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My Psychic Life Part 3 on 2017-06-13

This is the continuation of the series My Psychic Life. You will find messages recorded from people who live in after life. ANNE FRANK I am Anne Frank. I had a beautiful childhood. My father very much cared for his family. I had an elder sister with whom I used to play a lot. My life was very ...

My Psychic Life Part 2 on 2017-04-13

If you have already read the messages from my article My Psychic Life Part 1 then you are familiar with what I am doing here anyway I still brief you about myself again so I am a Psychic but first I am thankful to God for giving me this gift and I communicate with people from afterlife using alphabe...

My Psychic Life Part 1 on 2017-04-07

I am a Psychic I communicate with people from afterlife using alphabet and numerical board this is a gift I got a couple of years ago and so I have recorded some messages which I am going to share here. I have promised them that their messages will be shared with the world so you can understand that...

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Date: 2017-06-14
No, I don't have kik. It will be better we communicate through email. I sent a message to your email address. I saw your photo.
Date: 2017-06-14
Dondamious, I sent a message to your mailing address. Check and see if you have received.
Date: 2017-06-14
I don't have skype. Give me your email. I can communicate through your mail.
Date: 2017-06-14
Okay.I can help you with what you want if it is under my capabilities.
Date: 2017-06-14
Yes. I am at your service. Are you talking about offering a job?
Date: 2017-06-07
Any peaceful music as long as it sounds melodious and beautiful. I prefer classic music and movie soundtrack.
Date: 2017-06-05
Hi dondamious,

No, I don't do meditation at all. But I listen to lots of music.
Date: 2017-04-28
Hello Sarahfinee,

God ways are strange. He is more greater and knowledgeable than what we think who he is. He his in charge of everything in and around our world. He can be many things. All the galaxies in the entire universe is nothing in front of him. Religion gives us an identity and hope to face everyday life. We feel safer living under it. God gives vision to people who are born blind when they reach heaven. Thank you.

To Magickyg413,

Marylin Monroe cries a lot when she reflects about her life in our world.
I understand that you invited the spirit world by use of a pendulum so you didn't develop natural psychic abilities to meet them but I wonder is everyone successful in meeting spirits by the medium you have mentioned if it is rare then you should be very lucky.

So you meet random spirits and they are completely unknown to you. Many spirits of departed are in heaven and I think some return to our world at will or they are simply destined to stay in our world even after death.

I did see a blurry image of a good looking girl who haunted me in my apartment and she was in love with me. So do you see those spirits the same way I saw and I assume you talk through your mind with them and the spirit voice can be heard clearly inside your head.

There is a spirit I cannot see and he is capable of taking possession of my body and moves my hands and feet at will but I am taking total control of my body but still he manages to shake my hand violently and make me drop things I am holding. He speaks inside my head all the time. I have no idea where he came from and I don't know how to send him away. He is also capable of erasing my memory and makes me lose focus on what I just did. I think he is some kind of wizard for he brought a dead actress to be with him. So she also became part of my everyday life.

I want to say one thing if you meet spirits of younger person and ask questions they will lie a lot and play with you and in the other hand if you go for spirits who are very old and matured they will answer you very well since they are too old to hide anything from you and take pride at it. I think by now you must have asked them many question and got some answers.

You see spirits very clearly standing before you as you said you saw a gypsy woman with blue eyes and you also experienced coldness and unpleasant smell in your room. So they appear and vanish before your eyes just like that.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Date: 2017-04-12
Hello Lauterb,

It is very nice to hear from you and also thank you for your guidance. But I can assure you that these messages are real you see their language style can be distinguished and they talk based on their life events and experience. I saw them individually and I encouraged them to post message promising them that their message will reach all over the world and they expressed great interest and took time to talk to me. Right now Christopher reeve and Robin Williams are watching me writing this letter to you. I like them both for they are good in making humor. Robin Williams make me laugh a lot. One thing is I can meet them only if I have a photo of them I can't meet a person if it is a painted portrait of him or her. So I cannot see people like Beethoven, Mozart, Marie Antoinette queen of France for example. Another thing is they should be good in English so I can record their message. You see I don't talk to them by moving my lips just using my mind alone I communicate.

But I do have a mischievous ghost of an old man who tries to take control of my life but I give him nice scolding to behave properly and I don't know how to get rid of him but he is with me for more than a year. Sometime he gives advice about how to deal with people and another thing is he somehow pulled a spirit of a dead actress (whom I cannot identify) from heaven to be with him every day so she is also following me. I get into fight with her all the time. She says that she wants to return to heaven but the old man is not letting her go. She died in 1969 when she is only 26. She is heavily outdated when it comes to today's lifestyle. She as the seriousness and mentality of 1960 and I like only today's woman.

But my favorite moment is when I watch movies with Walt Disney along with some dead children I also invited children from Victorian era too. Everyone excited to watch today's cartoon movies. I have promised Walt Disney that we will watch hundred animated movies to make a record. I have to tell you I am an animator by profession.

It is said that frank Liszt the musician speaks little English but he speaks English very well. I invite many musicians to listen to work of various musicians. They can hear music even when I listen through head phones.

Thanks to internet I am able to pass their messages around the world. People with this kind of power hundred years ago can't do much to communicate. Thank you for sending the link to the book you have mentioned I will read it very carefully. 😁

I never experienced sleep paralysis. Maybe some dark energy or spirit has manifested itself in your room were you sleep so these can be reason for not getting peaceful sleep and experiencing night terrors at regular basis. I had room in a rented house were a dark energy caused people to get bad dreams when they sleep in that room. Do check my post I have collected some message from people living in the world of afterlife. Take care. 😁

There are certain things in my life which I want to keep it as secrets. I can't hear other people voice in my head but what I can do is I can make my voice heard in everyone's head. Anyway do check my post here. Take care. 😁
You are fine and not suffering from any sort of illness so be strong. Take care. 😁

I see you are experiencing strange dreams and it appears to be too real until you woke up I see. Check my post here I collected messages from people living in the world of afterlife. See you. 😁
Date: 2017-04-11

So your hear people voices and sounds. My ability is to see people from after life and communicate with them. Do check my post. Take care. 😁
Date: 2017-04-11

Maybe you had a little bit of experiencing the future. As for me I can see and communicate with people from afterlife. Do check my post. See you 😁

Its very clear that you had a premonition but you can't do anything to save their life. What should happen will happen. Anyway I am a guy who can see and communicate with people from afterlife. See you. 😁
Date: 2017-04-11

I can communicate with animals too they act very different with me more like a person with emotions but they pretend they are very dumb when they see others. I went to zoo all animals were paying attention to me. I think they see me as one of their kind. I learnt one thing always bow to the lions they are the king of the wild and it will not tolerate people who act bigger than them. Apart from this I see and communicate with people from afterlife check my post I recorded a message from J F Kennedy. See you 😁
Date: 2017-04-11
If you feel alien then add me in I think I am one of them for I see people from afterlife and talk to them. See you.
Date: 2017-04-11
That's a nice story. I see spirits from after life and talk to them so you can start believing in them. Also check my post for I even recorded some message from them. You will be reading messages from people straight from heaven for the first time in your life. See you. 😁
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