was a a male voice possibly of someone who knew you in the past. I get William or Bill for some reason.
KikiGirl in Remote Viewing
starsofclay, you have actually, enlightened me! AGAIN! I have done meditation to cleanse my chakras, but, I have never felt my chakras actually open and move! You have got a real gift! I only suggested yoga because when I began learning; the first thing that I taught myself to do was see an aura and then, I went on to yoga.

Meditation is a fantastic way to learn to focus and to heal. What sort of meditations do you enjoy? I know you said you enjoy mind racing or walking meditation, why don't you look for a 'fun' meditation to do? Again, I want to make this point very clear to you. Much like, in the normal world, we can face good or bad people or energies - In the psychic world, we can face good or bad. So, make sure that the meditation that you choose to do is either very basic or something 'good' or angelic (from or of God).

I also suggest trying to sit very quietly and focus on the tippy top of your head, I think it is called the 'divine chakra'? It is not the point on the middle of your head, but instead, above your head. Try to quiet your mind and focus on this point.

The other concept that I wanted you to look at - again, warnings beforehand! This concept requires you to search throughout your day for messages. So, you can easily go mad! You can start obsessing and going crazy! I want you to KNOW that; obsessively searching is NOT the answer - in fact, you will end up not getting any answers, and this will defeat the whole exercise/point. Let the messages come and try to be quite calm and level-headed about it. The concept is synchronicity. Synchronicity is the idea of events, numbers, and other things that seem to be repeated and then, 'linked' in some way. For example, you are thinking of your friend and she happens to call you or the phone rings and before you pick it up, you know who it is. It is things like, waking up to a certain time, let's say 03:30AM every day for a week and then, finding out that your best friend and her boyfriend broke up at 03:30 in the afternoon. Have a try at this, keep a journal. When something happens, write it down.
Note: Do NOT start looking for meaning in every little thing that happens! I cannot bear it when someone says, "I was thinking of Gogo Bear and then, I looked into my cereal and I saw his face!" *lol. Take it in your stride and keep a journal.

Also, if something happens or you see something that even, makes you feel like it is noteworthy even something silly! Like, you have a dream and see a certain picture. Make a note in your journal and then, relax and go about your day. Maybe it will resonate? Maybe, it won't.
Tonj100, I am sorry for the loss of your Brother. When I was sixteen, I was walking home when I felt the most awful nausea and knot in my stomach. I knew something was wrong and that it had to do with my Brother. When I arrived home, I took one look at my Mother and asked what was wrong? She said, "Your Brother has been involved in a skydiving accident, the Doctors think he is going to make it, we have to make preparations for his death". At which point, I replied, "Mom, he is going to be O.K." And, I absolutely knew this. I just knew that he would pull through it! All of my relatives flew in from all different parts of the world to say their goodbyes, but, he pulled through it; he lived through it after almost a year in critical care unit being fed through only an IV, but, he pulled through.

About 10 years later, my Brother was leaving the house. As he did so, I got a little bit of a bad or "off" feeling which I couldn't understand. As he was leaving, I thought, "I should tell him that I love him - I Love you, Brother", but then, I thought "stop being dramatic! You will have plenty more times to tell him this." My Brother was also a very exciting person who did many dangerous sports, and enjoyed going out; his groups skydiving slogan was "live fast, die young". That night, he was involved in a car accident and passed away. I never could forgive myself that I received these messages and failed to understand what they meant and do something about it.

What I am trying to say is sometimes, you receive 'messages' that are good and other times, bad. I have received more bad messages, though. You shouldn't feel bad that you can't immediately understand it, you are only human and it is really strange so we don't know what to do with the information. There are many books on seeing the future or being psychic, but, hardly any books on, if, you are a normal person who has the ability to just, sometimes, get messages about a person or the future.

It has been many years, but eventually, I found people who I trust and they are helping me. If I have a vision in which someone is in danger, we all work together to make sure that the event doesn't happen, and it has worked! I am not sure if the point of this happening is because we are 'special', or because you are supposed to stop the event or do something about it. Maybe, it is a little bit of both?

