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Scratches In My Sleep on 2017-10-29

I have been scratching myself at night to the point that it brings blood. I am looking to see if anyone has ever had experiences where they are scratching themselves at night in their sleep. First, I have no skin disorders or anything like that. I have no logical reason to explain these scratches. I...

Vision Update on 2017-06-29

Back in February I posted a story about a 'dream' I had of a young girl who showed me how she was killed, a visual of where her killer left her body, and she specifically communicated that she wanted her body found. I knew it was her spirit with me. It was different than other 'dreams' I had before....

Dreams Or Obe? on 2017-02-13

I have on multiple occasions experienced dreams in which I am someone else. In these dream experiences, I am a person who is in real need of help out of a situation. These situations are things like being held captive by someone who is a killer. I can see as they see but I still have my own thoughts...

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Date: 2017-07-05
Thanks for the advice. I will use this for sure. I need confidence in making that call as well. I do not want to sound crazy.
Date: 2017-06-29
Update since this 'dream'...
I decided to ask for more information since I couldn't get this out of my head. Every day I would think and wonder who she was, where she was... So I sat down by myself and said to myself or whoever is listening that if I am going to help, I would need to know a name.
The name 'Tracy' popped into my head. I was surprised... So I asked for a last name... This part was not so clear... At first I got 'M' and then 'K'. So I tried to put it together like 'McKay' but instantly I got 'no' pop into my head... After several guesses, I kept getting 'no' I left with that.
I took to the internet and started searching for missing person's by the name of Tracy...
It took very little searching and there she was... Tracy Marie Kroh. She's been missing since the 80's. Except she was a senior in high school, not in college. The girl I saw in my dreams looked like the aged computer picture of her and not of what she looked like when she went missing. What to do now?
Additionally, as a side note I have been scratching myself in my sleep since some time after this... I don't know if it's related or not... I have never done this to myself in my life... Advice please!
Date: 2017-03-07
This is similar to my own experiences. Mine happen when I am asleep. It's through the eyes of other people but a lot of mine are people in trouble. My most recent was that of a young girl who was in college. I was seeing through her spirit. She was showing me how she was murdered and by who. She wanted her body found and she showed me a quick view of where she was left.
I myself am trying to understand what this is. I may not have advice to offer but I can at least let you know that you are not alone.
Date: 2017-03-02
Thank you all for the advice. It has been very helpful. I was just telling my mother about these dreams. I know she has had quite a few visitations in her sleep from family that has passed. I don't think it has been like mine but I can see where I get it from.
My conversation even reminded me of another "dream" I had where a woman came to me and said specifically, that she was going to take Frankie...? I didn't know what that meant, who she was or even who Frankie was?
So I called my mom and told her about it and how odd it was because I didn't know who Frankie was! Well my mom shared with me that my aunt's dog Frankie had just passed a few days prior...
Date: 2017-02-15
Thanks KiKiGirl!
It's difficult talking to other people who don't understand the nature of the information I get and how different it feels than just a normal dream. I have not had these my entire life that I am aware of.
Just the last 3-4 years after a kind of "soul searching". I can only describe it as a major need or ache in my heart to know why I'm here on this planet. A need to know why I'm SO sensitive to everything and everyone around me. I have been trying to learn to "listen" to my guides and any other messages/ information I receive. It's been difficult because I am in school for my bachelor's degree right now and I have not been dedicating time to learning more about myself and my ability to receive.
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