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Seeing The Shadow Man on 2018-02-07

Have you ever thought the shadow man was standing near you in your mind, but he wasn't physically outside? In my head it is like he is real and he looks scary. My abilities are totally open, but there are new sightings that I am trying to get adjusted to. Imagine someone standing beside your bedroom...

Seeing Apparitions At Night on 2018-01-28

The last time I wrote a post, I was just developing my skills. Today, I am reading people with abilities that I didn't know I had. I am able to see things like a movie, hear the deceased speaking in their voice, able to see a person past, current thoughts, and experience synchronicity. Just imagine ...

Experiencing Paranormal But Recently Accepted Myself on 2017-10-21

Even though my story is long I'm still learning about my abilities since my awakening. I hope someone can share their experiences so I can learn even more and not feel alone. I'm not sure where to start in tuning into my abilities on my own. I have gotten use to being watched and followed so it's pr...

Feeling Of Being Watched And Followed on 2017-10-18

I often feel like I am being watched and followed. This is the second home where this has happened to me and paranormal activity isn't at all new to me. Almost a month ago, I had a dream about a lady and in the dream she was alive. In the dream, the lady was going back and forth from the closet in t...

What Could This Dream Means? on 2017-10-14

I am wondering what the meaning of the dreams that I had last night meant. I am still struggling with the fact that my best friend is no longer here. I had a dream while I was sleep of my deceased best friend and it was clear as daylight. In the dream I was with my best friend sitting beside her whi...

Psychic Daydream Seizures on 2017-08-22

I am not aware of many things until recently that is a pattern of continuing events. I have times where it is really quiet, I am alone and I fall into a deep daydream. These daydreams are often lead by body movements and head movements as if I am reacting to a current situation. The situation that I...

Words Popping Up In My Head on 2017-04-24

Words popping up in my head out of nowhere and I end up googling it. Does this happen to anyone else? I can be sleeping in the middle of the night or just sitting here and a word I never heard of pops in my head. A few weeks ago the word "blackball" popped into my mind. I later seen it on a news rep...

Father Forsee A Person Death And They Don't Live on 2017-04-19

I recently had a premonition dream about someone being pregnant and I seen the house the person is connected to. Today I found out that a cousin of mines connected to the house was pregnant. My dad forsees a person death. Over the years he would tell a person if they don't stop doing something such ...

Instant Psychic Visions on 2017-04-03

I'm claircognizance, clairoyvant, channeler and empath. I'm trying to figure out what could be going on. I have instant flashes of something that is going to happen the next day in situations. Last night, I was in the shower and had a instant vision flash. It always feel like I'm daydreaming because...

Electrical Changes Around Me on 2017-02-20

Things seem to be out of whack and I am trying to avoid being pointed more as a weird person that is living out here in America. I can no longer hide anything much longer that has an explanation behind it. I stayed with my Dad and experienced light bulb outages that did not occur with me being at th...

A Medium At 23 on 2017-02-17

I remember growing up I was different than everybody. I basically lived my life blinded as if there was a scarf tied around my head. I was only eight years old in School knowing what is inside the books without looking at it. I came from a home that was a repeated cycle of violence, drugs, and tons ...