Also, I believe that it is so that we can try to 'change' what happens or deal with it better when it does happen because we already kindof' know it will.
sunshine_taylor in Electrical Changes Around Me
[at] thulsa I've been recently asked about channeling before but I am looking to research more about it. I've been asked that quite a few times. My parents are both Christian and know nothing about it. The decisions to leave the house or any decision now feels like I didn't make them on my own.
I don't believe I'm special in anyway. I have lots of vivid dreams, I really didn't cry at my brother funeral cause I had already mourned him before his death. I wish I would of told the dream to him. I don't understand me. I have very vivid dreams that I don't understand ans some I can. My dreams always have a meaning. I am also a spirit magnet weird, I am kind of scared of the ton of things that go on. Sometimes I think I am crazy. I really need some help or advice please. I know my past life somehow too. I believe I know what birth and death feels like. This all occurred when I was about 6. So many stories and experiences I can go on. I just don't believe I'm psychic.
AriLuna, I stopped making use of my ability for a long while and I've done it with a few of my gifts, some of the gifts come back, but, some of them don't. So, if you want to keep the ability, you can use it as often as you feel necessary, but, you must definitely keep using it to retain it.
MaggieQuartz in Strange Visions?
I've had similar stuff, I don't really have an explanation but you're not the only one. It's just glimpses of moments and once I'm back I feel super nauseous and have headaches for hours after. I've missed school because of it.
ThulsaDune in Warm Hand Shakes
I may be able to help with the hand shake thing. Some gifted people can pick up information through touch. Some people are healers or hand workers and can sense and control energy flow through their hands. I myself can read people and objects by touch. I can gather a large amount of information through a hand shake. If people allow me an extended grasp I can learn a lot about their life and past. I also have the ability to see through the facade someone puts up to hide behind. I once had a psychic who manipulates others try to attack me. I projected heat and energy into his hand and arm at the same time telling him I enjoyed meeting someone like him. He told me that I had a firm genuine hand shake. He let go immediately and said wow you have hot hands. He understood right away that I knew about him in a second. I replied that I work with them a lot and spend a lot of time outside in the cold. Many times if I touch someone or something they just held I can get information from it. I also can sense changes in the electrical field or static charge in the environment around me. Unfortunately I seem to zero in on negative energies without even trying and have to constantly try to tune down or counteract it constantly. I am a Christian and this helps me a great deal with protecting myself. With time things may change for you and clear up some of the confusion. Be mindful of everything you do but take time to relax and ground yourself.
Hello guys, I know that this post is 8 years old but I have recently discovered that I can put thoughts into people's mind too. Can you give me more information about this? How far have you gone? What can I do to make this ability stronger? And what is this called?
I have something very similar but worse, its 2 individuals that are doing psychic attack on me. They can hear every thought and put images in my head on free will, they can also make my voice in my head sing and stuff they have full control and power over me. They have connected them self in into my back, my spine and my whole body and they can make pain and take away any feelings I should feel, they know everything and they can make extreme pain on me through my spine and else where. And they can make me feel anything they want, think anything they want. They have taken me over completly and can talk to my mind so I can hear their voices and they are tell me I'm going to die, that I'm ugly, that I deserve to feel pain, to suffer, that they hate me. I need help so badly because I can't do anything to help my self and it doesn't make it better that I was wrongly medicated in the past by medicine so I got brain damage sort of so my brain and mind are weaker and easier for psychic attackers to attack. I need help by someone for my life that can unplug them from me, and by the way they do anything in their power to take away anyone who help's power, ability, so they too can't help so I'm all alone. My brother had a abilities and he tried to defend me but we failed against these 2 individuals because they use such leery ways so they took my brothers abilities away so he too couldn't help me and he was my only one so if I need to warn those who might want to help which I hope so much that you will need to defend yourself because they will try to disarm you. Well this is the shallow and short version believe it or not and its the second time these individuals are psychic attacking me and the first time I almost died, I slit my wrists and bled for 40 minutes until my mother came into my room. Please help someone
frangelica1 in Taken Over
I agree with Pennies4U, I believe you have mediumship abilities and if you search out classes or meetups or Spiritualist churches, they can help you understand this, control it and develop it if you choose to!

Like you I am also an empath and was one even as a young child and recently learned why I was always afraid as a child due to having some "paranormal" experiences that frightened me.

After my Dad passed, I spent the next 3 years training with various Mediums that were spiritualists and also other religions and I was certified as a Medium last July during an extensive and grueling testing over a full weekend!

