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Hecate is a Natural Born Gifted Psychic, Clairvoyant and Medium Consultant with 22 years experience.

Her first Psychic Experience happened when she was 4 years old. As a Psychic her skills include:

Precognition - future sight

Retrocognition - past sight

Clairvoyance - the ability to see spirits

Clairaudience - the ability to hear spirits

Clairsentience - the ability to sense spirits

Spirit Channeler - the ability to channel spirits

Remote Viewing - the ability to see physical objects from a distance.

Hecate has been giving others insight into their Relationships, Career and Money since she was 11 years old. She has always used her abilities to comfort, guide and advise those who feel lost trying to find the way to their future path.

Hecate can also help you explore your Past Lives and gain a deeper understanding of how issues from your previous lives effect your present.

Hecate has read for people worldwide and has helped connect many people to their loved ones who have passed on from the physical world.
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psychic attacks or psychic vampires are very different than people walking along taking energy from one person to another. Lol... Some people get OTT on this paranormal and psychic experience interest and don't understand what the terms mean.

It's like for e.g. A person could say that they were being psychically attacked by another person, but it has been well documented in books that psychic attacks are really spirit or should I say ghost attacks, where a ghost will take energy from someone to be able to manifest itself or tap or knock to get someone's attention. A friendly non aggressive ghost will only take what it needs to preform these acts. While a negative aggressive ghost could try to drain your energy significantly if you can't properly protect yourself.

As for psychic vampires, its not a case of a person who like the 'Hollywood Movies' vampire will suck you dry or try to kill you, or leave you with little energy. The majority of under-developed intuitives, psychics or mediums are rarely aware of the act psychic energy drain.

Psychic Vampires are people with low psychic energy, it is more of a spiritual attack than a physical attack though a person who has had energy taken from them by a psychic vampire can sometimes feel physical symptoms but it depends on the type of person. Alot of times these psychic vampires don't even realise there doing anything to anyone.:)
I honestly think its a bit early in your development for someone to say to you that your 'a medium'. There are so many different types of abilities related to mediumship. There are only probably about 2 or 3% of ghosts which are violent or negative ghosts within each country. So its very weird that with little un-trained ability you could so easily pick up this supposed negative ghost. I mean from what you said there was no communication between you and the ghost which is abnormal for anyone with any kind of medium ability.

I mean it is weird that someone with undeveloped ability could pick up so much from a ghost they never communicated with back and forth, and screaming usually doesn't scare ghosts away, sorry but in my experience I find your story hard to believe.

Your an un-developed intuitive that was experiencing and picking up things that a fully developed psychic medium would be experiencing. It look like to me with all the information you had on this supposed animal attack man that if this even actually happened you had prior knowledge of this, so that is a metaphysical ability starting.

Sorry to be so blunt but I see no point in pretending to be more than you are, and being able to do more than you can.

Lots of people think that being psychic or a medium is somehow more special than any other skill or ability. The truth is that being psychic or medium is not very different from being a plumber, joiner, teacher etc. It just different abilities and different skills but every human being is special and has a special gift, whether that's being a good listener, a loving partner, a good friend everyone is special and therefore a person doesn't need to expand the truth or make up a story to feel special.

Just my 2 cents worth. Sorry if its too blunt, but it just the honest truth in my personal opinion. Others may not agree but that's there right. I could be wrong!:)
I'm a professionally paid psychic medium consultant. I don't do very many free readings these days - 3 per week and my quota is usually booked up. The free site I read on can usually be found if you google 'Psychic Hecate', unfortunately I don't have the time to offer as many free readings as I would like to any more, sorry.


If you've had dreams that have had things happen before then what you have is precognition. The more you have of one particular dream, is usually a sign of the more likely hood of a possibility of a situation happening more than any other.

If it is not your life that you are dreaming about then it is not your place in my personal and professional opinion for you to interfere in another's life path that is overstepping your reason for being here.

