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Gosh, I can't take it anymore. I need some advice! She keeps steping into my dreams. They are extremely vivid. And I woke up being scared of her when I shouldnt. Someone who is reading this, please contact me through skype. Yesenia Garza a picture of a key with white wings on it.

If not gmail. Ygarza216 [at]
Thank u.
bsuttles3922 in I Can Feel Death
This is a wonderful gift... And curse. Don't allow yourself to get down. This ability is known as Necrocognition.
venn99 in Feeling A Surge
hi I had a vision from god back in 2004 I was basically shown we are waking up to a dream, well life has always been a dream we are just ignorant of a fact, and what happens when we dream? Pretty much anything and everything consciousness manifests things almost instantaneously, anything is possible, it is the time now when things are very much speeding up to this realization and soon there shall be full immersion.
MyWhiteHorse777 in The Reality Check
So many good points. Truth is you have all right to tell it to leave, leave no door open once you have addressed whatever it is. By door I mean anything associated with it, memories, talking about it, looking for it etc. All is those things give it an open door invitation. Unless you're spiritually ready for a battle with this thing I wouldn't laugh at it, truth is it may try to find its way into your life through another way if you antagonise it. Negative energy only wants to consume and destroy, it will keep coming unless you absolutely use your God given light to drive it away. The ONLY attention you should give this thing is to firmly while bathed in God's holy Light, tell it to leave. Some of these negative energies are far more intelligent and powerful than we could even comprehend. They will run circles around people, they will trample underfoot even geniuses. We are no match unless we carry the light. They will make you believe they have fled but they will find other avenues to destroy you. They are quiet, sneaky, far advanced in intelligence, so again unless your ready to be super vigilant and ready for battle do not antagonise it. Although I do have to say that we do absolutely have the power and the right, this is our home, our turf, our time. Don't fear it, stand up to it but don't p**s it off. Good luck

I read your post

And I wanted to say, Yeah you probable should seek guidance (from whoever your comterble with pastor, or Freind)

I have abilities as well and did not have guidance, I embraced it it seems at a younger age than you though in my early 20's

And though it worked well for me as it taught me to listen to myself my own intuition my own instinks and to trust myself. It was what was best for me in the long run, though it though would have been nice to have guidance from time to time. More so really i'm saying would have beg nice to have a a Freind who had the same gifts and could have reassured me they could feel what I felt to (then again I've been blessed to have confermasion, maybe you should just dive in and go for it maybe God/ universe will give you confirmation as they have done for me when I embraced my gifts)

Best of luck to you Smile
Thank you all so much for your comments. I will ask for more guidance regarding him. Is he supposed to be my birth son? An adoption? Or a boy I'm to help in my life? All questions I will look for answers for.
Faultline, I feel for you and hope you can find peace. I worry, like you, I'll think of this for years to come with no answers.
Thank you
prettystar01 in My Recurring Dream
Water can have many meanings since it an element that can change in appearance, taste and smell, so be careful of jumping to conclusion.

I had lots of dreams of water when I was kid but kept assuming it represented my emotional state, but looking back at it I would probably say It probably represented the spirituality of other people.
When my brother Sean passed. In 1984 he was 17 he was beat up a month before he died in a car accident. I smelled toast weeks after he died. Sean loved to eat early morning toast. Me and my mother both smelled toast when no one had made any toast.
I saw an orb after my father died. He died in Woodstock Illinois and I lived in Harvard Illinois. That was about 20 mile difference. However, at my house in Harvard Illnois, now this is real strange That was the week of my fathers funeral. I saw 2 orbs and one maybe my brother's spirit he died in 1984 at the age of 17. Now the other orb was my father's spirit I think. Richard my father told me he would communicate with me from the other side when he died. He did the orb was flying over my bed. My boyfriend saw it and my daughter Autumn. One orb had a waving hands at me. My dad always said he would communicate from the other side if he died and he did. I never saw the orbs again after the week of my dad's awake and funeral.
I have heard a conversation of a man in the basement. It was in the bitter winter. Me and my daughter Christina was asleep. My son mykel was at his friends. I heard a mans voice coming up from the basement. The house was pitch black. No lights. It was 2:30 am. Christina and me woke up at the same time. The loud male voice woke me up. I looked up and saw my black German Sheppard by the vent in the basement. It was cold December. I could hear the furnace kick on in the basement. But still I could hear the man talking loud, in the basement. I woke up terrified. Shaking with fright. I whispered to Christina who also was wide awake shaking scared hearing the voice. "Christina, what was that?" Christina replied."I don't know mom." I got up from the bed still shaking and turned on the bedroom light. I heard the voice still talking a man talking to himself. I then walked into the living room and turned on all the lights. Kitchen lights went on. Still shaking I shouted. "Unclean spirit begone in the blood of Jesus Christ." I yelled that several times and the voice stopped talking. At that point I turned on all the lights. I tried to force my dog Oden to go into the basement. I had turned on the basement light at that point. I turned on all the house lights. Me and Christina stayed up all night at that point shaking in fright. We were afraid we were going to hear a voice in the basement again many nights later.
Yes I usually dream of family members deaths before they happen. I also dream of events. I can look at a picture at times and dream about the person in the picture if there is a warning tied to them.
Peepers1314 in Our Gifts, Our Reality
I truly love what you have said. Very well spoken and I agree totally. It doesn't matter what gifts we have, we should use them for good and be thankful for them. I like to use my abilities to help other people and I think everyone should read what you have to say. Many people can learn from this, I know that I have.
Peepers1314 in Coincidence Or Magic?
Superwomen123, I have had the same things happen and I feel the same way. I can sense things that are going to happen before they happen, and I feel I was created to do something more. Ever since I found this website, I made a goal. That I would try to expand my abilities and find other people similar to me, so we could help other people. Imagine it. If we can predict things before they happen, we can prevent bad things from happening. I too as well, feel that there is an energy inside me that wants to be unleashed, and I want to use that for good. I know a few things from self experience, and I think we can help each other expand our abilities. There is so many more things that we haven't even unlocked yet in our abilities and so many people who have similar abilities to us. If you decide that you would like to share experiences and help each other unlock our abilities and expand them. Then let me know:)
Sorry would not know how to find your fairy Freind

Though this was a facinating read, I am curious how did you find you were s walk in and an alien from Sirius Smile

I myself would like to find out whether I'm starseed fairy and what not Laugh but I'm confused cause I have dreams of multiple things like fairies angels mermaids and being in space I have noticed there is a thing with blue skin though there merman in my dream blue skin the man in space blue skin and then the fairy a man and boy with blue skin and a woman who just looks like normal human peach skin and the angels they pretty much look like people with wings to me, some no we wings in my dreams

So how did you figure it out or know?

