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Intuition Speaking Through Dreams on 2017-01-01

I've had quite a few experiences where I have had dreams that 'tell me' things. For example, it can be that I will encounter someone I haven't seen for a while, that I need to do a certain task, or people's past experiences. Something odd I've noticed too is that when I have a dream that ends up 'te...

Would You Consider This As Empathy? on 2010-11-16

I have always been a bit intuitive, but lately I have realized I may be empathic. My mother and I are very good at "reading" people and recently I made the connection to having empathy. I have also realized that when other people are feeling extreme emotions, like sadness or grief, I tend to feel li...

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AriesMohindi, thank you so much for all of your suggestions. I'll be sure to look into Sylvia Browne. 😁
Thank you guys very much for replying and providing me with your email addresses and guidance.

Carriwill, my email did not get through to you. Is your email meant to be rcarriwill[at]

Hey, thanks for asking. Unfortunately, I can't say I have. I actually have something that I really need help with at the moment. I've had a dream, and I'm not sure what to do with it.

How are things with you?
Whitebuffalo: Thanks for your help and the websites! They are very helpful:) I didn't really know there were "types" of empaths before!

Mel33: Thank you, but I sincerely doubt I have done "better" than you. I am 15, and only now have I realised. I would imagine that I should know myself by now, but due to this occurance, I am not so sure. Thanks for the heads up about the energy vamps! I will definately have to research that further.
Thanks a lot for your help Switt!
I tried the meditation and it seemed to work very well, I didn't feel as drained as I normally do. I will have to work on it though. Good luck for yourself too!
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