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Hi Jack165,

You can cross over any ghost (lost soul) you have. Its simple. Ask this: "Archangel Michael, FIND the ghost I saw with curly hair and TAKE her into healing." You can adjust that sentence to fit whatever situation pops up, but keep the words "find" and "take".
Its normal for a loved one to linger
At death.
At Funeral plus communicate to loved ones.
They do communicate via electronics
Their presence can be felt and sometimes they are seen.

Once husbands Gran dad died. Gran Dad knew no pain or frailty of body.
They think differently once deceased.

If your husbands watch keeps stopping at the same time. Ask your husband to ask his Grand Dad for confirmation that he is ok and now can see why your husband choose a nursing home.
It is know that a life review of a persons life they can feel love, good intentions and neg.
Dear Jack165

Fight against will not help will only stress more the situation!

I would recommend to pray for this lady, send your love, be calm and relaxed and pass this feeling for her.

Mentally speak with lady telling her that she is spending her time and is not helping her, she is stuck and nothing will change in case she continue do the same things. Ask if she is not tired about her life; ask if she is not missing her loved ones. Tell her she can connect to her beloved ones but first she need to change her thoughts and behavior, staying at the house will not help her see her beloveds again...

She is a lost spirit and needs help to continue her journey, ask also for help from you protector spirit in this task.

She will not go away immediately but in due time she will!

Good Luck
Hi Roseofthorns,

Keep a diary of every "odd" experience you have with as much detail as you can get and put the date as well. Write down all of your dreams before getting out of bed whenever you wake up and, again, put in detail. Date it as well. It might be useful in the future.

Ask Archangel Michael to FIND Hayden and to TAKE him into healing. See if that helps. You can do that for any ghost you feel is around you at any time to cross them over to Heaven.

To protect you, try White Light Shields ( or surround yourself in God's White Light and Protection. Do it every day and ask Archangel Michael to clear the energy inside of the shields as well after you make the shields. If you want something simpler, you can ask Archangel Michael this, "Archangel Michael, please put White Light Shields around me now." That's it.
Hi andovix,

You sound like a spirit rescuer to me, just like my good friend Ama Nazra. Search for her on google and you'll find her sacred gates websites. She might be able to help you, give her an email message.

A simple way to cross over a ghost is to ask, "Archangel Michael, FIND the ghost that I see over there (or specify to whatever matches the situation) and TAKE them into healing." You can adjust that request to match your situation whichever it may be, it works well for me:)
I really like your comment on avoiding big cites and shopping malls that is so true aspically scene we can't help but too feel everything around us. Great advice...
In the second paragraph you said sometimes you can feel things through your hands, well that's normal I can do it too. The thing in between your hands is energy off of your body. The third paragraph you said you can see colors around people, that is also normal it's called an aura. It is the layer of energy around people. Different colors mean different things about people. Hope this helped!
Yes this could be something evil or a succubus. So be careful. Put up a web cam to clarify to yourself. Then you will know for sure. Get a cross and pray out loud. I have seen things like that at grave yards. If you went to a grave yard you may have brought something back with you. Or someone work in a hospital. Entities can attach to people and be brought home.
Say this to the spirit. Unclean spirit leave this house at once. In the blood of Jesus amen. If he is gone then he is a demon.
I had sleep paralysis. I had a sucubus spirit touching me and my kid at the time. I had to pray a lot to rid the house of the unclean spirit. I think this entity was trying to possess me. My daughter saw a spirit sitting on top of me when I fell asleep.
you are getting flashes of images of spirits. I see them sometimes like that flashes for a moment.
I would try to figure out how to use precogniton. The general population is not going to understand intuition or psychic abilities right off the bat. People need time to grow. You need to find your own value in regards to your abilities. I am not strongly sensitive in the intuitive or psychic sense. I just starting out on a spiritual journey. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I am also transgender. When I was younger, I thought I was super different from everyone else because I was physically disabled. When I finally made it out into the "real world," I realized that sometimes adults can be more ignorant than children. Once I started to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses, I stopped worrying about why I was inferior to everyone else. I have my own shortcomings just like all the other people in this world. My gift in this life is that of a mental one. I am quite a good writer when I really put effort into it. I also come up with ideas and plans that no one else sees at first glance. This is because I like to take my time and allow things to stew for awhile before any action is taken. The world can sometimes be so focused on speed that the quality of everything undertaken goes downhill. Everyone goes at his or her own pace, and he or she must adapt a lifestyle that compliments this individualistic pace. It is only when a person tries to adapt him or herself to someone else's speed that he or she "fails." No one fails because he or she is not good enough. People fail because they try to match up to something that is not for them.

Be yourself and trust in your abilities. If other people do not believe in you, then keep pushing forward. Do not give them the time of day. You know who you are, and that is what matters.
I'm sorry to make one-sided comments, just making sure this isn't buried in the stream of input.
I think the breeze has something more than atmokinesis or aerokinesis. Now its graduated to blacking out for a split second, or the world being sucked away for a bit. It's incredibly hard to describe and the more I think about it the more confused I am Serious
Universeteachings in Spirits All Around
Sounds like an angry spirlis. I believe you have someone whos quite jealous of your ssoulmate there.
I supposed that's what my ascended master tells me. But anyway.
Need amy help?
I can teach you many things and I can also check on you.
Such as development of psychic abilities,
How to cleanse,
Talk to those spirits, ascended masters, ghosts, soulmates etc., spirituality, how to summon an archangel, and so many wonderful things...
Especially teachings of the universe.
Contact me through my email.
Universeteachings [at]
Hello there.
I had many experiences related to yours and I believe I can help you out.
I talk to my best friends all the time, I can help you out on how to see them, develope psychic abilities, and so on...

Contact me at my email.
Universeteachings [at]
I have no answers and looking too. As a child I had the same experiences. Talking to my christian youth pastor at a spirit filled church helped alot. I felt both good and evil forces. Like they were battling around me. I felt things and saw things. Pray that you are protected from the evil forces and if you feel forces farther away from you. It is then you pray for protection for other people that need your help.
I can relate to your story in a lot of ways. Overthinking is really hard and will mess up what we are trying to feel or read. Just let it come and try to relax until it disappears on its own. Energies you can feel everywhere. I get them in dreams or as simple as walking to the mail box. You yourself know where you hear and feel them the strongest. Somedays more than other and then there are times it is really strong and that is when I feel déjà vu.
Prayers for you and your family. Such a nice story. Sorry about what has happened. Yes this child is an angel watching over you. Amen.
She may be dreaming of a home invasion. So prayers for you. Get a dog, relocate or get an alarm system where you live. Plead the blood of Jesus over you and your child amen.
Be careful your daughter may see something in the future to warn you of danger.
Possibly the question to boyfriend should be?
Why does he feel unworthy of peace?
Ask him how he can make restitution?
Why does he feel he must be beat up?