It doesn't matter whether it's friend or family, you have to let people make the right decisions for themselves. You can't make up your mind to interfere directly unless your meant too.

In this instance if all your efforts don't seem to be working on this person to stop them from the situation, then you need to realise that their is such a thing as fate and destiny and that this may just be the path that this person's life is meant to go.

You should never use the psychic gifts you are given to give you an advantage over others in your life, that is wrong in my personal opinion. Sorry if I seem too blunt or harsh but I believe in giving the straight up truth to people no matter what.:)
Hi Rhea,
I understand completely what your going through dreaming about family or friend's deaths can be a horrible experience. I know that precognition is exciting to others but when your going through it, it quite a different story isn't it.

What you describe is actually precognition and not premonition. Premonition are waking dreams, images that flash in your mind during day time hours that come to pass. While precognition is when you have dreams at night that come to pass are called precognitive dreams or future sight dreams as some refer to them as.:)
Date: 2009-07-16
Your experience really made me look twice at your story as that experience was in some ways the beginning of my psychic life I had a precognitive dream about a relative who wasn't ill but I saw her die in a precognitive dream. I knew where the body would be found, what exactly she would be wearing when her body was found and what she died of and I was 4 years old at that time.

That feeling of a child that can believe that by somehow seeing something that actually happened makes the child believe they made it happen. You thought, I thought it. Many psychic children feel like that the first time they realise their not like their peers. Like your family my family didn't see anything wrong with the way I was, my abilities where treated as normally as my being left-handed was treated normally. My psychic abilities were no big deal in my family and it was a good and supportive way for a psychic child to grow up in.:)
If you dream had been about someone actually dying in your dream, then depending on what you dreamed it may or could have been related to a psychic ability. But, your dream of teeth falling out has in my opinion nothing whatsoever to do with psychic abilities or experiences.

Your dreams where not about the people who died, there was nothing in what you said you dream was in anyway related to a precognitive or premonition experience. So, no in my personal opinion your dream was not a psychic experience or a glint of psychic ability.

Everybody dreams every night its how you get to deep sleep. Its also how a person works through the problems that happen in their every day life. Not every dream or even one dream that the majority of people has can be put down to psychic dreaming, precognitive dreaming. It would be a 'wow' factor if that was actually the case that every dream a person had or even one dream a night from each person was a precognitive dream. But, that's now how things are and it's not how psychic experiences are for the majority of people in the world.

With the growing interest and popularity of the paranormal and psychic abilities, it understandable with the growing interest that people want to be involved and have a story to tell of their own psychic or paranormal experiences.

But people have to realise that feeling sensitive or over sensitive about a situation doesn't mean a person is empathic, or if you seen a ghost a few times doesn't make a person clairvoyant or a medium.

If a person can see and communicate with that ghost, and have them communicate back to them. Then take the information the ghost gives them and can get the information validated then that is clairvoyance.

Its one thing to think you have psychic abilities or experiences, the reality is that without physical proof of those abilities what you think or say doesn't matter. It's only fantasy unless you have solid proof of those psychic or paranormal experience or psychic ability and that is the truth.

So, in a long winded way I just want to say that not every single thing is a psychic experience, a paranormal experience or something that means or makes you think your psychic or have psychic abilities. In the sceptical world we live in, its all about facts not fantasy fiction, and physical proof not just words.

