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Hey all, my names Rachel and I have quite a bit of experience with the psychic world, but more along the world of ghosts and spirits in the sense that I see them, feel them, and hear them very often, and I am very, very clairaudient. I am 14 years old and grew up (er, well still am:P) in Arizona.

I dream things that come true in small amounts or on full scales, and I often have dreams that center around my room and my bed and when I wake up what's happening in my dream will be happening in real life around me, usually with spirits. If I have a dream where a ghost is talking to me, I have been known to wake up and see the ghost laying in bed with me or sitting by my door.

I love to write, and have written about things that have happened to people (One was one of my characters, I had her all planned out and all her characteristics listed and I even drew her out, and then I met her in real life... That was strange... And I wrote about that same character having a dream that somebody on this website actually had.

I see auras everywhere I go, and its probably my favorite thing in the world.

And lastly, I am working on my pyrokinetic ability which I seemed to have picked up very easily, being able to heat parts of my body when I'm cold, or a certain object, and helping a flame grow larger or smaller.
And I really want to learn to contact my guide, but I don't know how.

If you have any advice on these matters it would be greatly appreciated, because I could always use help!

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End Of The World Dreams on 2010-09-22

I would like to say that I really really hope these are dreams and not visions. People say that if you have repeating dreams, or dreams with the same theme then your mind is trying to tell you something that you wouldn't normally know. And my dreams have come true before... For a few months now, ...

Ghost Pushes on 2010-09-22

I have had experiences with spirits for years now. But just in the last few months, its gotten worse. Instead of just seeing them, I now hear and see flashes. Another new thing is that they can physically touch me. Starting over the summer, I heard a scream when I was just falling asleep, the sou...

Screaming, Dreaming, And Names on 2010-09-20

My name is Rachel and I'm 14 years old. I have another story about ghosts, but there's been some new, terrifying experiences lately. First off, id like to say that I see ghosts, flashes of colors (which I have learned that what that is is flashes of spirits), and hear them frequently. I have been ab...

Theres Something Strange In The Neighborhood on 2010-08-03

My name's Rachel and I'm 14 years old. I can see ghosts and am pyrokinetic and (mostly) love having these gifts. This story is about the ghosts, though, and not the pyrokinesis. I saw my first ghost when I was really little. I was walking to my moms room after a bad dream and there was a woman sitti...

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Date: 2011-04-03
this has happened to me once, a while ago. I was aboard the ship the Queen Mary, supposedly a very haunted ship (which it is, I have seen them) and I was sitting awake after hearing a commotion, and I heard the intercom (which doesn't work) say "You need to call 66666..." I didn't thinnk much of it, but I boarded a cruise the next morning and the intercom came on and said "You need to call 666666" and now whenever I think of the number 6 I get a strange feeling.
do you have any ways to contact your spirit guide? I used to try meditating and thinking that I needed help so spirits couldn't hear me, and only the spirit guides would (I heard that worked but it didn't for me) and I would really like to get in touch with them. I too have panic attacks all the time, and maybe whoever my spirit guide is can help me get over that!
i see shadow people all the time, along with regular ghosts and orbs. I get the same feeling when I don't see them too! I wake up terrified out of my mind and I kknow I have to get out of that room NOW. If you want, it would be great if yoou could email me, id love to share stories and I might be able to help you.
My email is musicroxmylife13 [at]
i know this isn't really the point, but my friend and I kind of did some research with people with psychic ability, and found out that depression really triggers powers. We both suffered from it before we got our elemental abilities and asked everyone who wecould find that had abilities.
thats true... I have a connection with ghosts and my mom wants to get my house spiritually cleansed and make them g away and its tearing me apart... I'm sorry:/
you sensed a ghost before you had that dream right? Because I have a thoery that ghosts bring on bad dreams. Everyone I know that sees ghosts have terrible dreams, including myself.
he might be a demon... That's always possible since he wants you to do something to harm you
Date: 2010-09-29
thank you all.
My mom decided that if I don't get over with communicating with them soon, shes going to have someone come in and do a spiritual cleansing because she thinks theyre attached to the house and not here for other reasons (unlike what I think)
So do you have any good ideas to communicate with them?
Date: 2010-09-28
see that's what I thought at first, that it was just another of my bad dreams, but I was talking to somebody else from this sight, who has the same experiences with ghosts as me, and we were discussing dreams, and she and I had a dream that was exactly the same, except she was with her friends where as I was with mine. And they were different settings.
Thank you all for your comments! Theyre helping me alot!
Date: 2010-09-25
sounds like youre pyrokinetic, like me. Try meditating in front of your favorite candle, and when you finish, have the candle grow bigger or go out:)
i didn't mean that the dreams have spirits in them, but I know about three people who started having crazy nightmares after they came in contact with spirits.
it should be musicroxmylife13 [at]
Sorry I forgot the numbers last time
i am clairaudient also! For the past week I havnt been able to get any sleep because its gotten to the point where they don't want me to sleep... It sounds crazy, but if I start to fall asleep, they make noises or yell my name or gasp or something to keep me up. A couple nights ago I heard talking in my corner between a man and a woman, and I could also visualize the woman. And when they noticed I could hear them, the woman gasped and they stopped talking.
And remember, if you want them to stop just ask:) they don't listen to me when I command them, but if I ask nicely to be left alone just for the night, they stop:)
Good luck!
If you want to contact me, my email is musicroxmylife13 [at]
Date: 2010-09-24
hey there. I am 14 too and I have been seeing ghosts since I was really little- like 3rd or 4th grade. Though, it really exploded these past few years and I grew clairaudient (which means I hear that world too) and its always around me. I have a couple stories on these experiences if you want to read them:) also, talking to friends really does help. If they are your true friends they will believe you. 2 of my best friends actually have abilities too, so I can always express myself to them. But you have to remember that I found out my friends are like that because one of us had to bring it up. Be brave! And very good luck to you!
okay, I have a theory about dreams being related to ghosts. I know they don't sound like they go together, but you are the 4th person that is connected with ghosts and has terrible and real feeling dreams.
[at] amaz0n I seriously got the chills when I read about your dreams, because that is the exact same thing that happens to me... And I actually have woken up bruised before which was very odd...

[at] xtonguetiedterrifiedx hey there. I actually figured out what this is called, its clairaudience, and I would be happy to talk to you guys about it. My email is musicroxmylife [at]
i get that ringing too. And I think that JohnGriffiths theory might be right, because I actually have terrible hearing when I talk to people, but when it comes to clairaudient things, I hear them perfectly well. I also hear really high pitched things better than regular voices.
thank you two very much. I havnt seen the woman for a really long time. And now, my ability has exploded out of my control, and I am constantly hearing and seeing them. So that means that everything didn't dissapear! Yay!but, ironically, it is too much now!
Also, do you see flashes of color? Because that could help you determine if they are good or bad. White, blue and yellow flashes are good, black and red are bad.
Sorry if you don't see the flashes, because this post wouldn't really help!
But good luck with the ghosts! I hope you figure everything out! And if you find out anything exciting, keep me posted with a comment on my story!
are your dreams good or bad?

I have realized that most mediums, including myself, have very realistic, terrifying dreams where you are still in pain after you wake up if you were hurt in it. I'm not sure if this is a proven thing, but I want to see if this theoory is correct.
Thanks so much.
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