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I Can Empathize on 2016-08-08

Great news! I am an Emapth. You can imagine the water works then as I've read through a few stories on here, trying to figure out where it all fits in to my life. Quick background, I'm 41, married, 3 children, one of which crossed over already and only one still at home. My grandmother passed wh...

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Date: 2016-08-08
You do have the choice to change how you react to things, which is a lesson in and of itself. If you are dreaming of situations, perhaps you should focus on remembering what the dreams are about and if you feel the need to alter the outcome, any slight difference in how you handle it will change the trajectory and the outcome will be different. Even if you normally don't remember that you dreamt the situation until after, if you practice journaling your dreams as you have them, you will be able to recall them and act or react as you see fit, thus enforcing your free will.
There are solutions to every problem, the problem then becomes how much effort is one willing to put forth to solve or rectify what he or she believes is a problem.
When my husband was going through a rough patch, we took a ride one day. We had the windows closed and the AC running because it was summer in Myrtle Beach. We were on a strip of highway that was all fried foods, so no chance of anything else creeping in through the vents. He and I were both crying and all of the sudden the car filled up with his dead grandmother's perfume.
After that, I could tell when she'd been at our apartment watching over him, because the smell would linger there. Oddly, the same day we smelled, his father was taking the dogs for a walk and smelled it in Pennsylvania as well.
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