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Things about me:

- I'm 14 / I first created this account when I was 13
- I have a great interest in the supernatural/paranormal, feel free to message me & talk!
- I discovered my psychic powers when I was in 4th grade
- I'm still in-training to develop my skills and abilities (edit 2017: I discovered my inner power:))
- I'm Pagan / an electic witch, or Wiccan if you look at it differently
- I'm an old soul:)
- I live with 5 spirits: Jesse, Jac, Roman, Jasmine, and
Despina. A spirit wolf is in our family as well: Moon.

Quotes I like:

"Never let the darkness bring you down like it did once for me."

"Mistakes in your past do not define who you are today."
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Am I Really Talking To Spirits? on 2017-12-28

Recently, I've been questioning my abilities. I do know that I am psychic and I've had my awakening a few months ago. Firstly, I do believe any form of telepathy. Whether one can communicate via animal, person, or spirit. So feel free to list any suggestions or any of your personal comments (tha...

An Unusual Flower-pattern on 2017-04-13

Last night, I was getting ready to sleep and nothing felt strange. When my mom closed the lights and said good night to me, I began to sleep. After awhile, I couldn't sleep and twisted and turned, so I decided to lay still and just stare at the ceiling. A green outlined flower patterned symbol began...

Struggling With Being An Empath? Read This! on 2017-04-07

I don't want to bore you with my stories but I do want to inform you about being an empath and the struggles and hardship it took to get through this all. - So what is exactly an empath? A person who has the abilities to sense other's emotions and thoughts (thoughts meaning as in their true sel...

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Thank you for your suggestions! I already know about my spirit guardians, their names, and etc. The trouble is, I'm just doubting if such power is within me (telepathy, or just talking to otherworldly beings).

I have a super busy household and I've tried meditating a lot of times. I can't focus on the pace of my breathing (I have scoliosis so it's a bit difficult), and my back starts to ache after awhile. A thing I also do is I always focus on everyone and everything around me, instead of meditating and clearing my mind (which is hard to do). But I'll definitely try to seek help, or maybe join a program (yoga training, stuff like that). Thank you all:).
No problem, glad I was able to help! I hope everything will work out for the both of you in the end.
Well, I learned about spirits from experience (I live with 5). I suggest just browsing the web since it's a free resource, or going to your local library. But beware of the unreliable websites with no credibility.

You can also learn more by contacting others that can help you. Such as nearby real psychics and such.

You can also communicate with Ella by using a pendulum, which is super easy. They can range in sizes and prices, so just pick whatever that fits your taste. By doing so, hold the string/chain of the pendulum still. Ask her a question. When it moves, up and down means yes. Side to side means no.

Hope this helps! If it didn't, then I recommend to just do lots and lots of research. Don't get distracted in learning about bad spirits, just focus on Ella.
It does seem like you might have a spirit crush!

In my opinion (don't take this personally), I believe that humans and spirits should not be together. We are different beings and it is unnatural. Spirits survive and thrive on a different astral plane than earth. Meaning when they come visit people on earth, they're on a different astral plane, which is harder for them to stay in.

But of course, this differs. Some spirits are tied to the earth and they cannot leave until their wish is fulfilled. As for others, they can stay as long as they want, and leave for as long as they can.
Heck, some spirits can even stay on earth with no purpose at all for a long time. So it really depends on who this Ella is.

I suggest you ask her more questions and get to know Ella more. Is she perhaps your guardian spirit? A random spirit? Try to interact with her more and see what happens when you do a specific thing (psychically and physically, but don't harm her).

Good luck!
[at] cranberrykitten Hey! Sorry for not checking and responding on this post. I'm handling my empathy a lot better than before, in ways I can't express! I have Skype, my username is foodelight. ❤
When I close my eyes, it's different. I see kind of an x-ray and I can see waves in the air. I'd say for the first one, you're gifted to be able to see otherworldly things. For the second one, I have no idea. I'm not sure if this is part of you being able to see things, but that is a special gift. For the fourth one, if you keep having these dreams, it may be that something or someone is trying to tell you something about your powers or you're experiencing a possibility of a new ability. For the last one, that's being an empath. I am one as well. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!:)
I have no idea why but this thing happened to me as well! I wrote an old diary entry on a specific date on thursday. I found that diary somewhere in my house and decided to write another one (mind you that I did not look at the date of the old entry) reflecting on my life. I wrote and date and turns out it was the exact same date! Same month, same day, and precisely around 7:30 pm (old diary was written at 7:25 pm, new was written at 7:30 pm)! It's weird.
Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad a lot of people are like this because it makes me happy that I'm not the only one who experiences these things. It got to the point where I wanted to kill myself because I felt so indifferent and alien. I liked certain things whereas other girls went to sleepovers and painted their nails regularly. Or went to the salon or wanted to play soccer on the field. I had no interest in doing any of these things and I felt dumb for trying to fit in. I didn't feel... Human. But thank you for sharing your story to me, this gave me motivation and hope for my journey yet to come in this life on Earth. I believe we may be from the same "planet."