Also much luck finding you fairy Freind Love
YumeShimigami, Oh okay, I will see what I can do. Thanks for adding me. Laugh
MissCherokee in My Recurring Dream
First of all, trust your first instincts. What exactly is the the dream telling you? What I mean is, what are you feeling while you are dreaming this dream? Are you feeling a future event that will affect everybody? Like a natural disaster? Don't get sidetracked by the locality specifically. More to the point, reach for the message by way of feeling, sensing, during your dream. There in lies the answer. You might, as in prayer, ask for help understanding your dream. IF this is a recurring dream, it is a message you haven't quite understood yet, and you need to be confident that you can understand it, once you know how. You hold the key. The visuals are important in the dream but equally so, are the feelings of the dream. What it was making you feel. The most overwhelming impression. I'm sure you have analyzed this dream over and over. But it is pretty basic. Go meditate on it, and ask to bring back the memory of the feeling of the dream. Your first impression of it. You were shown a future event? A warning? Hmm. I am interested in what you come up with. Peace. MissCherokee
First of all, remember spirits can be confusing and be confused themselves. When a person dies, they usually don't go straight to the paradise of peace and rest. They may linger for a while (not too long, days even). Visiting their families for the last time, because that is what we are all drawn to... Our loved ones. So the spirit of a deceased person comes to a location. This opens up a door. The thing about an open door, is you don't know who else may walk through and what their intentions are. The loved one will sense this and depart, not wanting to attract malicious entities to their loved ones they have just left. Evil entities or evil spirits with bad intent can slip through. And they do. Hopefully there won't be any energy for them to feed off of or anyone open to deception or fear and they split. But there just might be a sensitive abiding in the place, and hence the evil or scary spirit can wreak havoc.
We can also be picking up the anxiety and sadness a recently deceased person is holding onto... Or a ghost lingering that has not crossed over because they are stuck. We can pick up their emotions, and of course we would not understand where it is coming from, or how to interpret it. These emotions coming from the dead aren't felt by us, the living, as we might feel or sense it from a person who is alive. Because it is based in fear and of a spirit nature. We pick up the fear and dread, then mostly, and that stops us. However, that fear may be correct because there may be a malicious spirit that has popped in to harass us, and that is all it is there for. So intuition does play a big part for the living to understand correctly what is actually going on.
Death is a natural part of life. We will ALL die at some point. So death in itself isn't evil or demonic. What can be evil is the manner of death, and if it left the deceased feeling that it has unfinished business. The living can also keep a spirit tethered, in a sense, by overwhelming sadness and mourning for the loss of a loved one. Believe me, the dead in your life, those you have loved and loved you, are not gone. They will see you again. That is a fact. So, don't fall for the lie that the dead are gone forever. No. There is a reunion when you too pass to the spirit world. How joyful it will be when they are there to meet you. Isn't that an awesome gift? Knowing that you will see your loved ones again?

Some spirits are confused. Or stuck. They need help. In those cases and in all cases, please pray for your dead often. Praying for the dead helps them and it helps the one that is praying... Ask for blessings upon them. Remember them, and think of them often. They are right there. And if you need help or assistance in something, ask your dead loved ones for it, and if they can, they will help you all they are able to.
The spirit world is a different place than reality here. It is often hard to interpret. We don't have a complete knowledge of it yet, because we are still alive and haven't been there. Our understanding and interpretation of it will be limited, which is only natural because we don't know of it yet.
Often the dead will visit us in our dreams at some point. You may be expecting a happy reunion... And you may get one in a dream they visit you in. But you also may see a worried countenance upon their face as well. Like they are worried that their death has affected you in a terrible way and they don't want that to be the case.
We may be expecting a certain type of visit from a dream and get a complete opposite one. Peace and Love, MissC
MissCherokee in I Can Feel Death
I too have been able to sense death and know that death was coming to people I know and have known. I have had this come to me through dreams, and through the spirit voice that tells me such things. Try not to get depressed about it. It sounds as if you are sensing this right before the death happens... What has been your longest period of having that feeling, to the actual death? I'm just curious. Thank You. And I understand how different this can make one feel. It is a spiritual gift.
Angel124 I believe i'v added you on Kik, My username is the same as my username on here.
Hello Yuen,

If you ask me it's not really strange at all to peer into the future. The way I see it is that the future is already there waiting for us to be experienced. If you think about it for a moment, the only logical way for someone to know about something that hasn't happened yet is that is has indeed already happened but on a non-physical plane. You can go deep into all this, but basically what people psychically see about the future is the most likely future for a certain event. So yes, you can and you are allowed to peek into the future to a certain extend. And time doesn't really matter either, so for instance you can ask for something that will happen in 10 years from now. I experimented like that myself when it was all new to me.

I hope that helps a little.

