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Dreams With Someone Prior To Meeting on 2017-01-09

I have been able to have peculiar dreams since I've started with this art. I was asked to put them in my Dream Journal but never I was able to know their meaning. I do hope that some of you here could help me out because it is likely, and unavoidably an omen. But before I conclude to such, I need op...

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Light Bringer? You mean the Morning Star? The Fallen one?
We do share the same abilities... I mean, I remember the last time we ate at McDonald's, the place was really cold. We were talking about some thing and when we like took a break from talking, I "heard" her say it's cold in my head. It was so loud I really thought she said it out loud. I asked her what she said and that's when I realized she has not said anything for the past seconds. We're kind of bound to each other, in some way. She's a taker and I'm a giver. Both of us share something, and protect each other from "somethings" but yeah, Twin Flame might explain it... That's different from soul mate, right?
I believe what you had is what we call premonitions, or warnings. I understand you're a skeptic. So there will be a lot of discussion. LOLS. Anyways, if my memory is correct, such occurrences in a dream can be substantial to your recent memory or experiences or feeling/emotions. Dreams are create by the subconscious mind <obviously you know this, lols>

In the esoteric sense, dreams are in the astral dimension. It's a state where your "sleeping self" <many called it astral body> travel through this dimension. In the Astral Dimension, there are levels and the time difference in that dimension is sort of ahead of reality. You had them as detailed and vivid, it can be that you had a level of seeing what is to come.

With your grandparents, there weren't direct, rather symbolical.

Dreams may be direct and symbolical... It just a matter of research on how to interpret them.

You can, try to check on esoteric science. This might help you out. I'm not even sure if I had explained it well. LOLS.
With that ability, can you track someone? Like far away from you, and you're able to pull them close to you? Say, you've memorized someone's "scent" in an astral level way and you can pull them to your dreams, or rather manipulate their dreams?
Is there a way to be able to attain the ability to track a person in the astral level? Thanks in advance.
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