Best wishes,
Kylie ❤
Date: 2017-04-28
You're not crazy. I think you're gifted. Sparkles and hearing voices and other things usually mean you have some type of psychic power. I'm pretty sure she is a spirit or some type of otherworldly being that was looking for something in your house. Maybe she lived near it or had lived in it a couple years ago.
In my personal belief, there are such things as ghosts but I call them spirits. Ghosts seem silly like those cartoon Disney movies. It could really be your aunt, most spirits do spend their time on earth either with a relative or with a random stranger.
Date: 2017-04-19
For me, it's kind of different. When I'm either very angry or when I'm lying to my parents and I get all nervous and etc, the walls start shifting for me, but no tunnel. Maybe it's a type of portal or something to an astral dimension. 😊
Date: 2017-04-19
Hmm, maybe he was tickling you to get your attention? I have no idea. Maybe next time, you should try talking to him since your parents can't hear you.
Hello ~!

Well I personally think that you have abilities/powers but you just need to control them:)
Hello ~!

Maybe because of the orbs and spirits around you and the overall situation made an impact on you. Fear has a lot to do with changing your mindset and your way of things. Fear probably triggered the dreams? Just a suggestion!
Date: 2017-04-10

The same thing happened to me as well! You're not the only one. Everyday, I'm surrounded by teenagers like me at school. They're all chatting, gossiping, playing around, fooling around, and sometimes I just stare and I feel like I don't fit it. I feel alien. I feel like I'm from another galaxy. I don't understand others, or more specifically, "normal humans." I don't usually care about the girls at my school who recommend me to wear makeup, the girls that invite me to sleepovers, and more. I feel like I'm trapped in this tiny bubble that nobody understands. Others try and act like they understand (they think I'm bipolar which I'm not lol).

I feel the same way as you do. But I don't question it because I know I'm different and I'm not afraid to show it. I'm not letting fear wrap up who I want to be on earth, I'm me, alien, human, star child, whatever it be.

I hope this helps! ❤

Well, to me it seems you did, in fact, call upon your guardian angel. Did the dreams seem very real to you? Were they lucid? Try researching more about your dreams and see if you can call upon the angel one more time. If you can, try to have a talk/conversation with them. If it works, congrats! Remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Nothing is there to harm you except for your imagination
Hello ~!

Hmmm, a possibility might be that she also has psychic abilities like you! But at school, she "puts on her shield" (metaphorically) and maybe you can sense that.
Date: 2017-04-07
v I guarantee working with crystals do not attract demons. But in matter of fact if you do use crystals, use ones with good energies in them and not bad energy.

I was like you before and I know exactly how you feel. I know you feel lost like you don't belong in anywhere and etc etc. It is hard and I believe maybe you may be an old soul, like me! I used to feel left out and when my "normal" friends had sleepovers and parties, they'd be really fun for THEM. But as for me, I can sense energy automatically around me and all that and sometimes if there's depression or bad energy around that gets me down and I've had one friend ask me what was wrong with me, being suddenly happy, then sad, then angry. I've lost a lot of friends along the way and it's been a pretty rough ride. Same for you. But now I'm in a better place with a high reputation at my school, I have family that's always joking around with me, friends that understand my magic and accept and thinks it's cool, and I discovered I had a spirit attached to me that I've had a long, happy friendship with it ever since I was a kid. A lot of things may happen and it's not your fault. You have your angels and others have their help. Don't worry. Worrying will make it worse and the fear or being struck down again will control you rather than you controlling yourself. Always believe you're in control, always believe that you're good enough for anything, always have faith and hope as your angels will guide you throughout life. In my belief, not all humans on earth have angelic protectors and if you do come across one, you're very lucky as they are powerful and strong.

Hope this helps! ❤
Hello ~!

Hmm, maybe you two have some kind of cord. Try researching cord connections and such b / c I've had a similar situation where once I was best best friends with this person and when she called it off with her bf, I did st the same time. When her ex started talking to her again, mine as well, when my ex got involved with someone else, my best friend's boyfriend got involved with that same exact person too.

Hope this helps a bit! ❤
Hello ~!

Hmm, maybe you should try simple exercises. Like concentrating and all that. I don't know specific examples but just do plenty and plenty of research. Besides that, practice! Practice does make perfect! If you can't find any info about this, try techniques such as focusing on the object and in your mind, visual and move it to your right side or something like that. You have a very special gift, good luck! The more practice, the more control you'll get.
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