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Date: 2018-02-13
[at] maya please don't email me and others asking for help and posting comments on topics attacking people. Have a nice day
[at] ThulsaDune I sent you an email from my gmail account. Hope to hear from you soon
Date: 2018-02-08
For those that come across this post, I found a written article about what I experienced. I am sorry about the seen misunderstanding
[at] thulsaDune are you still available at that email address? I have plenty of updates for you and would like your help
[at] megan are you still around? I am going to email you on my gmail account shortly about this
Actually the more I keep reading about these shadows the more they seem to appear in negativity. I try to put it off as something I see mentally. There is an evil presence in the next room to me. When I read different posts about these presences they seem to appear when someone is very negative. The person in the next room to me talks on the phone from sun up to sun down, constantly wants to argue, degrade people lives, have completely destructive behavior, create drama all the time, and drains the crap out of my energy. Knowing that I have many abilities, I be so freaking drained. I didn't know at first that these people were called energy vampires. I be so drained around this individual that it feels like depression. When I drive back to Texas from down here in Arkansas, I feel relieved. The weight is even gone. None of what I experience happens again. I am headed back home to Texas in a few days, so I should be fine.
I could have wrote this myself and I experience the same ability along with others. I really hate to hear people talk on the wall in the next room. No matter how loud I turn the music up, I can still hear them talk on the phone. Since my spiritual awakening, I have noticed that I am great at tons of things. I am now on the law enforcement road and these skills are handy. I will be attending Yale University after I finish with this degree in progress. I was always the black sheep of the family. Nobody paid attention to me, they spoke nothing but negative things to me, and everything I ask was crazy to them. I always felt adopted because I had nothing in common with any of my family members. I couldn't find anyone, but my best friend that was proud of my accomplishments in life. Both of my parents only had to me control and abuse me as they pleased. Not once did either of them attend anything in relations to my goals in life. I couldn't even sit down and talk with either one of them about anything. They treated me like a money bag
I have had this happened numerous of times. I can be sleep and I hear a voice I could have sworn was my step-mother. She said "wassup (my name) " and I turned over out of my sleep responding. Nobody was there. I had another occurrence when I clearly heard my best friend calling my name. I woke up and nobody was there and my best friend is deceased. I often hear my name being called a lot of times, but nobody would be there
I am the same way! I have a journal as well since my medium abilities are open. I recently had a premonition about a store about to stop selling CD's and people were mad. Inside of the store, it looked like it could be Walmart, I later found out on Facebook that this was Best Buy that I seen. I see things like a movie and experience synchronicity
Date: 2018-02-07
wolfbeast I sincerely apologize, I didn't understand what you were saying.
Date: 2018-02-07
again I apologize I wasn't understanding because it was a hint not direct. Super sorry
It is very rare you going to find a psychiatrist not telling you that you need to be admitted, but agreeing with you as well. I was born with dreams such as premonition dreams, and visionary dreams. I often go into trances and experience synchronicity to much. The dreams be like plane crashes, kidnappings, news reports, and etc that just pops into my head. I can be sitting here and fall into a daze which is just a start up for a vision about to occur, so I have to write it down. I use to think this was called lucid dreaming. However, since my spiritual awakening and being in tune with my abilities, I discovered that lucid dreaming was in fact nightmares happening when the person is awake. According to research, the trigger that causes this is the person. If you watch a scary movie like Halloween, your mind is going to be triggered. Nightmares are less frightening when conscious than unconscious
I think it's pretty cool how we both share career backgrounds. A girl last night on Facebook was saying she seen the same thing after Halloween last year, but except it followed her. Her response was directed to a paranormal group question. I have seen many people who played with these boards and things went left. Be lucky your car started. This girl couldn't find her car keys. The figure appeared but it was following them.
Date: 2018-02-07
I apologize I just read your other post lol I feel so silly lol I get what you are saying
Date: 2018-02-07
I call him the shadow man but its just black figures that appear often and frequently if you are spiritually gifted. There is another post on here very similar to mines. I am a natural born medium with other gifts and there's several posts on here like mines. They read these posts before approving them. So I highly suggest you read several posts on here, there is even one titled the shadow man. There are posts on here about being followed and animal sensitivity. This is not a complete supernatural website.
Date: 2018-02-07
no you not trying to be rude but maybe if you research the shadow man and other things in that nature that being spiritual gifted you would actually see this is supernatural. There is a similar post on here like mines.
I experienced many weird things in life, I am glad that my abilities have opened up. Anyone to help with this experience?
Date: 2018-01-28
I have seen things like this as well, but it doesn't bother me anymore. I bet you were shaken by this experience. I lived in a city where every year around May, there would be this girl hitchhiking her way home. She wears a white dress and walks in the rain. The driver picks her up, and she directs them to her mom house. After arrival, the driver looks in the backseat, and she vanishes. Most people find their jackets placed over her tombstone. Her mother says on news that her daughter, and boyfriend were killed in a car accident on prom night. She does this every year and just want you to take her home.
I don't have spirit attachment like this but I experience channeling only when I appear to be in harms way. It just comes natural, like natural channeling. This seem to serves as only a protection, so I wouldn't trust an entity of this kind attached to me. The devil was once an angel.
I have always had paranormal encounters. Thankfully I seen shadow figures at the corner of my eye, and not in front of me. I would probably have peed. This guy is a male and a female I think. The room I am sleeping in is the previous homeowner mother who is deceased. I didn't know who she was until she appeared clearly in my dream in this room.
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