I am so happy I have done this and love communicating with my dear departed loved ones and helping others connect with their departed loved ones and helping spread the word about life after death. I would definitely encourage you to learn more to see if this is for you and if not to learn ways to help turn off this ability as needed.
sunshine taylor,
Could you expand more on your past a little. I am sorry to here that your relationship with your family has changed. Are either of your parents religious and how do you feel about it? Do you believe in God or a prime creator? The things you are talking about sound like you are being steered by a force or energy greater than your own. Have you been involved with channeling or anything similar before these changes began? Are you ever exhausted after being in large crowds? Do you sleep through the night or wake up several times? Do you feel like you are sometimes a back seat driver in your own body? Do you zone out and all the sudden focus attention on your surroundings and become lost temporarily? Please expand on these questions. I think you could benefit from some friendly guidance.
Hi AriLuna,

There's a chance you might also be having either precognitive abilities (seeing glimpses of the future or thoughts of the future and then immediately they happen) or telekinesis/psychokinesis. It could be a mix of both, as sometimes some people with precognitive gifts actually create the futures they see with their own energy.

You can do a quick google search on those gifts and find out more. Some people do put so much energy into their wishing that they create whatever they wish. Keep your thoughts positive is my advice and relax.
AriLuna in Wishful Thinking
Hello KaalaLilee, this is exacly what is happening with me too. Your post is a few years old so I want to ask you if you have learned anything new during those years about your gift? Do you still have this?
starsofclay in Warm Hand Shakes
I personally think that visiting your husband's dreams is more of astral projection than telepathy. Perhaps its a bit of both. It is said that we all astral project (astral travel) every night while dreaming, so maybe you developed a natural ability to be conscious during it and somehow the two of you projected together? So my tip would be to study up on astral projection and how to induce and control it. Also study lucid dreaming, which is probably the cornerstone to this entire thing.

As far as if it is morally right to do so, you may want to ask his permission first. As long as he is cool with it, then yeah I say go for it. You wouldn't be too happy if he is having a dirty dream with another woman though, I would think, and of course that's 100% possible. Make sure you don't judge him whatsoever on what the dream content may be, because it wouldn't be fair. We all dream things that we wouldn't tell people in real life.
KikiGirl how can I master the ability? Should I "wish" things everyday? I'm very careful with my wishes because I don't want to hurt anyone. Any site where I can learn more? Anyone else who has this gift?
sunshine_taylor in Electrical Changes Around Me
The one thing I am coming to terms with is reacting to situations I use to think were daydreams action and words would play out exactly how it happened in my head. When I am around a person I have what is called "Precognitive dreams". I can sense what you are thinking when you are around me. I can sense your presence and have the gift to pull you towards me without purposely doing anything. Repeatedly you will keep seeing me if you are inside a circle that will lead up to a completion. When I walk into buildings I am very known to have people come towards me without me even asking or saying a word to them, making themselves look guilty confessing. I have walked into buildings and even made calls unaware of why I just did it until later. The scariest thing of it all is that I blurt out things when I use to think I was panicking until everything I ever said was true. I had no clue what I just said. I write things down not aware of why I wrote it down, and it made no sense until later I see the connection. I use to think I leave the house on my own terms and make decisions on my own terms, but today I figured wrong. When I ignore my abilities or try to brush it off I get pushed down only to try again. I re-lived situations of people lives that were close to me or related to me. I had a spiritual awakening and my entire life felt like a mission. This entire experience felt like levels of a game and I could not understand it until the mission is completed. I am now recently understanding why I am like this and how come I am able to do the things that I can do.
spiritamethyst in Warm Hand Shakes
Hi starsofclay. I have no idea about the handshakes but I am positive of the person in visitation dream is passed and it happens to be my husbands dad. Whom I'm never met before outside of my dreams. Also the dreams I've had that I know are my husbands... I rarely have them anymore but when I did I knew things he's never told me. I'm really curious as to how I did this. And would love to know if there are any tips on any of it. At the same time I feel like maybe I shouldnt? But I feel as if he's telepathically shared them then I shouldn't feel bad for seeing what his mind has shown me?

No idea. Thanks for any help
Hey Liam! I also wondered if you'd read my story; "Premonition Of Danger - Button Spiders" - I can't say, it's my most "recent" story, just, a story that happened years back when I was about 22 years of age.
Liam39876! Thank-you for listening to me and taking the time to think about this and be sensible about this. You really don't want to be the guy who went crazy and killed a bunch of people and then, couldn't remember why, just, that you were practicing to better understand psychic gifts and arts.