All of the above can be recreated.

The only thing you can do is sow prayer.
-You could try clear the home with Pine Sol.
Smudge with sage. Use sea salt on Windows.

If he is open learn how to do a limpia with an egg, smudge then a lime or lemon burned over a barbecue pit. Wrapped in foil. Must be disposed of away from home.

Say a prayer to St Michael, reciting Psalms 23.
Spiritual cleansing baths are good for body and
Self examination.

Repeat 2 times a week. Believed to remove curse or bad luck. Some families have bad and even entities follow.

If he has a conscious that haunts him. Just repenting or having a contrite heart can loosen
The occurrences.

The whole point is to loosen the hold.
As long as he has an ounce of strength to want it to go. It will have to go.
Dear Nix55

First the devil designation (daemon) means spirit. There are several types of spirits, basically 3 orders and 10 classes from unclean spirits to perfect spirits (as Jesus) and in the middle you can find everything!
Your spiritual friend, first has not characteristics to be your guide, because the spiritual elevation that has, our protector spirit clearly has a high moral ascendancy and is not to be trifled with.
You can ask him if you need some kind of help and why it with him. Regardless of that you can help him do prayers for him, so that his spirit rises abandon its imperfections to continue their evolutionary journey, with or without you.
From your description it is what we call the playful spirit.:

Spirit's Book from Allan Kardec (

103. Ninth Class - Frivolous Spirits. - They are ignorant, mischievous, unreasonable, and addicted to mockery. They meddle with everything, and reply to every question without paying any attention to truth. They delight in causing petty annoyances, in raising false hopes of petty joys, in misleading people by mystifications and trickery. The spirits vulgarly called hobgoblins, will-o'-the-wisps, gnomes, etc., belong to this class. They are under the orders of spirits of a higher category, who make use of them as we do of servants.
In their communications with men their language is often witty and facetious, but shallow. They are quick to seize the oddities and absurdities of men and things, on which they comment with sarcastic sharpness. If they borrow distinguished names, as they are fond of doing, it is rather for the fun of the thing than from any intention to deceive by so doing.

Important thing is you are a medium and at the age of 19 is time already for you develop and use for good your mediumship.

For study, I recommend these 5 books for start:

Good study!

It's encouraging hearing from another that has worked in my field. Your "pressure with odd dread" is spot on. Almost like walking through a haze.

I've been approached about pursuing hospice with my company, but I love caring for all of my residents. I particularly love working with severe dementia. Other co-workers can't handle them while I can have them laughing and trying to communicate. Being an empath has so many uses in nursing... Eventually I may pursue hospice, just to have the experience.

Your family sounds gifted in ways, and you are lucky to see more of this world together.

Thank you for sharing some of your experience with me! It really helped
I wish to thank you for posting your story.

You reminded me that the energy in the hospitals
And care homes are thick. I was always drained.
And I could sleep 10 to 12 hours straight on my days off.
It got lesser the last few years.

I have left that work after 30yrs. But not due to patients
/families or staff.

You reminded me why I joined that area.
I guess I would do it again.
For me with patients I would get an overwhelming feeling of compassion. Sometimes I would feel or see shadows, hear a voice. It has changed through the years.

It got intense as nurses would call me over to work energetically on patients before they died.

There have been times after they passed
I would have to help them cross over. Another story.

For family or close friends I smell fire and get a lingering feeling which is a week before they pass. I also get dreams or an inward seeing.
I guess it was pressure with an odd dread.

I do not know how to describe death.
At my door knocking for my child. Fortunately there was intervention for her. But death did strike 3 people she had been scheduled to travel with.

If you are not an HCA you may wish to look into my an LP program works in Hospice care you have a knack for it.

Understanding that you are an empathy and how it overwhelms you.
How to pull back and support either through angels or energetically.

There are some books by Raymond Moody who writes about NDE-, Albert Villelado had a CD about uncoiling the chakras. I just clear the lower chakras and hold the energy. Sometimes I do other things if so led. The Tibetan book of the dead speaks about signs before the body expires.

It is helpful to understand diseases and how the human body breaks down and creates tears in the patients human aura. Allowing spirit to move forward to the dying.

It just seems as if info is coming from the dream plane. Then you
Replay (relive it). Possibly by praying and meditating you can gain more strength. It takes energy to support the dying and it must be above what we normally do.

My dad has PD and he has the symptoms of bad dreams. The odd part is these dreams are a life review good and bad. I never read about his case. Understanding side affects of drugs and what is the dying process.

Great subject.
He was an angel watching over you. A angel in the world watching over you. There are angels and demons that walk this earth in human form.
Well based on what you have explained, seems to be a rather strange spirit, may not be evil I can check if you want, but often or not those without spiritual practice, or not strong enough will get a "fear" feeling from spirits or others that are stronger then them, it doesn't mean they are actually evil... I can help you learn energy training, but I would only teach basic I let those that learn it take their own path at that point. If you want me too do this then just shoot a message to shanon.beck1 [at]
There is a fine line of experiencing anothers
Demise. In reality we are attaching in such a way that we experience what they experienced.
It is a harsh experience. Mine I work up shouting and distraught, with my heart pounding.

Some experiences can take a human to the end of death. That is like a NDE
-near death experience. Which most report heightened perceptions.
ocgerl13 in Spirits All Around
Yes that is correct. There have been ocurrances here and there in the last place we lived, and they are just starting to happen again in our new house. I try my hardest to keep a positive attitude about everything, but he is a very negative person about everything. I just want a normal life (whatever normal is). I appreciate your input
TheresaGargano in Pennies From Heaven
Universeteachings, thanks for reading my story and your sweet comment. I do believe a spirit guide was involved also; maybe even the spirit of her little girl. Thx again
I believe this spirit is protecting you.
Black robe right? Would you mind contacting me through email?
Ill be willing to help.
Dear Lauterb,

Good for your son! I certainly have not gone unnoticed by a few patients and co-workers. They've commented that I am really be attentive, or they notice me checking on/caring for the person constantly.

I'm not so much uncomfortable, it's more of an anticipation. I'm still learning to accept the signs I'm seeing without brooding over them.

Do you mean to carry a piece of my spirituality, Or prayer in general? I have been looking for something to carry with me, but I'm at a loss as to what. I don't feel the need for a shield, or a healing object. I've been searching for something to help with clarity and peace.

