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Uncomfortable Psychometry Experience on 2017-12-16

I have been an empath since I was a child. I'm a female in my 40s. For the past several months, I have noticed my clairsentience or psychometry abilities becoming more pronounced. I have been better at discerning loving energy flowing to my heart as well as not so good energy when touching an object...

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Thank for your comment. I will ask my Guides and Angels for more insight into this. ❤
Thank you for your insight! I needed that objective viewpoint. I hope this will be a rewarding phase for me. 😁 I feel more confident in knowing that these feelings are mine and more controllable.
Thanks for posting this. I have similar experiences. I am now realizing that my behavior and interests have changed over the past year or so mainly because of the company I have been keeping. For the most part I try to stay friends with spiritually minded people, but had a hobby of social dancing that ended up having a bad effect on me as an empath. I was picking up the low vibratory thoughts, feelings, and petty behavior they had. I never would have acted like that in the company of my other friends who would shun that behavior in people. I couldn't figure out why I was so exhausted an filthy with other people's jealousy and hatred. It is true I think that the aura/vibrations of others can influence your own--even when I try to shield myself, my tendency is to help people and mimicking perhaps was my way of being able to understand them. I had to take a break from that atmosphere and people. It took time, but I was getting back to normal. I've been learning more about lower/darker vibrations. I believe that dark energy wants to stick to something. It will eventually overpower if the person or thing does not "recharge" with Divine light. I know better now to really take care of myself as an empath. Even if you can't see these people coming who have problems and you end up picking something up, just know that you have to give yourself downtime to get yourself back to normal. I haven't figure out a 100% proof way to keep it from happening, but the trade of for being sensitive is to keep working on yourself. Good luck with everything! 😁
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