I wish, I could give you more mentorship. 32 years old am I, and I only recently found someone that I can, at the very least, relate with. I think, I am a lot like you in the fact that when I believe something, it is really difficult to convince me otherwise, particularly, because I ALWAYS try to see both sides of a situation before coming to a conclusion. But, one thing we must remember is that no belief is 100%! Idea/s are constantly being changed, bettered and updated with better ways, new challenges and other theories. Sometimes, we are so sure on one thing (and I include myself here) meanwhile, I could be totally wrong too!

I have been hearing this word, "spiritualist church" being passed around. I am a Christian and my faith in God above everything works for me. But, if you want to know more theories and so on, if you can find such a place where you can get some information?
AriLuna, it is a very special gift. And, you must be wise in the way, you choose to work it out. When I was younger, I had a gift a little bit like yours, I would think something and the person would do it. I live in Africa where there are many riots. When I was young, I didn't really concern myself with these types of things, but, now that I am older, I use it more for those situations. The people will be going crazy and fighting, and I will say, "the ones who are most angry should find peace in their hearts"... And, the riot will stop. It is very dangerous because you can influence presidents and people, so, I only use it to do good. I am advizing you to do good with this gift because there is a spiritual law that what you give out, you will get back. If you do things with the idea of good and the outcome-be-good then, only good should come from it. But, if you do things selfishly, in anger or with a dark-heart, it will only bring more selfishness, anger and unhappiness.

You can also lose this ability if you don't keep working with it. So, my advice is to master this ability.
Hello KikiGirl, thank you for your comment. Do you have this kind of "gift" too? I've noticed that I can influence people very very easy, especially crowds. I give orders all the time to people but I can make them sound like advice. They don't realize that i'm ordering them.
Ex: My friend wanted to go somewhere with me during lunch time but I was too lazy to get up and get dressed so I told her "You should better wait until afternoon because your skin is very sensitive from sun etc" And she said "Hmm, I didn't though about that but you're right, my doctor told me to avoid sun intesity hours".

*Conversations like this happens everyday to me. I don't know why people obey me so easily. I never use words like "do that, do this, stop etc", It always sounds like it's for their best (And mine too 😜).
Also something fun happened yesterday. I had an exam and a month ago I was thinking "i wish electricity goes during exam so we can take the exam another day", and later I thought "nevermind, we are a public school and electricity never goes" but it did and I couldn't stop laughting! 😆
I'm really enjoying this thing 😁
Hi KikiGirl, you do bring up a good point about how others under the influence of darker energies can be controlled. I am very aware of this, and I have read many stories on this. I am also very aware of the fact that I am opening up these doorways. I have put in a lot of research and time into this and the thing that I do lack is someone to show me the ropes. Your four points are defiantly very good advice, and i'll be looking into that more. At the moment I have only taken away these bad entities from close friends in my group and haven't made the decision to try it on others yet. One thing that I am sure of however, is that I do stop these entities. I have a close connection with nature, and nature has aided me in a lot of ways with being able to cleanse negative emotion, and darker entities. Fairly soon i'm going to put out another post on some of the experiences I've had with the earth.

Anyways going back to the point I understand this is a danger, and with that comes risk. I do seek to help others (especially the ones closet to me) in anyway that I can, I can't say that I won't help them, but I will say that I am going to delve deeper into this field and being searching for answers. I do have a protection method that works for me 100% at this moment, the things I do lack however are:
A. Someone who knows a lot about it,
B. Someone who is "good" who will show you the ropes. Someone you trust.
C. Much experience with whatever the "issue" is.
This problem I am looking into, and I've been trying to arrange meetings with people who know about this. Thanks again KikiGirl.
amandac9616, it does sound like this was a warning. I am sorry for your unfortunate circumstances and even moreso, for your children. I hope you will see clearly, "when" and "why" the tidal wave occured. Was there something specific that happened around the time of the dream that resonated with what happened later? Meaning, it related to what happened later. Was your husband previously sick?
*** Had you fallen on hard times before?
*** What was the cause?
** Is there any recurring factor or choice which seems to bring around misfortune?
* Is there anything that you can do to change this?

I apologize, this is all that I can think of that might help you work out your dreams of warnings that you may have in future? And, how they relate to your life? And also, how you can change this.
abcd, I find your story very interesting! But, I could not understand a lot of it. I think, did you maybe write it quickly? You did not take a lot of time to explain everything, how it happened, when you changed and so on?

