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Feeling Energies on 2017-02-13

I am a 15 year old girl. It is been an year since I have realized my psychic abilities. I want to share my experiences with you people so that I can understand them more because I don't know anything about them. In my life until now I have been through a lot, and during this process. When I just kin...

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Hi... I am a skilled Empath, a clairvoyant and have other psychic or spiritual abilities too, i'll tell you later about them... The art of seeing future is generally considered as clairvoyant... The ability in which you can see future in your dreams.
As you have said in your article, I can read minds... I have explanation for this... See you have one ability to see future... And in mostly cases these powers comes with some other powers too... I feel like you have something much more to discover...

What you can do is... Start noticing the patterns... As I have said earlier that these powers won't come alone... There must be more in you yet to be discovered in future... What will help you to discover them is the patterns... And for the patterns you have to calm your soul, MEDITATION IS THE KEY, and after doing meditation for some days patterns will start showing you and you have to understand them... Becz it takes months to understand them... Atart slowly... Take your time

Meditation will also help you in increasing your powers, it will give you control over them so that your powers won't control you.
This is enough for you until now practise meditation in early mourning hours starting from 15-20 minutes to 1 hr... You can increase it later.

This is my instagram account
[at] neha0879
If you need any help messgage me there. 😊 Stay happy beautiful soul, and don't worry you will soon know everything about you 😊
Date: 2017-09-15
Hi... I am an Empath and have other abilities too..., as per your article you feel the sensation on your third chakra... It is advised to mediate daily and make it your routine it will help you, you don't need to worry about these abilities becz it seems like you have some empathetic abilities too... Go ahead with meditation and empathetic prayers, eat food good for your third chakra, keep it clean, it will help. Stay happy. 😊
It is not about that you are shifting continuously your home or someone haven't died in your family in past 30 years.

Sometimes the evil travel with us, or you can say the evil gets connected with us, then no matter what where ever you go you would feel his presence.
I am a medium (people who can feel spirits and energies) and can feel spirits too, and as a medium I am advising you that... That evil whose presence you feel is willing to have control over you. See we are humans, not a paranoid we can easily feel spirits, but feelings them and experiencing a feeling of someone lying beside you are 2 different things. As you say that you would feel it the same way everytime when it happens, so there are chances that there is only 1 evil continuously trying to have control over you.
There is must be something by which he is connected to you, otherwise there are no chances for feeling his presence too close to your body, something you have, some kind thing you have, it would be anything, maybe something you purchased from an auction, or something you found in this house or in any other house from where you used to live, it can be a stone, it can be an amulet, it can be anything but it must be your thing an *old one* not new. Try to think and figure out when all this started, in which home or after wearing or buying which thing. There must be something, which has a strong connection with him (evil) and you are having it as your thing now, that's how the connection would made between you and him.

Now I am mentioning Some things or tips you can do... Before going to slip 1.sprinkle holy water in your room, most importantly in that area where you feel him standing as you say near the door,
2. You can also take help from father (of church) and ask him to bless your room with effective prayers.
3. Before going to sleep sprinkle holi water on your bed too, it would help.
4. Sometimes the evil isn't has any blood relations with us, still gets connected with us in by means of something, try to figure out that thing, this is most important because if you figure out you can stop this.
5. When you figured it out, take that thing to the priest or father they will tell you more.
6. Those things can be anything, a stone or an amulet, or a cupboard left by the people residing before you in your previous homes, or a sofa, a couch or even your bed.
7. Ask your parents from where they purchased you bed, investigate about it, and then go to that shop form they have purchesed it, that shop can also tell you many thing, keep you bed details with you including it's size, an image, the year in which you buy it, etc just try to get as much details as much you can get about the bed.
You will ask him (the shopkeeper) about any family which try to puruchase that bed before you but can't afford it, or any family having a strong affection with that bed before you purchase it, or the person who made it, is he is having any affection with this bed or not?, try to find his address's, it would help you.
It can be chances that if he can make you feel his presence physically he will try to posses you., or maybe he has some kind of affection with you bed. Try to clean your bed deeply and search, maybe there is something hidden in your bed which is connecting him to you.

At last all I want to say try to get as much info as much you can get, that's how you can stop this. Because the more you know that more it will help you.

Stay safe and try to get all info as fast as you can get. 😊
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