No problem. Always glad to help. Did you find the email? I can resend it if you didn't get it
Demons can kill people. That is what you saw, over your grandpa. The demon was smiling he caused his death possibly. I know because I have heard demons after my foster dad died of cancer. I believe the demons cause his death. You have a gift of predicting death. The dreams are predictions. Your grandpa may have had demon attachment and he needed a deliverance preacher to help him. Demons can cause illnesses that cause death. Plead the blood of Jesus over you and your family daily. If someone becomes ill try to go to a deliverance minister to heal them.
Here is the grim reaper description I saw. Black robe. Long bony fingers coming out of the black robe. No face. Fingers holding a rod. With a scathe on the end. He paced my house up and down for a week when my uncle John's Pratt. Wake and funeral was going on. When John was put in the grown. The grim reaper left.
I appriciate it, I send you a hangout invite on google. And thanks for helping me out.
I want to help you understand and believe in your ability. I will definitely encourage and help guild you past your limits and fullest potential for God, yourself and others. Check my email in my profile and send it there. Usually when others have the same experiences like yours, it helps believe in them more and not feel alone. No one should be alone in this mysterious journey of the unknown other world until it becomes known.
Hi Cavisdasey,

After I had read this, I can feel how much you are confused and I hope you're still following your comments. I felt the same way as you when I'm in crowds or parties, I feel drained and it's just too difficult for me to handle. I think you're an empath as you feel emotions and sensitive to energy. You can protect yourself from negative energy.So,don't be too worried. I want to know if you have precognition dreams now. If you have, recall your dreams and write them down.It'll help you to recall them and keep in touch with them.

If you have questions, let me know and I'm always happy to help.


I'm a teenager and I've been able to sense energy since I was 13 (now 16).Sometimes,I feel energy in my fingers and it seemed to be more stronger when I really focused on it. I feel like I could control energy and I also want to know what kind of energy it is. I also sense things and usually turned out right. My ability of sensing things and flow of energy is quite developed. I sometimes see visions in my mind's eye and now when I put my fingers on my third eye area I feel tingling and it seemed to be opening.
The thing I really wanted to make sure is if I really psychic or I'm just crazy as my family thinks I'm crazy. I want to make sure and I need some advice to understand them. I hope you help me with this and sorry for this is very long.
And, my goal, or destiny as you may call, is to help others and newer generations, with these abilitys or (gift). But I don't really understand or truly believen my ability's, but I would love some courage from someone who understands. Thank you so much, I really mean it. Love
Yes, I would love to chat with you, through email, or whatever you perfer, and yeah, I made comments, because I been a lot of stories that I can relate to, I loved to help other with their problems, But it would be nice to you, and see your opinions in your world. Smile Love

Thank you taking your time to read my experience.
Hey there. You describe a lot of things about you that I can relate to. Seeing the shadows and orbs. As soon as I see your comments, I have a feeling I really need to talk to you just to share many things with you.
I believe you got some potential with your abilities. I would like to help you further path for God.
I just want to know what goals do you have.
Are you able to see things spiritually with your eyes closed? It seems you have a certain level of spiritual connection that will allow you to see more under specific guidance. If we can talk more in email or chat, that would be great.
What I mean't to say was, it look like the 1880's, And if I say hello, the voice would die down, and then they whipering would slowly come back.
Hmm, your the only one. Sad In my younger years, I used to have a bunk bed, and I would sleep at the top, while my brother sleeps at the bottom.

At one night, I was trying to sleep, then all of a sudden, I started hearing many of females and mens voices, but they were whispering. So somehow, I try focusing my hearing, and the voices would become louder, so I tryed to hear what they were saying.

But I couldn't make out anything they said, so I went to sleep, tryed to ignore the voices. Which was weird, because that same night, I had detailed and weird dream, I was dreaming I was in this restaurant, It looked like the 80's where women were wearing these buffy, long dress's they went down to their feet, with the big hats with a feather on the side of them.

And men has tuxidos on, which I pretty sure, it was some kind of fancy restaurant.

I was sitting at a table alone, which has a white cloth over it, a candle they only had 3 chairs, it seem I was waiting for someone... Then this cooker was walking by the dining area, he had a werid expression and then he looked at me ugly, he seem he was pushing a tray with a skin pig on it and walk into the cooking doors. And then I woke up, something telled, me that my house was like that backer then. Idk... What to think about anymore. But I don't know anything. Confused
And I also love Nature, for the way it is. I feel most calm and comfortable in nature then most people find it boring. I love nature and the planet earth, just way it is. I sometimes have strong bonds with animals as well.

I feel like I can also sense feelings/emotions. And I also very attracted to myths/Mythology. And try to learn as much as I can.
Many of your problems in life, and experiences are similar to mine, I believe. I had always different from other people.

I can also sense energys, mostly heavenly calm energys, But I can also see them, Orbs if may called them.

I have seen dark shapes, your not the only one. I feel what you feel.
Just listen to what's deep in your heart. Maybe you will find the answer there, or pray to god with a strong believing feeling, and you soon feel gods love and compassion to answer to you. Try to believe, or try being positive, don't let negative things get to you. Love
angel124 in My Awakening
You know... Everyone is born with psychic powers, it just some of us are born with them, as many other call it "Gifts".

And you have them as well, is just that you have learn to unlock them, by opening your third eye. But i'm not saying you have to.

I was just explaning it, And yes, I was born with these powers, and I have been able to see orbs, since I was 15/16. I can still see them.

It just I had to learn to adapt as a young, I don't really use my powers alot, but many have said My powers are really strong, and to keep using, so they will strenthen, and I will learn to control more. But I don't try to use, Even without using them, I can still sense energys, like orbs when they are nearby and see energy without trying.