I understood the beginning... You woke up with a family in an alternate reality, so, I understand this happens to you. I cannot understand the rest.

I would love to comment more and even help you or give you advise, if you can explain better, please?
starsofclay in Taken Over
I am very interested in automatic writing. Do you have any tips that helped you get started? I have done a lot of research on the internet and read a book, but I am curious if you were able to find something that worked specifically for you.

Why do you call yourself "not psychic", or are you just trying to say that you've never considered yourself psychic before?
starsofclay in Warm Hand Shakes
As far as handshakes go... Well, who knows? Perhaps your hands were extra cool or clammy at the time when you notice warm handshakes? Or maybe those particular people have very open energy centers, maybe without them even knowing it, and you are picking up on their energy.

I'd like to hear more about your visitation dreams... Are you sure it's a passed person? As far as should you meditate...YES! But I promise it doesn't come easy for everyone, myself included. There are several methods of meditation, and not all of them require it to be quiet. A very nice walking meditation out in nature is a good example. Even if you just do it in your neighborhood. Let your mind run away with itself, or try to focus on one single thing at a time. Practice being in control of your mind, and when it does run away with itself, practice bringing it back to a specific topic. Or just let it run away with itself and see what interesting topics bubble up to the surface. There really is no wrong way of doing it, you just have to do it.

I have made huge strides in self-healing my anxiety through meditation and mindfulness.

That all being said, I myself have been trying to have clearer dreams, lucid dreams, or just to improve the recall of them. There are lots of tips online, most suggest journaling, which I admittedly fail to do. It's really all about just strengthening that muscle, as with any other thing.
could you share with us in what way does your mother or others think you have changed? Also I'd like to hear some of your clairvoyant and clairsentient experiences.

I hope your family doesn't miss you too much. 😢 I alienated myself from most of my family for a very long time, (but for other reasons than being psychic), and it really hurt.
AriLuna, it sounds like you are growing a lot right now and so are your psychic gifts.

You asked a question at the end of your experiences; you said, "Am I able to read minds, to put thoughts into minds or it's just my imagination?" I think, only you will really know if you are doing this. If you have the ability to influence, then you will know with certainty that you have this ability.

You are very, very lucky! Not many people have such a gift or gifts. You can learn to use them in the right way; to help people and help yourself. You should open yourself up to these possibilities and test them for yourself.
Hey Liam39876, how are you friend? So... Something has been bothering me since we last chatted. As I said, I also stumbled across the ability to, kindof' remove spirits which were making people unhappy, depressed or insane. So... I am greatly worried about you taking the spirit/s and putting them into yourself, until, such a time that you can push them away or into the ground. I was very confused and deliberated for a long time before approaching you about my concern. I thought, if Liam can help people in this way, he should do it. BUT, not if it's not safe! I just feel that it could be dangerous taking spirits and energy into yourself or 'welcoming' it into yourself. The energy could be anything! It could be very, very dark indeed! Also, by allowing it access to your body, it's like opening a doorway and saying, "come right in!" It's not a good idea! Also, what if you were feeling a little bit tired, disorientated or what if you had a bad day and your thoughts were already working on a very bad level, for some reason? And, now you take this energy with ill-intentions which works mainly, with the subconscious, and allow it to manipulate on you for a while.

I really feel that the danger/s is too great! You hear stories, how a seemingly normal person working with the craft or just mediumship or whatever, by their choice or by no choice of their own runs into maybe, dark magic or dark energy. Initially, everything is fine and they work through it with their intuition or help of a group or spell or mediumship and then, suddenly, the person goes over the deep end or does something terrible. When asked, "what happened?" They cannot remember, and were probably under the influence of something else or the dark energy. It can happen to anyone, so, before you do this, you need;
A. Someone who knows a lot about it,
B. Someone who is "good" who will show you the ropes. Someone you trust.
C. Much experience with whatever the "issue" is.
D. Look up and practice protection method/s that you know with 100% certainty work.

Those people who are under that spell, are completely oblivious that an energy or spirit is causing it, and how it works. How can you be sure that you will not fall under the same spell? And, also be oblivious to it when you are being manipulated by it?

I feel terrible because you have a way to help people, but, it has really been worrying me since I read your post. Will you tell me what you think and feel about my concern?

P.S. And yes, you can definitely "scry" a persons blotches in their aura.

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