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Vu Thi Nhu Quynh
Viet Nam
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What Do Other People Think And React About Your Ability? on 2012-05-14

I'm from Vietnam and I have to say that my country is not very modern. In another country like US or UK, it may be normal to have a special ability and there are a lot of people like us, who believed and help us when we suffered from difficulty in control an ability. But there are also a lot of peop...

Did The Spirit Steal My Ability? on 2012-05-08

I had just discovered that I am telepathic a week ago. I can control it but it's still weak and sometimes when I got tired it would gone for a while until I relaxed or went to sleep. I wanted to developed my ability so I went to this website. Someone in this site had written a story about chakras an...

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