Regardless, you've been really helpful!
Dear hwatson

Would you like to comment on two things:
First would be the discretion. My son who is a doctor, at the end of university, it was nicknamed "the angel of death". Angel as he watched patients with care and love, treated them as family members, due to pre-disembodiment situation and paying extra attention. Because he is spiritist this did not bother him, but it could end up happening to you because other people can not understand, especially if patients notice a pattern in your behavior.
The second indication with respect to those who are about to return to the spiritual plane. Apparently, the process is not comfortable for you, therefore I suggest combining a signal with spirituality to facilitate the work without discomfort.
Prayer is a medicine for the soul of anyone, made with the heart and sincerity can operate wonderful things, make prayer always and good spirits will always be by your side guiding you and helping. Helping others soon (or already) you will notice how well it will do to you.

Good work for you!
Thank you for the kind words and information, lauterb.

I've noticed that each incident follows a pattern. Starting with the feeling that I'm off balance, like I drank too much coffee. I usually then notice a kind of denseness around me, like the pressure before a thunderstorm. If I don't find the person that day, within a few days I will almost always have my dream, just helpful enough for me to usually figure it out. The pressure and anxious feeling remains and builds until the person passes. Then it just falls off suddenly, and the air feels calm. Like a content feeling that everything is fine now. Only rarely do I feel any presence (s) after a passing, unless the person was much closer to me...

Could this feeling be the gathering of energies around that person as they are preparing to transition? I just had this thought! Thank you!

I will have to research a bit.
Hello there Roseofthorns,

First off, you are certainly not unholy. How you are as a spiritual being is not related to your parents at all. And for that matter, I don't believe your parents were evil. A genuine evil person is rare. But it's doesn't matter anyway, because you have no spiritual connection to your parents. We actually choose our parents, but that's another story for another time.

Then you mentioned about your ghost Hayden. It's possible that this Hayden is not a traditional ghost but your spirit guide. That could be determined with little effort.

Yes, there is a dark side in the spiritual world to contrast the Light side. You seem to be in contact with both sides without discretion. You have the power and freedom to make choices how to deal with the darkness. Darkness should never control you, which is what you mentioned about as "black-outs". You have a very special gift that you have been given but sometimes such gift comes without instructions. It has happened to me too. So you have seek and learn the knowledge yourself. You came here, so you are already seeking and that's a good start. Not sure what else to say in response to your post at this time. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello NeverTheLesser,

I am imagine how you felt. It can certainly be terrifying to meet one of these dark shadowy entities at close range. They are up to no good - that's for sure. Was that night the only occurrence of this kind for you?

I cannot help you with that symbol, but I can help you to be less fearful, should this ever happen again. To be honest, there is no reason to be fearful at all with the know-how about dealing with the dark side.

I would recommend that you learn about spiritual protect - it's not that hard really. There are may ways to do that. I cannot comment on a certain type of protection other than what I use myself, which is the Divine White Light protect. Doing that kind of protection is to be proactive and to prevent any imminent attacks. The second type of protection is one of instant effect and it's about instantly invoking a power more powerful than that of a dark entity. Again, there may be other ways too, but since I can only speak from personal experience I can tell you that banishing such darkness in the name of Jesus Christ is very effectful. Each time I have been in contact with dark entities (not that it has happened a lot), this has always worked for me and within seconds they have fled.

I hope this helps a little.

Dear hwatson

I was very happy because you saw something more than just your ordinary work.

159. Every one who is in any degree influenced by spirits is, by that very fact, a medium. This faculty is inherent in man, and is therefore no exclusive privilege; in fact, there are few persons in whom some rudiments of medianimity are not found. We may therefore assume that every one, or nearly every one, is a medium. Nevertheless, this qualification is only practically applicable to those in whom the medianimic faculty is clearly characterised, producing well-marked results and this depends upon the greater or less degree of sensitivity of the organisation. This faculty does not reveal itself in all cases in the same manner: each medium has generally a special aptitude for some special order of phenomena; so that there is as great a variety of mediums as of phenomena. The principal varieties of mediums are as follows: Physical mediums; Sensitive or Impressionable mediums; Hearing mediums; Speaking mediums; Seeing mediums; Somnambulists; Healing mediums; Pneumatographers; Writing mediums, or Psychographers.

As you may have noticed you were influenced by spirituality to help this sister who returned to espitual world. I do not know whether they were relatives who were waiting for her or the team assigned to proceed the "shutdown" that intuited you to help her.

I hope you continue to help!
Dear andovix

Congratulations that you overcome your old life style and now you are "open" to help others!

This is much more than other people do in their entire life.

You already know that you are a medium, now need to learn how to use your mediumship properly.

Do you have near you a place that study Spiritism an spiritist center?

I recommend you find one near you checking in below web site:

Before you drive a car you have to study legislation, plates etc. You need to practice with someone experienced before driving a car alone. First you need to study a lot I suggest you to study followings books:

In case you have some doubts fell free to email me: leonn [at]

Good study!
Universeteachings in Unbelievable Things Can Happen
Your stories and experiences is making my day more happier. C:
I feel random reading this out of nowhere.
Or for a reason;)
Universeteachings in Pennies From Heaven
Such a beautiful story...
I believe an angel and an ascended master guife was telling you this.
Magickaluniverse (aka universeteachings)
Universeteachings in Talkative Entities
Hello there, would you love to talk to me by email is right there at my profile.
Contact me through email... Or through hangouts.
One more thing...
I have been talking to many beings since pretty much a very long time.
They live in the spirit plane and amgelic layer...
So it should be fine as long you ask him about contacting me...
Dear T

While there is a belief holding them in your area of power. You believe they find solace
Near the lower chakras-2 and 3.

I do not see it from your point as I and a good friend both temporarily carried only until we had time to create a sacred place and build it so they can move into the light.
A Native American belief an area of power located in our body.

A Peru belief of shamans have an area in the body.

Metaphysical belief is it is the light that draws souls of people who roam. They come to you
A part of them looks for light and hope.

Possibly I may be wrong. But you need to a ask yourself what have you gained from their company?

I think you are called to do Spirit Release.

One day they will break down the body and it will no longer serve you.

You have a relationship with one he loves you and you love him.
When you die he will still be earth bound.

When a body dies.
Then then the soul have an opportunity to grow and learn once they leave the earth plane.
Then they can be reborn where they choose.

I apologize for being direct and with the utmost respect wish you well.
But I feel you wanted their company. If this is true you have to sort out yourself in order to help them.

There is a book by Sue Ellen, Spirit Release.
Mary Ann Winkowski-When Ghosts Speak.

