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Paranormal Experiences on 2008-06-02

I guess these things started happening a few years ago, maybe when I was 10, and I'm currently 14. It started with me having deja vu every once in a while through dreams (ex: my friend falling and scraping her knee or elbow in front of her house, someone getting hit by a dodgeball during recess, pas...

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Date: 2008-06-07
I'm sad to say, but I've lost contact with him quite some time ago. I had contacted him via internet and while him and I were chatting, he sensed Tom, the spirit, and he sensed my fear of him. The next thing I knew, Tom disappeared. After that, I couldn't find my psychic friend anymore. But he's the one who told me of my capabilities and has inpired me to believe in myself when using these skills.
And I don't think (but I could be wrong) that the spirits are the spirits of my schoolmates, or atleast not most of them.
Also, I only truly saw Tom once, and he looked demonic. It scared the hell out of me, because I had turned around one day, and there he was, right in my face, smiling a creepy smile. Then he was gone, but he hadn't left. That's when my psychic friend stepped in.
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