But you believeing god, that really good of what your doing, I don't about the sacricfice, that seemed alittle to Far... But as for me, I had always believen in god, in matter of fact, has sented me messages, consiously to me, like telepathy. Like when I was sad, he told me "Don't worry about the future, because I would take care of it, just worry about the present, as long as you believen and always will, I will remain in your, so I have faith in you, to believen me like always." I felt calm and less sad in seconds when wind gust blewed at me, more like hand touching my back giving me calm energy. It was weird, but I guess everything is weird in a way, so please don't suicide, because that not worth doing, god gave you life on earth for a reason, so you can do his missions, if did wasted it, I do believe it was satan who gave you those thoughts, he wanted to take you down...
Oh, but what's even better, Do you have kik? It a phone app, that automatically let's you speak to anyone. If you do. My username is MajesticAngelx
I have been getting the exact same feeling. There's been a lot of stuff going on, things I personally have been blocking out for years. I haven't been on this website for a long time but today I've just felt as if I had to see if somebody else was feeling like this as well.
YumeShinigami, sorry I don't. Confused But is it possible that we can talk on gmail?
It moves from time to time, I even felt it in the living room one day, I just hate the feeling of it watching me any tips on getting rid or 'purifying' it Wink
Oracle 101,
I'm 15 years old and I'm not sure I'm a psychic.But,I think I'm different.Usually,I could sense spirits and sometimes I know they are bad spirits and sometimes they are good. I don't think I've found my guides and I'm not even sure if I'm psychic or not. I hope you will help me. I really need help and I'm scared of those spirits as I feel they're trying to harm me sometimes and some made me so scared. I tried to hide but I know it won't work. I sensed things and they usually turned out right. I try to help my friends by sensing exam questions (Lol...rarely).I could do a little telepathy but not sure if it was a coincidence. I really want to find out my true side, what I really meant to be and who I am. I also need some protection as I really feel unsafe being alone at night. While sleeping, I sense spirits near my bed standing there and doing nothing but watching me whole night. I don't know if they have good intention or not.So,I really need your help. I hole you will help me.
Hi, I'm new to this website but, I had to do some research of my own and I'm glad I found this website and knowing I'm not the only one, I can hear voices in my head, and I can hear them sometimes cursing and saying negative things, and sometimes good things but only when I go through things in life, such as breakdowns or really bad stuff, but it's an everyday thing, I hear them (3 voices) either discussing about my past or just straight saying bad thing about me, I've learned to ignore them and not let them ruin my day, but I my self smoked a lot of weed and once I stopped smoking,that's when I could hear voices in my head, but yes weed does enhance this ability but in ways I don't know how to explain, I could talk to spirits and I can hear them stronger, I might be able to wake up spirits just by talking to people but only when I'm high, it's kind of scary but I don't let it kill my high, and then again I do love smoking weed, I stopped smoking for about 6 months and I want to smoke again but don't know if it's good or bad to do so since I know I'm Clairvoyant and I don't know what to do with this gift and on my everyday basis
No problem! I'll go look for it right now. Thanks so much again!
Yeah listen to what TriforceV is saying. I was going to suggest looking up "ESP". Smile
Hello! I am by far no expert but if I had to guess on my gut instinct (speaking of the dreams) I'd say that's a psychic experience. That's how it all started for me, dreams. They're not JUST dreams which is why I love the concept of them. As for the dark presence you're feeling, what's in that corner of the room? Does the "energy" move around or does it just stay there? If you have a lot of electronics in that corner that could be the case. I get the feeling of dread and being watched while I'm in my laundry room (also near the fuse box). But once I go back upstairs, or even just ten feet away, that feeling subsides. Again I'm no expert and I haven't personally experienced what you are in your own home. You could just be sensitive to energies (aka spirits ect). Smile
keyofallsouls in The Spirit Veil Above Us
This could be energy that's gathered above you. Or maybe it's a foggy window into the spirit realm? I've never really seen that type of thing before so I'm just making use of what I know.

Anyways, you could try to meditate on the whole concept and being of the veil with some angel beats found on the internet (YouTube specifically) to see if you receive any divine information or guidance in relation to it.

I wouldn't try to force yourself to accept your friend Joanne's believes as one of your own or anything if it's proving to challenge your own beliefs negatively. Your own beliefs are genuine and strongly resonate to you, just as her beliefs are to her. Beliefs can mingle if they resonate with you, otherwise it's just something you cannot put your energy into believing without feeling lost or confused or disheartened or even stressed at the matter itself.

One last thing, when you visualize the white light, try to visualize feeling it on your skin or whatever the white light has blessed. It'll help create a stronger connection to your higher power (God) and will help give you some clarity in your waking life. Have the white light cleanse your soul and really feel it touch you spiritually. That may shine through and wash the spirit veil, or as I suggested, that window into the spirit realm.

Hello, I would love to talk to you on skype if you have it?
These psychic attackers are usually called, "Psychic Vampires," which drain energy from others. And Attack them at the same time. Serious
Yumeshinigami, I would love to help you, about your third being blocked, by something, in my opinion, it could a psychic attack, meaning another psychic blocked you, or is draining your energy, so you can't use yours powers, the brick wall can be a like box, around you, meaning, your like a kagome, a bird stuck in a cage, You need be freed, in other to gain powers back.

I say, there must be something that happened in your childhood, that caused this to happend, I would like to talk more throught email. <)

I love to help people, I was born with third eye open. A psychic, told I lived my past life, in tibet. As a monk, I was scared and nerveous at the same time, I feel your pain.
There is a lot of good information on many free YouTube- videos. I feel this one of spiritual attachments was quite good:

This particular speaker made me think more on how a social environment effects on how we are exposed to a possible entity impact because of the things we live inside.

I believe too, that people (under the influence of media and pressure from the society) can in groups under extreme stress be connected to a spiritual attachment hold-on easier than in an environment, that is more free from noise stress, pollution, pressure with work and education and from the demands of the society or culture. These pressures can increase with the the Fall 2016 and the time can be quite challenging with world economics situation across the West.

The more stress, especially emotional kind dealing with security issues or home, finance and health, the more surface for attachements to get ground.

A kind word of caution here too that please choose the videos from only pure sources and pure-on-path- speakers.

I hope I was able to express this in kind will in the right words. My native language is not English, but I wish to express my thoughts correctly with it.