If you read all the subjects re shadows/discarnate by AnneV and me plus
In the dream state one foot is in the earth and the other in the spiritual plane. In between there is a dense plane that this thing lives.
By obtaining a human Host it can experience our earth plane and express plus live.

It is said what we dream we experience.

Some entities lie and push against laws and free will.
By using other scenarios they attempt to extinguish the light within us. Thereby breKing down our resolve to walk and practice light and truth.

Psychic attack: if you recall your dream.
You use a energy or substance while fighting.

A number one tool is positive thoughts and words.

It is vital to obtain your own healing. As this life journey is about healing ourself.

Put water around the bed is what I have read.
I put sage under my pillow each night and have a authentic dream catcher. I regularly smudge my home.

It is rare that I have a bad dream. And if I do I visualize it burning, then I see visualize it turn red with my eyes partially open and ask that it transform into something beautiful.
Sometimes feeling or sensing it change.

Neg Energies do not grow or gain hold in that type of environment. Keep at it.

By dedicating yourself to a belief you will find a whole new protection.
And a knowledge this thing must and will go. A path you can never turn away from becomes a spiritual journey.
I believe it is important to keep an alliance
With spirit.
When we do this we are able to avoid an empty feeling which we as humans try to fill with other substances.

Psychological mental blocks keep
Discarnate souls earth bound. Therefore understanding their pain, and belief system
Help you be an Intercessor.

Connecting with your guide and spirit team.
Plus asking help from Raphael, StMichael can help in the work.

Understanding how to hold and draw in healing to discarnate souls so spirit team can help
Are all important.

Being able to open a spiritual door or other needed scenarios to facilitate a path way for healing.

Closing and grounding are subjects worth exploring.
If I am understanding the story.
You say that you are with your boyfriend.
He has asked the Spirit to come.
If this is the scenario.

It is about Free will.
Until he makes a decision to be free, things will continue the same.
This Spirit has been given free access to continue its normal activity.

The back history of your partner conditioned to Neg activity.

If he is willing to work at replacing peace instead of fear and dread. And makes a stand telling this spirit to go and visualizes his path new and free he can have it.

Good journey
My last shadow experience terrified me. I used to see it fairly often as a small child, but I attributed it to bad dreams. I hadn't seen it again until recently. About a month ago.

Mine however has never been hooded. Its emaciated in frame, not skeletal. The shadow is barely smokey. Like an unfocused camera. It is human in form but kind of skitters, between four legged and hunched running. It feels like a thousand pounds of dread weighing me down.

I was driving to work (I work 4am-1pm's), down our pitch black country highway. Brights on because deer are a bid problem that early. I was slowed down to pass a field where I could see a few deer close to the road. I saw something out of the corner my eye and stomped the brakes, thinking it was a deer.

It was the shadow. It slowed down, in front of my Brights. The Brights lit it's face, and I knew it was looking at me. It wasn't totally solid, my lights passed through it. It suddenly darted to my right, out of my lights and sight. I was physically shaking and panicking as I sped the rest of the way to work.

I felt it near me for hours afterwards. And since, I have seen it one other time. Only in my peripheral, while walking one morning. Mine certainly does not feel neutral.
TheresaGargano in A Life Full Of Déjà Vu
My life also has been one big dejavu. Without going into great detail I hope you get some really helpful feedback. I'm still waiting, too. Your story is very enlightening.
With organic foods it can help balance the physical body.

By testing pH levels using urine dip sticks that can tell you info.

I asked about the past because I dreamed about two people a man and woman. The a man tried to hold on and was swept away, much darkness in the surrounds. The man found his way back but it took a long time.

Back to health. By getting a hair analysis it can show heavy metal's at which point you can research options as appropriate vitamins/minerals. Amino acids use cautiously as well as vitamins if using medication.

Let us know how you get on.

BW the best is yet to come.
TheresaGargano in Relating To The Other Side
All my life I've had dreams, divine interventions, and Déjà vu's but this one went the long haul. Over this past summer, June of 2015 more specifically, I was being taunted by June bugs here in San Diego, California. The fact that I'm deathly afraid of these critters is only one reason for me to take notice of their presence when I'm outside reading a good book, but for them to enter my dreams after I've dodged them all day was ridiculous. These dreams, and the bugs themselves, continued to haunt me throughout June and well into the month of July. Surprisingly, James Robert (Radio) Kennedy, from the Movie "Radio", entered the next dream sobbing just like the part where his mother died but holding a picture of a man, however, I couldn't make out who it was. I've probably watched that beautiful and emotional movie 100 times and can appreciate it even more from raising an autistic son; but the next dream I had Radio appeared to be having a heart attack and that's what pushed me to search the Internet for more information about him. I was saddened when I actually found an obituary that told of his older brother, Walter, passing. Goosebumps and curiosity drove me to making a call to T.L. Hanna High School. I told my story to the lovely woman who answered the phone and asked if she wouldn't mind forwarding my concerns for Radio's family to Coach Jones. She did and the very next day my call was returned. Not only did he return my call but he had a bit of news about Radio's older brother that he thought I would be most interested in. It turns out that Radio had two brothers and the Coach was getting ready to attend a birthday party for the younger one who goes by the name "Cool Rock Kennedy". The synchronicity in this story was the fact that his older brother went by the name "Walter June-bug Kennedy" hence June bug...Wow! We talked for a good hour about all their lives since the movie and then he invited me to attend a game with his family and Radio's if ever I meandered towards Hanna in Anderson, South Carolina. Ironically, my niece had just visited us that same July from Prosperity SC, about two hours away from Anderson, before I made the call. She had always wanted me to revisit this part of the country where I spent time growing up at when I was just 15. I'm a basketball fan so when February, 2016 rolled around I scraped up the money and away I went. My niece, her two girls and I met up with Coach Jones, Radio, and his younger brother Cool Rock at a T.L. Hanna High School basketball game. There he was big as life; just like the movie. It appears that not much has changed for Radio. He's now 69 and checks in with the school nurse every morning for his health issues, exercises in the gym while kids practice, and is still welcomed in the 11th grade. On the other hand, Coach Jones is retired from coaching and teaching but has acquired a position on the Special Education Board. I finally decided to bring up the subject of Walter's spirit visiting me to Radio and he simply responded with, "Mama's in Heaven, Walter's in Heaven and Radio's going to Heaven when he dies to be with them." Then he remarked that he cried at the part in the movie where his mother died just like everyone else. It was even more moving when he said, "When I die everyone at Hanna is going to miss Radio!" I for one agree and can't tell you how overwhelmed I am with what Coach Jones did for their family, Hanna and the City of Anderson. Did Walter send the June bugs and the dreams? Hmmm! I'm also writing a children's book series that takes place in Prosperity, SC and needed to visit for its completion. Ironically, I had been procrastinating and I think Walter gave me the kick in the pants I needed by wanting me to check up on his brothers at the same time. After my visit I now feel I have everything I need for its success. I believe what's meant to be is meant to be; so I made it a habit of saying this to my kids when these kinds of things happened, "Coincidence is once in a while; but everyday is on purpose!" After reading your story I don't feel like I'm a crazy lune anymore. Thanks
That sounds like the same figure I just started seeing. He appeared to me last night, dark and hooded like you described. But he seemed much more aggressive, it wasn't some calm watching scenario. He appeared less than a foot from me and stayed there until I blinked. He also appeared at the foot of my bed.
Homie chan

