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I'm 25 years old and from Virginia. I am new to using my gift which was made much stronger recently by meditating. As a child I had a near death experience and I feel this increased a gift I already had. I came close to dying a couple days after my grandfather died. After being released from the hospital a month later I saw my dead grandfather. I started having intense nightmares and sleep walking daily. This also came with me being intensly affected by others emotions. I have always been effected by others emotions and energies and the ability to read what people are feeling. I grew up in a house with intense violence against my mother and father and heavy drug use. However through everything I felt that I was protected. At the age of 15 I was offered drugs by one of my parents and it seemed to numb the gifts I didn't understand and helped me block them out. After meeting my husband and getting married I got sober. Which was a life saving decision but I was told by a counselor to do meditation and I feel it awoke everything I had blocked out. I am now using my gifts but looking for direction.
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Abilities Awakened After Meditation And Seeking Guidance on 2016-08-08

As a child I have always been able to read people and their emotions. However after a near death experience my gift became stronger. I actually saw my grandfather that died a day after I almost died. I also had a strong sense of protection. I started having very vivid dreams, sensing things around m...

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Thank-you Lauren. I have started protecting myself with the white light. I will make sure I have pure thoughts and not let negativity creep in. I'm sure there are a lot of new things I will experience and learn while getting more in touch with my spiritual side and what gifts I have been blessed with. Thank-you again for the advice!
Thank-you I will make sure to take a look at it. I appreciate the advice!
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