Sorry, if this rains on anyone's parade, but its the truth. It's what I have learned about the psychic and paranormal over the 22 years I have been doing psychic and medium readings, and what I have learned since the age of 4 when I first became aware I was precognitive.:)
To be honest this does sound a bit like psychic ability though I feel that you where drawn to that picture and that wasn't just random. I think that you probably could almost see a face, the color of your aunts hair in the picture, or even see parts of a dress before you started to check out the pictures. From what you've said I would say that you have some psychic ability that is at the very early stages.
Date: 2009-03-04
I tend to disagree with Taylor. As a Remote Viewer and Psychic Medium with 22 years experience I do not believe that what you have described is Remote Viewing or Psychic Ability, it doesn't sound like either. Perhaps just a bit intuitive maybe.:)
Date: 2009-03-04
Sounds to me as if your an empath. That ability in particular can cause a lot of stress and upset to the empath who is feeling all these emotions. The best thing that you can to is to learn how to create a psychic shield also know as a psychic barrier. You seem to be in much need of a shield. A psychic shield helps to block out the emotions and feeling of those around you, it puts you back in charge of your emotions and feelings, when your able to block out or to certain degree block out the turbulent emotions and feelings of those around you.

I use to teach psychic development and in particular psychic shields and blocks, I have lots of exercise on psychic shield and how to create them. I can give you some Free exercises on psychic shields and block just give me an email at: psychicmediumhecate [at]


Date: 2009-03-04
Many parents think that there kids have psychic or medium abilities. But the truth is that all kids are very sensitive or tune in to you like to the paranormal world as much the physical world. The reason for this is quite simple, when your a kid your more open to things because you haven't been conditioned to see the black and white of life - its like many adults all over the world see the world and the things, people, animals, work, school in a black and white mode, rarely do they see the grey and rarely do they live outside the box of belief's that society has condition them to believe.

Kids and teenager especially around the puberty age are very tuned in to the paranormal and psychic world because with kids they haven't been conditioned yet and with the teens and the changes their experiences their sense are very heightened. That's not to say that you fit into either of these categories.

Some children are really psychic, have psychic abilities and many who become readers know how to use their abilities from a early/young age. Usually what I have found in my professional experience is that there is a great different between being highly sensitive, intuitive and being psychic. Although some people may disagree with this, I know that I am not the only professional psychic medium who thinks this way.

I think that your very sensitive, very intuitive but not psychic. I don't mean to hurt your feelings but I think that its better to be bluntly honest with people than to give the false hope that they are something their not.

There's a extremely high paranormal and psychic obsession going on at the moment in society, you can see that through the type of tv show, radio and tv programs and magazine articles. People around the world are obsessed with psychics and wanting to have these abilities. It is an obsession and a dangerous one as there are many people who are taking intuitive experiences and believing them to be psychic abilities, many intuitives who have had a few feelings and dreams that have come to pass and believe them to be premonitions or precognitive abilities. Then they go and stick a sign up and tell people their psychic when there not and read people that they don't have the real psychic ability to read anyone properly. The high psychic sense that you need to read that can tell you whether the person your reading is psychologically stable to get a reading. Intuitives can't sense that and start blindly into doing readings that are dangerous to those they read for.

The sad and morally wrong part of this is that some intuitives long to be psychic, convince themselves they are because they either want the attention, wan't to be famous or do it for the money. Which are three morally and ethically wrong reasons to wanting to be psychic. Being psychic, being a professional psychic is not a job, nor is it suppose to be a 'get rich quick scheme', it is truly a calling and the person that has the calling knows that they are psychic and knows how to use their abilities and what there meant to do with these abilities, meaning they know in their heart and in their soul that it's not about, fame, fortune or attention its about helping others with the gift that was bestowed.

Don't get me wrong Intuitives can be highly sensitive, but an intuitive is like gut feelings that you know something is going to happen, its a bit more than the instincts we as human being all have. The difference would be like an intuitive is a person that has hunches, senses or feelings about things. Its a bit more than or a bit more sensitive instinct that everyone has and uses to make decisions with everyday.

The easiest way and the most honest and blunt way to explain this is to simply say that psychics are like opera singers and intuitives are karaoke singers.

Intuitives can be trained to be or can teach themeselves to be more intuitive but not psychic.