Love enables us to look at the truth of things and our times. We can talk of even difficult topics as healers, but it is important what we aim to achieve with the communication.

In this video on this link are some things not easy, but the speaker aims to help. The information he intro's is free to listen to, so no aim to sell anything here.
Many of your stories are silimar to mine. I have been able to see auras recently, from the help of a another psychic, she awoke me, and told me that I really do have these powers of a psychic and she told to believen myself, that was a year ago. She told me ever since I was born, my third eye has been or already had been opened. Serious

All my life, I knew people couldn't see what I see, I notice I wasn't like other childern I was different in a way.
When the psychic told me, I couldn't believe, I had supision but I never question my past, now I know why I was different.
All my life, I was able to see fainted dark shapes or being shaped, I can see them clear at night when I go to sleep.

I can also see air, it more like a vortex texture or smokey-like, now that I really try to see these things, I also seen orbs, usually fainted pale white sphares of pale light, I saw one in my room, for some reason I felt like I sense it presence, or energy.
So while trying to sleep, I had major feeling to look back and I all of sudden I saw this orb, entering my room- it hovered on the ground because I think it saw me looking at it, then all of sudden it floated up slowly, and disappeared into the air, my thought I think it went into another dimension, or plain of existence, or maybe back to the spiritual world.

But that wasn't the last time I saw a orb, another day, at night.
I was feeling sad, so I want outside to feel nature and to calm myself down, usually I like to make up a random song in my mind, and make it about god and sing.
Then all of a sudden, I must to have felt my instincts, in other words I must to have felt a energy nearby, then all of sudden I had to urge to look, so I look up to the top of the tree, while at the same time, it got windy.
Then a orb pop out hovering from the tips of the tree's, then it slowly hover down, it was similar to the other orb, white pale, but this one felt heavenly, then it slowly hover back up and disppeared, like the other orb.
Sometimes, in deep thought, I think they wanted to show themselves to me on purpose, to make me know that their here watching me and others, And their are very well aware of my abilitys, so they know that I can be able to see them, if they wanted to show themselves, but know that normal people can not see them, even though they wanted to show themselves, so that's what I think.

After the orb disappeared, I felt a gust of wind, then all of sudden I felt calm, and less sad in seconds, then for some reason, I felt I was receiving words in my mind, through a different consionsious, way more powerful. The words I receive was like "it will be okay, so don't worry about the future, because I know you believen' in me and always will, I have faith in your heart that you will keep believing in me."

Then I just knew it was god, or his consionsious, that he has the ability to control any element on earth to get your attention or contact you in some way. He can even use the universe in odd ways, to give people signs or messages. As young I had always believen god, and was aware of him. Like... From some reason I had always felt that I was connected to him, even from birth.

My grandma on my dad-side was very spiritual as well, even when I wasn't born yet, she told my dad, she sees me with my eyes open, which my dad also didn't know what she mented, she also had several predictions about my other brother and sister, about their personality, but no other strange prediction like mine's and she was correct, I had a brother a year later and a sister 3 years later, but my grandma died the same year I was born, and my dad father, that my dad never got to meet.

I can also see energy in the air, like have you ever look closely at a camera and you see these dots of rainbows colors, that what I see in my eyes, when I want to, I focus my eyes, and I can see energy everywhere even on items. Its all around us.

I always thought psychics weren't true, but I always thought they could be, I thought they were for entainment, (movies). But I now know they are true... It really weird but not really isn't, in a way, every human are born with these abilitys, it just were all different, and everyone has to learn to unlock it, some are just born with it, it a strange world isn't it? But yet so beautiful the way it just is...

Confused And also, while talking to the psychic, she told me, there several orbs in my house, when I ask her if she can see anything while we talk, she said at the exact moment, that she sees a white orb behind me, she said they siginfy calmness/clarity or protection to people in a area, there an artical that's says, it protection of holy light, and power. Supposely there is different colors of orbs, just like energy all around us. Each color defines something, each number or sign defines something. Everything has a message.
Thank you Boson. It's hard to figure out what to do or talk to someone local about this. Not to many around here to help me out. People tend to look at you like your crazy. Trying to meditate is difficult. It's been kind of like writer block, but with my mind. But like I said, it's nice to talk to someone about. I wish there was classes or seminars local here.
Again, thank you.
You are a psychic. Even though you didn't have a vision, you still knew that your hamster was alive. It is a great gift to have and I would try expanding it. You never know, you could have more abilities you haven't discovered yet. If I was you, I would also use this ability to help other people. That is what I use my abilities for and if you use your gift to help other people then that is amazing. You knew that your hamster was still alive, and that same thing could of happened with a person. I have the same ability as well and it is handy to have. But again, I would try expanding your abilities. My bet is that you probably have more to your ability than you know. If you have any other questions or want to share experiences just let me know:)
I hope you don't mind, but I found your email on your profile and sent you an email.
If you give me your email, I will email you and we can talk:). I know it is exciting to learn and to find someone that actually understands where you are coming from. The people on here really helped me a lot.
Hello CMTP,

I know it's been over a week since you posted but I just stumbled upon your post tonight. I think the main blockage for you to progress with your medium ability is your inner fear that you mentioned about. I am just not completely sure what kind of fear you are referring to. Do you fear the dark side of the spirit world and all the unseen spirits? Or do you fear that you have a medium ability that you cannot control? If it's the former, then you need to trust me when I say that you never have to fear the unknown in the spiritual realm. Some spirits may have certain powers and some spirits may not be particularly "nice". Yet, in all the universe and across all dimensions there is a force that is above and beyond all others - the Divine Power. It has many names and many identities but it's the same source. This is the source of power that you can tap into for protection and it will give you a shield that cannot be broken by any spirit. It's not hard to learn how to create this protection either. So please trust me when I say there is no reason to fear spirits because you are in control with this Divine power at your finger tips. You are still very young and you have many years ahead of you to learn and master your abilities. So no need to rush - take your time to explore and properly learn in small steps.

