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I've Seen My Death on 2017-11-29

I've been sensing my death approaching for the past year. I'm just 21 years old and completely healthy, and if my death were to come any time soon, it would be most likely an accident. Before you assume I'm just paranoid (which is normal to assume, and I hope I am this time), I'd like to let you a...

A Burnt Man Is In Love With Me, I'm Worried on 2017-06-01

Before I start, this is NOT a post about dream interpretention. This is about an entity that has been communicating with me mostly through dreams, but often in real life as well. I also want to mention that I've spent a few years practicing astral projection and communication with the dead, as these...

Ghost Of Burnt Man, In Love With Me? (part 2) on 2017-02-02

I need help with something I am experiencing. I posted about the same entity back in October. I've had experiences with ghosts and spirits for as long as I can remember. Recieving "messages", sensing them, hearing them, sometimes even seeing them. But this is something that has never happened to m...

Burned Man In My Dreams, In Love With Me? on 2016-10-13

This has been bugging me for a while and I wanted someone to help me understand what is going on. I've always had dreams of being attacked. Stabbed, shot, burned alive, chased, etc. Those dreams used to bother me a lot when I was younger, but in the past 3 years they had almost stopped. In the p...

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Date: 2017-12-30
Mr Riggs thank you for all your advice and the time you took on it.
The visions began at least half a year before the entity came back, he had been with me for as long ago I can remember until he suddenly stopped when I was a kid and only came back last year, changed and feeling differently about me.
He often tells me to never think or ask anything about my death and tries to stop negative feelings by literally numbing me. He was also ready to move on very recently but decided to stay.
I'm not trying to justify him and I've learnt to trust nobody in my life but I'm sure he's not the problem in all this, still I appreciate the time you took to write your comment.
Date: 2017-12-01
Thank you ThulsaDune. I'm always trying to stay positive, I just needed to talk about this. Perhaps you're right.
Date: 2017-11-30
Maybe you're right, I can't be 100% sure about anything.
Also it's good that you can talk to your mom about it:)
I talk about my precognition dreams to my mom sometimes. She often didn't take it seriously until I dreamt my grandfather had advanced cerebral cancer. Well, guess what happened...

Anyway thank you very much for your comment!
[at] gthlvrmx Hello, I read your email and replied:) Thank you.
Pennies4U, I'm two months late but I wanted to thank you for your reply. We seem to think alike.
[at] Εmotionlessthug:
1) It happens quite often, and most of the time it turns out it meant something.
2) I get two or more vivid dreams every night, but I only remember half of them. When I don't remember them, I just remember how I felt.
3) All of the dreams that include him have many things in common, such as that they always take place in the same universe.
4) Yes, those dreams always have some things in common with reality.
5) Yes, I often see people that I know in real life, but they are not many.
6) Not really.
7) Coincidences and feelings of deja vu happen to me all the time, many times per day.
8) I've always heard ringing in my ears, it sounds somewhat like static. It gets louder sometimes. I'm trying to figure out what it is, but I've heard different opinions from different people and I don't know what to believe.
A few details to have in mind:
The man is around his 30's, wears a bright red shirt, has a deep and calm voice and always looks depressed but smiles to me sometimes. This iris of his eyes is pale like that of a corpse or a blind person, but he can see. He only has teo holes for ears.
I've always had pyrophobia (fear of fire), and fear of burned faces.
I'm a woman.
I'm going through changes (both good and bad) and lots of pressure in ny life right now.
I often practice astral projection and communicating with all kinds of energy.
There's nothing to continue, because there is no fight here. And I'm not pretending to be all high and mighty, I just don't fight with people on the internet, because it's pointless. That's all. Sorry if something I said bothered you.
Well Cattydee, I'm sorry but if you expect me to take you seriously and start a fail fight on the internet, you're completely wrong. And I do have a life, don't worry.
No, Cattydee. What I have written is not gibberish. I've spent years studying the paranormal. It's okay if you don't see things the same way as me, but learn to respect other people's opinion, the years they have spent studying something, and the time they took to write the ''extremely long'' answer you mentioned. My answer was extremely long because I wanted to help Amberrae95 understand what is going on in their house. And it doesn't concern you at all, so mind your own answer and opinion, please.
Congrats! I've gained a little bit of that power since I began practising Electrokinesis... You could also try to practice Electrokinesis. Since you can work so good with energy, I guarantee you that Electrokinesis will be much easier for you to master!:)
First of all, you'd like to search on Google about the Kinesis powers. Choose the one you think is more appealing to you, and then search on Google how to practice it, you'll find a bunch of helpful websites! That's what I did. Hope this helps!
Projecting electricity out of your body is the hardest part (and possibly the only hard part) of Electrokinesis, but also the most important part. It's hard to explain exactly how to do it, that's something you must figure out on your own. But, visualise the electrons in your hand. Visualise them getting all jumpy and excited, and try to actually feel them. Practis this technique (Sparking) for a few months. You will be able to project electricity out of your hand in no time, and remember to not get disappointed and believe in yourself!
You are most likely an Electrokinetic. Try to practice Electrokinesis, you will get stronger, and you will be able to control electricity around you, and electrical stuff won't go fuzzy when you approach it, unless you do it on purpose! And yes, one of the side effects of Electrokinesis is that you will soon start sensing or seeing energy, which can make energy easier for you to control. People in their teenage years, and mostly girls, have a lot of energy within them, making it easier for them to perform Kinetic activities by accident, especially if for some reason they are all stressed out or angry most of the time. Just remember to take advantage of that gift! Good luck!
First of all, I'm really sorry about your loss. But you should know that your mom is not gone. She left her physical body, but her energy body is still there. Now let me explain you what is going on in your house: When a person dies, many times they remain trapped in this realm. Sometimes because they haven't yet realised they are dead, and some others, because they have unfinished business here (loved ones, seeking revenge etc.). Your mom was still there even before you first sensed her watching you, but you started sensing her after she had collected an amount of energy from her surroundings. As time passes, and as her energy body collects more and more energy, she will be easier to see/feel/hear/sense. You will eventually feel her touching you more and more frequently. Sometimes she might appear on photos. She will usually appear in your dreams, and she will try her best to guide you in every way she can, whether you are awake or dreaming. Right now, she is struggling to tell you that she loves you and she never left you and your family, but you can't hear her yet. If you are the person with the strongest psychic abilities in your house, a ghost would normally spend most of the time with you. Just know that because you can't see her, that doesn't mean she's gone. She IS still there!
Yes, you are a psychic. And most likely you were born a psychic, which means that you are an Indigo Child. Clairvoyance and the ability to communicate with the dead are the 2 most common psychic abilities one can be born with, because they are the easiest to learn. Make sure that you take advantage of that gift,practice, and don't listen to anyone who says psychic powers are not real, for that will make you lose your psychic powers over the years. Remember to believe in yourself, always!
The traits you have mentioned are some of the most common traits of Indigo Children. I'm an Indigo Child too, and I've always had the same traits as you. You ARE special. Indigo Children are born with at least 1 mind power, but we lose our powers over the years because we listen to everyone that keeps saying "psychic powers don't exist". Most common powers Indigo Children are born with, are Telekinesis, Electrokinesis (not mentioned on the website) and Clairvoyance. I suggest you to start practising a mind power. Most Indigo Children tend to learn mind powers faster than average humans. Then you will understand what's so special about you. Hope this helps.
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