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I am a 59 year old female wandering spirit. You might find me at home in the UK where I live in a travelling narrowboat during summer months, or you might find me abroad, at sea on an exploratory cruise, exploring the far East, or perhaps just housesitting pets somewhere in Spain. Each of my experiences are unique, never really repeated and always a learning experience.

I am not Psychic, but more Clairsentient, Intuitive and Sensitive to energy than the average person. I can pinpoint injuries on people and animals just by sensing the energy change under my hands (sometimes it is heat from a long healed injury, and sometimes it is a magnetic pull toward active inflammation and painful areas). I have been told, by people who see auric fields (and no vested interest), that I am surrounded by a very bright white light.

I have been a healer (natural healing, reiki, qualified registered massage therapist) amongst other life choices, though I no longer practice except for self and close friends.

After a visit to an Elephant sanctuary in Thailand a few years ago (a life changing experience), I found myself no longer physically able to eat animal products and became a fairly strict vegan. I found that anything from an animal suddenly made me feel unwell (even when I wasn't aware I was eating something from an animal)! I can't explain this, but since I was already gluten intolerant, I figure it is just my immune system? No matter, I feel healthier now than I have felt before. I find now that all meat smells of death to me (sometimes horrific) and am more drawn to animal communication and animal welfare than anything else right now.

I am here on this Psychic Experiences site because I have a few stories that I can share (when I get around to it) and just out of curious interest to see what others have to share.

My grandfather belonged to a spiritualist church and I just feel I am from an intuitive family. My sister and I often have strange experiences of premonitions. Nothing earth shattering happens, but curious coincidences seem to follow me or direct my actions. I feel it is always best to listen to my inner thoughts or sudden insights!
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Premonition Of Danger on 2016-12-14

While I have many, many stories, this is one that stands out for me. About 17 years ago, I lived with a partner who had a teenage daughter whom I got on with quite well. But of course I wasn't her mother so she didn't share all her intimate life with me. She had a few friends but was recovering f...

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I'd say you need some guidance where to channel the gifts you have. Learning to use energy and psychic abilities for good things is more healthy for you than dabbling in the dark arts which can be self destructive. Why don't you contact any meditation groups, reiki groups, spiritual natural healing groups, annimal communication groups, etc., for some reinforcement on how to channel in a good way. It is much more rewarding than what you are currently pursuing. 😁 😁
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