To see a ghost does not mean a person is psychic, its if they communicate with them and they communicate with you, then that is considered mediumship. Near every human being in the world can say that at one time in their life they had a paranormal experience, a dream that came true or concious or unconcious thinking of a person only to have them phone. Most people can guess whose ringing them because a lot of people know who call their house regularly - if that person is in anyway sensitive or intuitive then they'll be able to know whose ringing, still it doesn't mean a person is psychic.

I don't say this to be mean or harsh but I don't believe in sugar coating the truth, I believe in being bluntly honest with people. False truth and lies cause hurt and trouble in the long run. I hope you understand


Psychic Hecate:)
Hi Rick,
It sounds to me like you have premonitions as well as precognition. Although it is not the regular thing for someone to have both of these gifts, it does sometimes happen that a person can have both. Having both precognition and premonition can be a little scary and cause the human mind some stress and anxiety.

This is normal for some with these two gifts which can be similiar but are different.

I have written an article on this site on precognition and premonitions, reading it may help to understand what these gifts are and how they work together.

I would be happy happy to help you with questions on this matter, anytime. My msn id is psychic_hecate [at] and my yahoo id is psychicmediumhecate [at]

Please feel free to contact me and I'm sure that I can help you with this ๐Ÿ˜

Many Blessings

Psychic Hecate
Date: 2007-08-12
Hi Sarah,
After reading your post it is my professional opinion that your son posses psychic ability.
Everyone is born with a certain level of intuitiveness but there is a great difference between psychic ability and intuitiveness. Intuitiveness is that gut instinct that everyone on the planet has; it is the instinct that helps all human beings makes decisions but it is like the bottom rung of the ladder in as far as psychic abilities is concerned. An easier way to explain the difference between intuitiveness and true natural psychic abilities is this, someone who is intuitive is like a karaoke singer while those born with the natural
psychic ability are opera singers and there you have the difference.

From the information you have provided on your son it appears to be what is called a natural born, a natural born is a person that is born with abilities which appear in early childhood. The abilities are very strong in the sense that the natural born child is able to see, hear, sense and communicate with spirits easily. They are sometimes even able to have precognitive dreams (future dreams/visions), and as I said the abilities tend to show up in early childhood usually between the ages of 4 to 10 years old.

The best way to help your child with these gifts is to listen to your son when he tells you these things, let him know that you believe him and that it is alright for him to be seeing these things. The last thing you want to do is ignore it and pretend it is not happening for your child will become scared of himself and his own abilities. Even at the age of 4 years old you need to show him support with this, if he knows you believe him, he will trust you and tell you everything that he sees hears and senses. This way he will grow up to be a happy and healthy child who just happens to be psychic, His abilities will become as normal as learning to tie his shoes and they will natural develop as he grows into a teenager and then a young man.

My advice and opinions donโ€™t just come as my professional experience, but also from personal experience. I was a child who was born with natural psychic ability; I became aware of my psychic abilities when I was 4 years old with a precognitive future dream. I began seeing, hearing, sensing and communicating with spirits when I was 6 years old.
I have 27 years now on me as a person with psychic and medium abilities; Iโ€™m 31 years old and have been a psychic, clairvoyant and medium reader for 20 years.

If you would like to ask me any other questions on this on anything else about psychic abilities in general, please feel free to contact me here, or at psychicmediumhecate [at]

I hope this has helped you to understand a little better.

Many Blessings

Date: 2007-06-22
Hi John,
I think in this instance 'control' is the wrong word to use. For psychic abilities are something that we are never fully in 'control' of what we see, sense, feel, hear etc... We get what we get, or pick up, receive what information or images that were suppose to get.

I think and correct me if I'm wrong, you need firstly to understand your abilities and what they all are. Then the next step would be work on developing, and working on your connection to spirit, getting comfortable and confident with your guides.

Making the most use out of you psychic abilities to help others is not something that can happen over night. It takes time and as 'Aramasamara' said "their is a natural flow" or process if you like, you will get more focused and greater use from your abilities, when it is time for you to do so.

Many Blessings

Psychic Hecate ๐Ÿ˜
end of psychic article