Just let me know if you have questions.

Hi Hillshaven07,

I think spirits naturally gravitate towards people with an psychic ability to recognize them. I know you wonder about that. About enhancing your psychic abilities, I could tell you how exactly I do it but everyone is different so how I do it may not work well for you. But you are right, in general meditation is a great way mentally prepare yourself for any kind of psychic or spiritual work. Many people struggle with calming their mind from random inner chatter and thoughts in order to establish a solid communication (at least for a short moment) with a spirit. So that's why I said that practicing meditation is a good foundation. Basically, to communicate with a ghost you would first have to find it either by name or a vision or something else that references that ghost. Once you have that, you ask what you want to ask and then listen for the answer. Please be patient for an answer. I don't really know beforehand how quickly you can establish contact since it's very individual like I mentioned earlier. Also, remember that even if you don't get any apparent response, spirits can still hear your thoughts. So there is really no need to talk out loud when you try to communicate, you can just think your question and it will be just the same.

One important thing that I haven't mention about is about spiritual protection. But in your case it seems like the ghosts in your proximity are benevolent so you should be fine without protection. I would still recommend that you learn about it, since sooner or later you will need to know it.

I hope that helps a little.

Thank you Boson. I'm getting that feeling to, and I'm going to try to make sure. Its not the first time I have been visited by spirits. I don't know why they seem to come to me. I'm still kind of new at this in learning. They will come through like this, make themselves seen, or come through my dreams, but this is the first time, I can hear them. My daughter has heard them too, and shes had different things happen to her to at her apartment, and my son is a sceptic in sorts. But hes heard talking at his house to, as well as being visited by his grandpa. As for my spirits, I'm having another psychic and her paranormal team come in soon to do a investagating done, to find out who they are and what they want. Any ideas how I can fine tune my skills? I have been starting to meditate again, sometimes been difficult. Any helpful advice would be great.
Hello Carri,

I will add a few sentences from my own experience. Just like you, I also receive predictive dreams. It almost happens every night. Sometimes it's just about trivial things that will occurs in the next few days but at times it's messages concerning large global events. Sometimes I also receive an exact description of an event such as both time and place or names but only when it will not affect my free will - so it's rather unusual for me. Messages in dreams can come spontaneously and without asking, or they can come as a response to a question I ask before sleep. I have also noticed that the larger the event (the consequences from the event to be precise), the more advance notes. So dreams about some global future events were given to me many years ago. Some dreams are almost 50 year old.

Hello, I'm glad I'm not the only one to experience a dream of a future child that you feel is yours. I have searched the web for over 16 years looking for someone. And your the first I have seen besides myself. I really don't know what to say I'm just happy that I'm not alone in this. This site is a bit different then a place I would visit. As a child I had several precognisent dreams about loved ones days before they died on a least 4 accounts only one person was actually known by me to diabetic (meaning not 100% healthy) she was 9. Others died in car accident 16, heart attack at 40?, one by a altercation of deadly spider bite. I don't dream anymore, I wished them away after I found that all I dreamed about was horrible fortellings. But before all this I did dream lucidly, the last great dream I had was when I was somewhat close to 10-12. I had a dream that continued over a period of 2 nights where I met my daughter. This was nearly 25yrs ago. I still think about it very often, at least on a weekly bases. More to the story but at least wanted to make contact with you. I know what it's like to have such a cherished moment like that in a dream you can never relive. Good luck Sad
I think the light so should have it that you'd write this experience and I read it. Thank you. Truly. I believe you have saved me a great deal.
Hi Hillshaven07,

After reading your story, because you mention that you experience this every night, I personally think it's not spirits of family members that you hear in that muffled way. I would instead say it's some ghostly entities. I didn't mean to contradict what your psychic said, but it may be good for you to hear other opinions too.

I once read there was a man who was diagnosed with same disorder. He researched specific amino acids which we eliminated some of his symptoms and helped him eliminate most meds.

I recall reading that people who suffer from schizophrenia have tears in their aura which explains the reason for hearing voices. I

If you wish to control the tormenting voices. It sounds as if meds us the answer.
If you hope for permanent change one key is research studies which point to whole foods and vitamin/amino acids and allergies. Finding a meditation which brings peace ad some meditations can aggravate.

Research healing methods to mend the aura.

Most importantly try to enjoy your life in the moment as life is a gift.
Thank you so much Peepers1314 for the validation! Also do you have some way that I can contact you? I have so many questions about visions, and how to strengthen my abilities.
medicineturtle in Haunted by a Number
numbers have very much power in our world
Medicine turtle cherokee
medicineturtle in My Life With Ghosts
good story ghosts are very real indeed
Medicine turtle Cherokee
I know you posted this awhile ago but I was wondering if you are still popping bulbs? If you are is it when you are having a strong emotion? Does it happen in other places like at friends homes or stores? I'm curious because I pop bulbs when I'm upset/angry. I don't get mad often but when I do no matter where I'm at I pop bulbs. Sometimes they just totally explode. I also go through batterys a lot too.
I never had imaginary friends except my guardian angel but he is real to me as a child.

That's not good that they use you to talk to love ones. They bascislly possess you. That's unnecessary. Did you allow them to do that?
Do you often black out and wake up to yourself doing something you didn't do?

I personally like to stay alone and out crowds because I become very uncomfortable around everyone's energy. Unless they are my friends.

I notice light and dark sides to you. Beware of controlling fire too much. Let's just say you aren't entirely human but a mix of something greater.

I guess you have art in you that you express because you have visions a lot that you may mistake as something normal.

