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Experiencing Paranormal But Recently Accepted Myself on 2017-10-21

Even though my story is long I'm still learning about my abilities since my awakening. I hope someone can share their experiences so I can learn even more and not feel alone. I'm not sure where to start in tuning into my abilities on my own. I have gotten use to being watched and followed so it's pr...

Feeling Of Being Watched And Followed on 2017-10-18

I often feel like I am being watched and followed. This is the second home where this has happened to me and paranormal activity isn't at all new to me. Almost a month ago, I had a dream about a lady and in the dream she was alive. In the dream, the lady was going back and forth from the closet in t...

What Could This Dream Means? on 2017-10-14

I am wondering what the meaning of the dreams that I had last night meant. I am still struggling with the fact that my best friend is no longer here. I had a dream while I was sleep of my deceased best friend and it was clear as daylight. In the dream I was with my best friend sitting beside her whi...

Psychic Daydream Seizures on 2017-08-22

I am not aware of many things until recently that is a pattern of continuing events. I have times where it is really quiet, I am alone and I fall into a deep daydream. These daydreams are often lead by body movements and head movements as if I am reacting to a current situation. The situation that I...

Words Popping Up In My Head on 2017-04-24

Words popping up in my head out of nowhere and I end up googling it. Does this happen to anyone else? I can be sleeping in the middle of the night or just sitting here and a word I never heard of pops in my head. A few weeks ago the word "blackball" popped into my mind. I later seen it on a news rep...

Father Forsee A Person Death And They Don't Live on 2017-04-19

I recently had a premonition dream about someone being pregnant and I seen the house the person is connected to. Today I found out that a cousin of mines connected to the house was pregnant. My dad forsees a person death. Over the years he would tell a person if they don't stop doing something such ...

Instant Psychic Visions on 2017-04-03

I'm claircognizance, clairoyvant, channeler and empath. I'm trying to figure out what could be going on. I have instant flashes of something that is going to happen the next day in situations. Last night, I was in the shower and had a instant vision flash. It always feel like I'm daydreaming because...

Electrical Changes Around Me on 2017-02-20

Things seem to be out of whack and I am trying to avoid being pointed more as a weird person that is living out here in America. I can no longer hide anything much longer that has an explanation behind it. I stayed with my Dad and experienced light bulb outages that did not occur with me being at th...

A Medium At 23 on 2017-02-17

I remember growing up I was different than everybody. I basically lived my life blinded as if there was a scarf tied around my head. I was only eight years old in School knowing what is inside the books without looking at it. I came from a home that was a repeated cycle of violence, drugs, and tons ...

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I have always had paranormal encounters. Thankfully I seen shadow figures at the corner of my eye, and not in front of me. I would probably have peed. This guy is a male and a female I think. The room I am sleeping in is the previous homeowner mother who is deceased. I didn't know who she was until she appeared clearly in my dream in this room.
It actually did! Yes it felt like she was still alive in my dream. It even felt like reality. I was even going to call her mom and tell her she wasn't dead she's alive. She was sitting beside me in the dream in an apartment. I'm about to move into an apartment so it's freaky. All the events up to her death and the trial that never happened, replayed itself. We was both on the floor laughing while she was doing homework. She even had braids. I miss my best friend more than anything
Even though this is old Thank you so much for posting this! I often feel watched in the kitchen. Every since I seen the previous homeowner Mom it's been happening. When I leave the room and head towards the kitchen I'm afraid to do anything especially when it's still night outside and it's quiet. I'm afraid of washing my hair. When I wash my hair it feels like someone is standing over me watching me. When I cook breakfast it feels like I'm being followed around the kitchen. Around the house in other rooms is okay but that kitchen creeps me out. I have already had enough paranormal experiences.
[at] katarina and everyone else! It is great to read this! I have several other abilities including remote viewing but I am glad that I meet some people that have this time thing going on. I be knowing what time it is as soon as I get up without looking at the clock and I be spot on. It seems to happen while I am sleep. It is nice to meet people that has this time thing going on. Synchronicity plays a huge part in my abilities.
Date: 2017-10-14
is anyone still active for emails? Peppers I emailed you, I hope I emailed the right person. Have you received anything?
Since I posted here I have discovered a lot including trances and remote viewing. I first gave it a name daydream seizures but I later discovered what I was experiencing. I am beginning to be in tune with my gifts and the other abilities I have as well. I thank everyone for their tips and responses. It is hard being this way because of the fear not being able to be accepted in society.
Date: 2017-10-14
yes my best friend and I am going to see a psychic as well. I have several abilities and can't no longer ignore it. Have you seen a psychic since you posted this?
I was wondering why "concerned about my abilities" popped into my head as I was looking for a topic to put down lol your article already says it. There was also an documentary about this called sleep paralysis
I actually have this ability as well dealing with synchronicity. Words would pop into my head that I am either getting ready to hear or read somewhere. It isn't easy either. I was sitting down one day and a number popped into my head of a plane. I later learned that it was an Air Force plane that had just crashed.
Date: 2017-10-10
I have warning dreams as well. Did anything happen to her? I have multiple abilities myself
Its called Psychic trances... Learn something new everyday
Date: 2017-09-17
Thanks for writing this. I fall into trances out the blue and react as if the event is actually happening. The actual occurrence always happens the next day. The exact same body movement of the person, clothes and words they say occurs the very next day. Once I fall into that trance I see everything like a movie and the next day it happens. I really hate to daydream as well. I understand your fear with your experiences
Its not called psychic seizures. I later learned what this intuitive experience is called. Mediums often experience this
I talked with someone about this and they came up with synchronity I think is the word but you hit the answer dead on. My psychic abilities are ahead of me so a lot of this sneak upon me out the blue so I'm trying to get in tune with this so I know what is what when it does happen so I won't have to second guess myself.
I experienced a spiritual awakening recently but I had abilities long before. The thing is I never had an opportunity to notice it until my awakening. I seen things I wasn't suppose to see because I get hunches to leave the house. I can channel easily.
Date: 2017-04-08
[at] peppers hi peppers your email isn't listed on here. What is it
Date: 2017-04-06
Hi thanks for responding. I am still trying to get use to it especially understanding it. Most of this tends to happen out the blue and it's scary.
[at] kikigirl having gifts can sometime be scary. My spiritual awakening has opened up a lot of realiziations. I am basically woken because I felt sleep all along
[at] ght I have most of the electrical happenings at my father house. The house I'm currently in now (mom) I just hear knocks on the wall and tapping on sheets of paper.
[at] thulsa I've been recently asked about channeling before but I am looking to research more about it. I've been asked that quite a few times. My parents are both Christian and know nothing about it. The decisions to leave the house or any decision now feels like I didn't make them on my own.
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