Maybe you should try tarot cards or Palm readings. Definely do some research on these before making a decision though, for your own good.
[at] gabbie

I get what you're saying about her needing to be careful about tooth the bad and the good that comes with this sort if stuff. I've seen and felt more bad than good in my life and my abilities aren't that strong.

And I wish there was a reply button on this site.
The best thing to do is 1. Practice working on what you just listed. 2. Research this stuff^ and other things. Even advice (don't always have to listen to it. 3. Definitely make sure you're safe when doing this and are comfortable with it... 4. Remind your self to listen to your gut instinct more often. Maybe think why you should listen to it. There have been times where I didn't listen to my gut instincts and I regretted it, nothing but bad happened when I ignored my gut instincts.
Hello Sarvagataya,

There is no reason to be scared about spirits. And there is reason to be scared about spirit communications in dreams either. You just have to learn to know how to distinguish between good and bad spirits, and to do that you simply apply spiritual protection of Divine power. You see, only good energy/entities/spirits are allowed within your protection. So if you learn about protection and practice that before you go to sleep (an any other time as needed), then you can rest assured that any spirit that contacts you in your dreams are benevolent and trusted.

About your random images that you see with your inner eye, I had that too in the beginning when my psychic ability opened up. Now would be a good time for you to use your ability in a controlled fashion. For starters, you can ask a question in your mind what you want to know about. And instead of random images, you should be able to receive visions that relate to your question.

I hope that helps a little.

Dear __princess__01

Congratulations, you are discovering and already using your mediumship for good!

You intuitively did what is expected of you and certainly, you will do much more in the future!

Crystal children is only a characterization of similar attitudes as well as the signs of the zodiac, etc. Unnecessary labels... Do not say anything new that you did not know.

The important thing is to know what to do with their gifts. First study, study hard to educate! When some opportunities arise for you to use these gifts to help others in the same way as you've done!

I know exactly what was the feeling that you had to help this person! The good news that you can do this and more is up to you!

For more than 150 years there is a science / philosophy / religion that thoroughly studied the spiritual phenomena, communication with spirits, visions, apparitions, relationship with spirits etc.

All you reported is not new and has already been described and studied in the following books:

After studying, those books you have additional questions feel free to contact me at leonn [at]

Good study!
Hi I'm also from the Philippines, I also have Atmokinesis... I also fell into depression a week before the storm and hated the people around me a bit... So I guess it's not entirely your fault...
anonymous-san in Rain And Wind Control
Someone like me... How do you stop the rain though? I can't... I always end up making it rain harder... And I need to sing in order to call the wind which is a bit... Embarrassing.
anonymous-san in Do I Have Abilities?
I think I also have Atmokinesis although I always end up messing everyone's day by making it rain harder instead of stopping it... Crying
Dear Kimmied1105

Congratulations your psychographic mediumship arrived!

I also do psychography since my 20s, among the various types of mediumship is the most far-reaching as it is perennial.

A deceased Brazilian medium wrote more than 460 books during his life devoted all to do good for other people, a true example of life! His name Francisco Candido Xavier or Chico Xavier.

I attended some years ago of a group that was willing to receive news of relatives who had already left. For most of those who got messages always was a comfort, a true gift!

Unfortunately, "the phone" only rings in one direction, from there to here and never from here to there. Only few are blessed and receive an s-mail (spiritual mail), some must wait some time others will never receive...

During our mediumship meetings after the day's theme of study I receive a message related to the subject studied, always giving a new approach, sometimes I get a poem, sometimes I get messages of comfort and encouragement to work for good.

From what you told, you are a mechanical medium, which makes sense in the beginning. Today sometimes, I am semi mechanical and other times 100% intuitive. Depends on who "sending" the message.

There is already more than 150 years a science / philosophy / religion that thoroughly studied the spiritual phenomena, communication with spirits, visions, apparitions, relationship with spirits, written communications (such as ours) etc.

All you reported is not new and has already been described and studied in the following books:
Good study!
Dear jim_moriarty

There is already more than 150 years a science / philosophy / religion that thoroughly studied the spiritual phenomena, communication with spirits, visions, apparitions, relationship with spirits etc.

All you reported is not new and has already been described and studied in the following books:

Found near you the following sites may help you:

6101 Idlewild Road - Office 112
Charlotte, NC 28212
Contact: Heddy Patrick
(980) 319-9908
E-mail: spiritismincharlotte [at]

4205 Frank Vance Road
Charlotte, NC 28216
Contact: Janete Barringer
(704) 885 0024 / (704) 394 9989
E-mail: sscarolinas2014 [at]
Good study!
Dear Dax1331

How good to hear stories of awakening.
2 things, first we are all children of God, as we are all his children and we were created to help you in your work!
This applies to you too. Jesus our elder brother, spiritual governor of our planet, he left the path written: Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself. Our overall mission is to do good to those around us, those who need help. And this encntramos everywhere even in the wealthiest homes, but poor morale and high concepts.
Without charity there is no salvation. This is the general plan, each in its own way will find the way to meet this call, we need religion if we have no way of Jesus pure and simple by the examples he left us. The shape does not matter but the content matter.
You were called, make a reflection and search your way to contribute to the work of our Father.
Your mediumship will be just one more tool that you may or may not use the things you decide to do for this purpose. If you want to use it you also need to study before working. To both suggest two books:

I found this place and who knows is next to you and maybe you can help

Contact: Sheila
E-mail: sandreatta99 [at]

Good study!
Dear person23

For your information, you are suffering from a case of obsession. These entities are enemies of this or past lives. They are attracted by your actions, by your thoughts, by their habits. Only with your inner change or what we call intimate reform will break the ties you have with them. Enemies of past lives seeking revenge for things they did that caused prejudice to them. In this case your repentance (which may have occurred prior to his return to this life) was the first step. The second and more complex is the atonement that is having trouble to really learn the lesson. The third is the simplest repair is what you did you will have to repair, if you stole, in another life (it will not this time) you will have to bear these whom you took.