I'd like for you to email me. Aznzishu [at] gmail I want to see how much you might be able to help me on something while I can possibly help you. It depends on what you want but I believe your powers can make miracles happen if used right.
I have had the exact same experiences and I am your age! Finally someone my age with the same abilities Lol. Yes, you are psychic. Psychics come in many different ways. It doesn't matter if you predict something in a dream or have a vision about it, you are still a psychic. Because what is a psychic? Someone who can predict the future, it doesn't say how just that they can. You have some amazing abilities and you can control them by meditating. Go find a nice quiet spot that you are comfortable in. Maybe listen to some soft music that you like, and just concentrate. You must have a goal, so focus on what you want to accomplish. And for example, if you wanted to have a vision about something or someone. Then you concentrate on that. Let the pictures flow through your mind and let the vision come, or what you are trying to accomplish. I hope this helps. I am still learning myself, but have learned a few things from self experience. If you have any other questions or want to share experiences just let me know.:)
You are not crazy, you have a gift. If I was you I would try to expand this gift and maybe unlock some hidden abilities that you have not discovered yet. I have experienced some of the same things, and I use my abilities to help other people. That is what I would also suggest you do with your abilities. Help people. If you have these amazing gifts, why not use them to help other people. As you said, you have a connection with animals. That can be very useful, and maybe you can again, expand that ability so you can have a connection to people. And by that, I mean to feel there emotions. This can be so helpful as well. I am still learning myself, but I know a few things from self experience. If you have any questions or want to share experiences just let me know:)
You are a psychic. I know sometimes people tell you that if you don't have visions, that your aren't a psychic. But psychics can predict things and do things many different ways. It doesn't matter if you predict stuff by having a dream about it or just getting a feeling. All of these are similar in a way because you can predict stuff so many different ways. And what is a psychic? Someone who can predict the future. It never says how just that you can. You have a very powerful ability and if I were you, I would use it to help other people. I mean, if you can predict things like that you could save other people or at least help other people. That is what I like to do with my abilities, and you may even have more abilities that you haven't discovered yet. I am still learning myself as well, but I know a few things from self experience. I have had the same type of predictions myself. So if you ever have any questions or want to share experiences then just let me know:)
Well first off I'm not a Pisces, but I also have that connection with animals. I know what they want and are trying to tell me. Like why my dog will be sad or scared or just thirty. Same with cats my boyfriend calls me the cat whisperer... Lol and I think that that's why animals are drawn to me. I also have dreams that come true all the time. Anyway I think its more likely its from the gift than when I was born. I'm a Sagittarius by the way
[at] ISHTAR369, yes I have skype but I don't do calls due to living with my family. Add me at shanon.beck19
Hi, I may be able to assist, however your energy is a little frazzled (understandably). I'm new to this site, but writing is epic. The back and forth is time consuming. Is there a way to skype?
I see spirits, ghosts, Shadow people and now demonic entities. When I was 12 my family and I went on holiday to Singapore after the holiday I got my photos printed and in amongst the holiday photos there was a picture of a demonic head (horns and all) with red eyes hanging in mid air. Although I do not remember seeing it when I took the photo. (I might have blocked it though as I am a complete scaredy cat and jump at the slightest sound.) another picture was of the view from my hotel balcony there was only me on that balcony but in the picture there was a figure of a man wearing a blue T-shirt and black trousers (kind of blurry) looking out over the city. I see shadow people all the time. I cannot have mirrors in my house as I always see things that are not in the house. And once I spoke to a Ghost. I was 13 years old at that time. A lady approached me asking me to wish a friend of mine a happy birthday. I did as I was asked. My friend asked what the lady looked like so I described her. My friend ran off crying and wouldn't speak to me for a few weeks. My friend then finally came and apologized and told me that the lady I spoke to was her Grandma who had been dead for four years then.
Hello joannab623,

I will go directly to your question, which is how you can develop this ability further. From what I read it seems like all your psychic dreams have come to you rather randomly. So I would suggest that you take a more active role about your psychic dreaming. You can ask a question before you get to sleep and I would not be surprised if you receive an answer the next night or at least within a week. That's the normal case for me so I would assume it's probably the same for others with the same ability.

There is much more to say, but I hope this will get you started.

Hey everyone. It's been awhile, but I thought you'd like an update.

The boys, Ben and Eragon, have been protective lately. Especially since the appearance of what I've been told is a rogue cupid. Eragon tells me that he's very dangerous.

The boys have also been talking to me in their language. It's a very beautiful language. They know my favorite songs in it. It's very cool.
I have had the same things happen before. Not the same dreams, but I have seen the future in my dreams. For example, When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I had this dream about a farm or some type of house and it stuck in my head for some reason. Anyway, this was years ago and I went to Tennessee recently, and we were driving in the country part of the state and I saw the exact same house. I thought that I only had visions that showed my the future. But now I realize I have had dreams that have came true. So it looks like I have discovered another new ability.
The black mass with red eyes is a negative entity for sure. There are many techniques people have used but they all boil down to, first a declaration of ownership... Like this is my home, you are not welcome here. Second, a presentation of higher authority. What ever is YOUR higher authority. A.k.a God or goddess. This is your protection so it's has to be what you believe in. Third, an act of purification. Some burn sage, other use holy water or salt. Now most important is to be fearless. Negative entities feed off of fear. So do this right be fearless when throwing it out. Best of luck and well wishes.
I know how you feel and I'm completely sympathetic. It also runs in my family. If you feel oppressed by this presence then I would suggest the burning of white sage around you. It has helped me before when something unwanted has latched on. I also say a prayer while doing this. Personally I don't think you or I can become "normal" we are just made this way. When I was a teen I felt the same way but don't shut yourself away. I did that and I became depressed and fearful. If you have a negative entity attached to you the fear feeds it. Weather you realize it or not you have much more power than it does. You can make it leave, you're in the driver's seat here. I know you can conquer this.
you are a gifted person with that ability. Amazing gifted person.
I think some prescriptions also can cause someone to get possessed. I saw this with my child. The doctor put her on so many medications thinking she was mentally ill. All these prescription pills can also cause a possession.
terrible, my daughter had a similar experience. She had done some spells. She started to speak in Latin and voices of mans and womans. She laughed like she was possessed. She said spiders were crawling on her many of them. Her bed rose up. She was cutting herself. I took her to doctor. I also prayed for her. We had a sucubus touch us in the house. She had done a love spell with candles. She lit her blanket on fire. She got burned on her arm. She would put electrical cords near her when she took a shower. I had to let her live with her father later. I was fearful for her. I think she was getting sick and possessed, from the love spell.
I went to a murder site Tammy Tracy at Seales Park. I am kind of a psychic detective with some police departments. In Rockford Illinois. I saw a black mass with red eyes. It was a demonic entity. I ran into my car and sped away, I was in terror. This mass was so powerful my car headlights died and the car would not start. I took a photo and the camera was later stolen. The photo showed 2 sets of red eyes glowing in the woods.
maybe white light the mass. White light your house and rooms. White light the area where you sleep.
I have seen this spirit in my house. When my ex husband came over. He is a drug addict. I think me seeing this spirit it was attached to my ex husband doug. For me it was a drug demon. She was standing by my ex husband Doug. She had black hair brown eyes. White skin and long flowing white dress. She was standing right next to my ex husband. She was a ghost. Drug demon.
She mostly haunts me now. I put on a shield everytime shes around.
She won't leave me alone.
But. Il be fine, I been trained thanks to my previous psychic mentors and now I have spirit guides protecting me.
I disagree, I know what they tell me sounds too good to be true so I know what they're trying to do.
I have had answers I didn't want to hear also...
Like can I even connect to my spirit guide and get to know him? Many people use pendulums and they are satisfied with them. It seems like I'm the only one that is lied to and misled. It hurts me that nothing ever seems too good to be true... I guess what I can most rely is on my intuition. But it doesn't mean that I can't rely on my pendulum because it answered correctly events that were to occur in the future.
Peepers1314 in Reopening My Abilities
I think god took away your abilities to show what your life would be like without them. I believe he wanted to show you what it would feel like and maybe even how to control them. If I was you I would go in a quiet place and just meditate. And by meditate I mean just sit in a nice comfortable spot, which is again quiet. Then just pray to god and focus on all of your good energy. Imagine your powers coming back and what it felt like to have them. This may take a little bit, but once you finally have your abilities, then I would use them to help other people. That is what I like to, I like to help people by having my visions so I can help someone not get hurt. And if you ever felt overwhelmed again, then go back to that quiet spot and meditate again and ask for gods help. If you have any other questions just let me know. I am still learning myself and I learned a few things from experience.
Pendulums, ouija boards and whatever techniques that you summon whatever unknown entity to answer questions is always a bad idea. You can be asking for whoever to answer your session but people don't realize they are opening gateways for ANY being to show up. We attract the vibrations we give out, and let's admit it, we ain't all saints. Dark entities can get to you through the smallest granule of negativity in your soul, let alone if you are literally summoning them.

The question isn't why they would be telling you the truth but why would they even just think about lying to you? Just think about it, if you are an entity that wants to attach to a human and lie to them /give false info the human is obviously going to know something is wrong and try to escape the presence. They tell you what you want to hear so they can keep close to you and use you, feed from you, drain you and do whatever with time.

My advice to anyone - never use pendulums, ouija boards, or anything that channels unknown beings. I really suggest you pray God for protection from these spirits. You can imagine a white bubble of light surround you to protect you from them during daytime or before bed as type of shielding from their energy.
If you need any help or got questions my emails on my profile page.
Its not coincident, I'm still here for a reason, got this thins called "dejavu" again, at someones house and it really creeps me out.
RockShan in Black Orb
Just seems how you see spirits, if you improve upon the ability you may be able to see spirits whole body's eventually. The color doesn't matter, it will usually only tell you their etheric race etc.
You could try the LBRP or Greater banishing ritual of the Pentagram. See what fits.
[at] Hrodwyn If you want to learn some psychic warfare I could teach you very basic energy manipulation to get you started if you contact me at shanon.beck1 [at] I only teach people basic energy manipulation due to them needing to take their own path when learning usually.
What saddens me most is that some of them tell me what I want to hear. And whenever some spirit is giving me an advice I can't trust it fully because they could be pretending to be nice...
But the advices they would tell me are like really good and appropriate for the moment so why should I doubt their responses? Any responses. Help?!?
MyWhiteHorse777 in I Keep Bending Stuff
Honestly in my opinion I would concentrate more on what caused the cutlery to bend because it could mean that there is some tangled up energy going on in you or your wife that needs to be sorted out. Could also be that you have energy sources coming through from somewhere inside or outside of the house. Not everything in life is a sign or has a big dramatic life changing meaning, sometimes objects move, appiritions are seen, mysterious noises are heard etc. It's how we handle the experience, how we can make good of it and how we can advance our lives through the experience. Know that these things happen but be mature about it, think clearly and ask yourself how this experience is really going to help you. It might just have been non sense created by a mischievous spirit, internal energy we projected or more by natural earthly frequencies. Keep an eye on yourself, it could also mean that inside of you there is an untapped powerful energy that is holding a gift you can use to help yourself and others. But don't get lost in delusion and non sense, see your experiences clearly. I'm not an expert by far, just how I see it.
i had something like that an old hag dream. I had to pray for those nightmares to stop.
carri in Black Orb
I have seen orbs floating white. Never a black one. Sounds like something wicked.
I have battled entities like this before they become more powerful so be very careful. Try to keep the lights on also. They hate lights. I portal was opened somehow. My kid did it by doing spells. So I know. These entities become more powerful over time if they are not stopped. Put on a cross and read bible out loud.
Between 1 am and 3 am these demonic masses are most powerful. The reason those hours mock Christ. Christ died at 3 pm the opposite is 3 am that is why these masses are so powerful at these times.

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