I found below site that indicates several places that can help you and maybe one is near you:


I hope you understand your situation and accepted as a bitter medicine to cure your soul.

Always remember God is love and we as their children are never forsaken by him. All the things that happen to us is caused by us and it is our responsibility to receive the results of our actions both good and bads. If this is happening is that you need, and if you need is why God allowed for your sake, for your learning and evolution.

At the end we are all brothers, and if our brothers that we are not at peace with them, we should build this peace otherwise we will not achieve happiness.

Good recovery!
Dear Moe444

Your mediumship just arrived and you need to educate it.

First find a guide is not the case here. You already have one. Free will is the main issue here, trying to get tips or shortcuts does not work here, using your free will you must accomplish your reincarnatory plan by yourself. Your guide will push you give the necessary support for your decision but he/she will not help you cheat in the test.

In order to better understand what is going on you have places specialized on this and I found 2 in your state, don't worry they will not charge you a penny forthis... In case they ask something run away from them:

Contact: Brian Foster / Ana Foster
(206) 962-1524 / (206) 962-7948
E-mail: bfoster [at]

23708 Locust Way #8A
Bothell, WA 98021
Contact: Jaqueline Ferreira
(206) 905-7787
E-mail: contact [at]

Good study
Universeteachings in Relating To The Other Side
At times like this do a daily meditation- and once you see an unexpected sight of him or expected. Talk to him through a vision.
Any questions contact through email.
I have left that man since a lady told me to leave him or I will end up hospitalized or six feet under. I had a nightmare about him and he stabbed me in the leg in my dream, I woke up and went to go see my neighbor, she can feel what other people are feeling. She felt my leg right away asked me about it so I told her I had a dream and she told me to leave him right away.

About the vibrations in my leg. All I can come up with is that I will hear bad news that's all. It's bad every time I have the vibrations on my leg. Recently the vibration on my leg was about my mother and I having a fight. I didn't know that was going to happen cause we have been enjoying our time together.
Thanks for that Evan. I've had a similar situation happen the day before yesterday. One thing to note is that both times, it's happened in a hotel, in a different city and state. Spokane Washington the first time, and Seattle Washington the night before last. I live in the Midwest and It hasn't happened in my home yet... I emailed you the details.
I'm kind of emBarressed to write this... But it said something along the lines of "taking me." for some reason I interpreted it as something sexual, and soon after he disappeared...
I've been doing some research and I think I may have almost astral projected... I say that because I had a similar experience the night before last...
I would not avoid having negative thoughts. You are going to have feelings and ideas that will not be too comfortable. Just try not to be super negative everyday. Human beings have emotions. Anger is going to be one of them every now and again. Just make sure not repress your emotions. If you are not feeling happy in the present moment, then acknowledge this feeling, but do not brood over things.
seems like a negative spirit! Still don't be afraid, I have had some around me aswell, I had to do contract revocations and it worked out;)

Some links that may help you out:)

Youtube Rich2150x:
Youtube Atomarane:

Check atomaranes channel, she covers something that happened to her and how she deals with it, its very similar to your story infact.

Look you are incharge of yourself and no one owns another person or soul, if you buy into that you are his, you really let that soul/person be incharge of you and he may even be the reason for attracting other spirits to you too, don't bother with that being or whatever it is, this is a joker, revoke any ties or contracts that made it possible for him to be there with you! I hope everything works out:)
ive had this type of problem too, but mine are more senusal and playful so to speak, look, what you evidently have done uncounsciously is made contracts with them somehow, agreeing somehow to them that its ok for them to be there! If you are afraid of them that just fuel them, first of is to realize that they really can't harm you and besides you are incharge of yourself, you need to affirm to yourself that you are not going to buy into their BS! We are stronger than they are, honestly I have looked into whatever it could have been I agreed to for the spirits to be around me and I revoked them, they're still here but they don't mess with me anymore I have made it very clear to them...

You could for beginners visualize a golden egg shaped or white light energy around you, second you should get bussy enough so that you don't think much of them, I used to be afraid and think like: oh no theyre going to touch me or make me stay up all night. That is true because if you got that mindset about them you are going to fuel them to do so, you know don't be afraid of them, what they can do is influence your feelings to be afraid or any feeling at all and if you think about it and feel those emotions you can sit down and ask yourself if its really your emotions, secondly they all just talk and mess around it sounds abit like your inner voice but if your not thinking about anything and hear those voices its deff them just wanting your attention,
If you don't know how to do soul contracts revocations

Check this out:

Got any questions just fire away:)
You really, need a minister. Or just pray for "be gone unclean spirits in the blood of Jesus, Amen" Be careful these spirits can make you sick, or problems in your life. You may need a deliverance ministry to help you. I have the ability to see these spirits. I wished you lived by me. I am in Illinois. I can smell these spirits or hear them. I can also at times see them.
if you say this. " Be gone unclean spirit in the name of Jesus." The voice will stop. And you will know this is an unclean spirit.
I had that happen to me. My daughter was doing love spells. This triggered the nightmares for me. I had sleep paralysis. I had nightmares of an old had. I had something trying to smother me in my sleep and pin me. I had a sucubus try to touch me and my daughter. I had to pray a lot. Plead the blood of Jesus over my house. I shouted " Be gone unclean spirit in the blood of Jesus amen." I prayed for long time to make it stop. I think you opened up some occultism. Sleep Paralysis. Is from something you opened up. Occultism, drugs, some thing. It is hard to get rid of. Lots of crosses, and prayers out loud.
I thank you for all the help you have given me! I really can not thank you enough!
I think I did figure out what it meant - I'm not sure if it was one solid thing, but a lot in my life has been changing. I'm moving out in about a week for the first time to go to university, leaving behind my friends and family, and both my aunt and uncle passed away a few months ago which hit me and my entire family very hard. Whatever the case, everything is very different than it was, and it's somewhat strange to know I had a warning. I got another 'warning' in my head one day as I was driving with my aunt pulling onto the highway out of a McDonald's saying 'you will die here' which freaked me out a bit - but I don't know if it means my physical death or a symbolic death or really anything else, and I'm not sure if I should even be worried since there was no time frame involved. Anyway, I hope everything's going well for you!
Thank-you Lauren. I have started protecting myself with the white light. I will make sure I have pure thoughts and not let negativity creep in. I'm sure there are a lot of new things I will experience and learn while getting more in touch with my spiritual side and what gifts I have been blessed with. Thank-you again for the advice!
I can only feel and communicate with my entities, but never see them. I'm ok with that, if you know what I mean. Lol Good luck!
TheresaGargano in Possessed By Many Spirits
Person23: I sympathize wholeheartedly with your experiences. Me being an Empath, as well, makes our lives most difficult. I almost feel as if I have this fluidity about me that acts like a highway for spiritual behavior. Your stomach is where people tend to shove all their feelings into and that's why I think that they thrive in that area and in my female parts. Wish I had the solution or more words for you but I'm hoping someone might be helpful to me, too.
Hi Luminous, my partner stopped using things to see if spirits would come and I prayed every night for protection for him and for my son as well as myself. It did eventually stop. I am still frightened but am not seeing mists now thank goodness. I also have a cross present. I'm just glad it is stopped for now, thank goodness. It was horrid. I was too scared to fall asleep. I still am not sure what was happening but glad its gone
MissCherokee in What Haunts Me No Longer
Love Great post. I have the same ability. And you are right. There comes a time when you accept it. IT started for me when I was 8 years old. It was my own mother. = (. I felt cursed as this thing progressed later in life. I don't know why we have this. Me knowing ahead of time has never stopped a death I foresaw. I get warnings sometimes and I'm told what to say to the person. It did no good, but my conscious is clear. I know the freakish feeling you spoke about. How do people that have no clue understand what you are going through? I've always been the odd ball, I guess. But like you, I've come to deal with it. Now I have the dead coming to visit me in my dreams. It's nice. I get to make amends with relatives, and what not. This doesn't happen all of the time. But there does come a point when you just accept the spirit world for what it is, and that you have a line in one parts of it. It's real. We know this. That in itself is a blessing, no? We know of things, others struggle to understand. So we can say, I know the spirit world is real... Fact. We cannot school anyone about it, we just know, because of what we are shown, feel, etc,. Personal experiences. Good for you. You are not alone. =) Love
SuzieLiz1 in The Premonition
Hi, Boson.:) We really think that it was a premonition of my father's death. The events that led up to his taking his own life pretty much matched what happened with my sister and her friend. I know that he's there because every time I go into that house I can feel him watching me. Even though I can't really remember what he looked or sounded like it doesn't scare me, it just makes me uncomfortable when I go into that one room. Otherwise I LOVE that house!:)
Look up spirit oppression.

The bottom line to rid oneself from being pursued or if one had a spirit attachment.
Is to have light and peace. Positive thoughts words a new joy a allows no place within us. And facing the entity by resisting it. Send it light/peace/love before falling asleep.
If you dream and wake up. Picture the scenario in Red. Imagine it being transformed. Repeat over and over. During the day practice good thoughts and actions. Send love light to this being that appears in your dream.
Do not expect it to magically disappear.
It has been years. But you will feel it's affects lose its hold it's hold.

What you will be practing is called the Law of attraction and the ability to co-create.

If you give the story in detail it a will tell by pointing to what fear or times you suffered at anothers hands. Sometimes it is acts we practice that allow it to stay around. Love
There is a book by Mary Ann Winkowski-When Ghosts Speak. But I need more
Info before responding.

Spirit speech-dialogue is a mind to mind (telepathic communication)
So that would be a normal way of communication.

I just sense fear. But also feel you have a desire to replace the fear with knowledge. There is some preliminary ground work to understanding your spirit team. A main guide assigned to you and at birth and a guardian aka gate keeper who once you work is responsible for spirits and people who come to you. By having a dialogue a with Gate keeper- he/she can filter who/what comes in your life. The exception are scenarios you need to grow to your potential. If you do not work with Gate keeper any thing can come through.

If you have no knowledge of who your main guide is a meditation should be chosen and I practiced daily.

Your higher self is a voice which speaks as a matter of fact. A little on the sharp side.

There are some people who work with beings of light or beings of dark.

What you left out of your story is what the Spirit said? I am curious what was said? If you answer my query I can continue with more info.
Hello Slare,
I have had the very same experiwnce with phone calls. You have a sort of precognition manifesting in this way.
Are you still involed with this abusive man?
I don't know about the vibrations on your leg, but when you feel them, don't ignore it. You might benefit from mwsitation, helping you to gain focus. Try this especially if you are in a safe place with the vibrations.
I hope you are safe,
What were symotoms 3 years ago?
What were your symptoms 2 months ago?

Do you have a medical condition?
Are you using prescribed or recreation substances now or in the past.

Have you dabbed in any type of supernatural practice or magic?

What occurred 10 years ago?
Hi. I am am a person who can see spirits/demons and can talk to them. I do studies and also help spirits cross over and sometimes do exorcisms of demons. With that being said, I resign in Tampa Florida. I would highly advise getting sage and candles. A lot of times when spirits appear (the good ones not evil) they are trying to convey a message. Something to tell you whether it's help me cross over or I died this way and need justice. Even if not a religious person always light candles in a full circle around you with two people you and another with a candle placed between you two. After that is done meditate and pray. This helps you focus more and keeps you safe, and means you can talk to the spirits. Have several things like an emf reader. This will help you investigate further. Once that is done get the sage (not the spice but the actual thing that makes a strong scent) and burn it. This will help the spirits cross over and help them if they wish to be helped and cross over. It for sure seems like your house is haunted because they are trying to tell you something but it does not sound like these spirits are evil.
I don't really believe in the supernatural I am interested in the paranormal.
darkassassin92 in Possessed By Many Spirits
I am not a religious person but I have a interest in the supernatural.
darkassassin92 in Is A Spirit Attached To Me?
My dad is religious I am not religious he thinks there is a demon influencing me.
I don't think you are so much possessed by these evil spirits, but harassed by them. You know they are bad, you can feel when they are affecting you, like your dreams etc,. The way I have found that worked for me, (and I know from personal experience, that this type of harassment is the worst) was to develop my own spirituality stronger. That meant my belief system. Also prayer. I also took a long hard look at how I was living, and what it is I might be doing that attracted, and kept them to me. What kind of behaviors was I doing that these things liked? And when I looked at myself long and hard, I found some areas I needed to change for the better. Some way I was allowing them authority. What could be that? Evil. What evil was I doing? It could be anything of a moral character that you may not be living up to. I'm only giving you what worked for me. It was pure hell. I asked forgiveness of my sins, and asked for help in being made aware of my behaviors that may be attracting and keeping these evil things around me. And I was shown areas of my life I needed to work on, and they stopped having the ability to do as they please and left. They creep back once in a while when I'm not doing right. But they leave as soon as I rectify what it is I'm doing that is opening up to them.
Forgive me, I am just confused. So it is a dark entity pursuing me? What exactly does that mean?
You may wish to try a homeopathy like pulsatilla it helps with changes in female Teens.
I had this same confusion and state of not understanding as you. I am clairvoyant. I go to bed some nights, and let's say I dream of a purple and green polka dotted sock on a set of carpeted stairs, okay? Well... I wake up the next morning and go to a friend's house; what do you know? The same sick is there! I once dreamed of my sister getting locked out of the house months before it actually happened! This has been going on since I was a little girl and got more dramatic when my grandmother fell ill. I went to see her in the hospital, and I had an "experience" without even being asleep. I knew that she was going to die before it happened, and there was nothing that I could do about it. A week later, she died of an aneurism. It's been two years since then and my abilities have quieted down quite a bit.

I inquired a friend about my troubles when I heard that she had night-terrors. She has always dreamed of how, when, and where someone is going to die. Apparently, the trait has been passed down amongst her family members for generations. They call it a blessing from God. And the group of people "blessed" with the ability are the most precious children of God.

Or Guardian Angels.

Now, I know what you are thinking: that is some severe bull crap; I thought the same when I had first heard about it. But that all changed a few days ago.

Recently, my "gift" has come back. It's been little things so far, but I am worried that I may see a future that I do not wish to see. I met up with my friend again and she brought her other friend with her. She was also clairvoyant, but she could see past events whereas my friend and I could see future events (my friend's ability so far only being limited to death).

Apparently, Guardian Angels can not see the future or past of other Guardian Angels; another interesting fact I learned in our session along with some very grave information.

Changing the future comes with a large price. A very heavy payload. My friend recently lengthened the life-span of someone that she had met around a month ago. Now, she is ill. Very ill.

I didn't think anything of it until recently, of course. Once, I had changed the future that I saw. I got pneumonia and a two week hospital visit.

Guardian Angels are like the living dead. We see things we want to prevent, but sometimes, there is nothing that we can do about it.

My friend has known of her best friend's death for a long while. (This best friend obviously not me). According to her visions, she is going to die sometime within the next year or two. Her mother may die in the next few months, or maybe in the next few years. It is near impossible to get an exact estimate since clairvoyancy is a fickle "gift".

Point is, there is nothing that she can do to warn them. Every time she has tried, the universe has prevented her from doing it. Another thing is that if she tried to tell, they may try to change their own future and wind up with a worse fate.

According to her ancestors, Guardian Angels are the only ones who can change the fates that they see.

The issue with this is that the universe wants to prevent this. Some measures are necessary so as to not create a paradox, others can be surpassed with great difficulty. The consequences for doing these things are great, and they may result in the clairvoyant one's own death.

They call this a blessing from God, but my friend and I both believe that this is a curse.

We don't want to see our loved ones die over and over and over again! So we will try our best to stop it. At the expense of our health and future if need be. We will stay alive as long as possible to save others.

Long story short: use your gift wisely. Saving others is dangerous, but well worth it.
To person23 if you can post your own story.
Stating the scenario of your physical medical history. Plus why you believe you gave an attachment. Do not post on this person's story.

All replies area a thread by subject if the individual member.
What this appears to be is a dark entity which pursues you.

I had the same thing for years when I was a youngster. It stopped when I faced it in my dream. My life changed
And I had a POS out look in life.

A normal attachment can affect our personality when we are awake. You make no mention.

With an attachment it can intrude in our sleep but we are aware if it's presence. It drains our energy and affects us so we do not feel like our normal self.
We notice it is separate from us and a separate being. Attachments are-catagorised as hard,fluid/spirit and discarnate souls that can afflict us. If they affect our sleep upon awakening we know it is poking at us upon awakening.

So to sum it up you do not have a spirit attachment.
The voice is probably you picking up on the entity trying to communicate with you in attempts to get you to stop detaching itself from you. I wouldn't stress about it too much, it's pretty common to experience. I'd use it as a sign that what your doing is working and to continue being vigilant with what you do.

Since it's an childhood experience that most likely attracted itself to you, then it's most likely attached the emotions and thoughts/opinions you had during that experience. Those types of things are tricky to let go of, accept, and move on from. It is very possible though. To be honest with you I just discovered this was a thing recently (monthish recent). I have had an negative energy persistenting to be a hindrance and make me vulnerable and weak since middle school (bad experiences in then). Anyways I'd try the methods I suggested to you already and they did work but there was always some way it held on to me. It turns out it used my lack of communication with my family members as a way to get to me (this probably sounds absurd but negative things don't play by the rules. Pretty sure they don't have any rules either lol). In middle school I kept to myself because I felt that I couldn't talk to my family about what was going on and how I felt. That right there made things even more painful than the experience needed to be.

My point in telling you that was to say that since I figured out what that entity kept holding onto, I began to defy it there. I've learned that I can actually talk to my family about what I felt I couldn't before and that I can actually trust them. I'm also slowly but surely letting ago of what happened because the past is called the past for a reason, right?

Ever since I've been communicating better with my family and improving myself I've finally been able to release myself from the hindrance (I refuse to acknowledge that entity as anything more). It's still kind of around me but it's fading/almost gone. I hope this will help you more with the entity your dealing with:3

Anytime! I know what it''s like to be on your own with these experiences and having no idea what to do, who to talk to, and even if what you're doing is effective/right. If I can help it, I want to do whatever I can to make sure no one else has to go through being (and feeling) alone and weak and the whole string of negatives that comes with it.

To wrap up this post, I'm glad that I was able to help you out! If anything else comes up or you want to keep me or the other users on here updated, just post and let us all know:3
[at] keyofallsouls

Thanks! Actually, since I posted this, I've been trying to do as you said... Oddly enough, I was feeling better until, actually right now. When helping my parents out today during work, I took a small break (not like, something remotedly long, perhaps 1 or 2 minutes.) and at that moment, I heard a strange voice, it was distored, it did sound female or at least to me it did, I wasn't able to figure out what the voice was truly saying... But by the tone, it certainly wasn't something good enough. Does this mean something?

And, as for a childhood experience, I think I might have a certain idea of what can be causing this, but let's say, it wasn't exactly a thing I used or didn't use to do, rather, it was an experience.

Anyway, as always, thank you for helping out. I truly appreciate this.
Did you try sending the email to CandyceJ97 [at]
If it's easier for you, I found my old wattpad: PeppermintMaster is the username. I don't write on it anymore but if you want there is a private message function. Take your time, still, Rock, just thought I'd post this in case you wanted to pm after all. Smile
Sorry for the same post twice. I thought I had to post again for it to show. Please delete one of the posts, admin.

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