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Proof Of Telepathy/mind Reading on 2017-09-29

I have another absolutely conclusive example of evidence that proves that the capability to read minds and/or communicate telepathically exists and is widely used. It's a clandestine capability, and there is a lot of crime and government corruption involved. That's why it's not reported in the pr...

Flash Of A Vision on 2017-06-18

I saw a few other stories on this site regarding visions, so I thought I'd share my own. All of these visions occurred while I was fully awake. I don't do any drugs or drink. The first one I'd like to describe occurred while I was listening to a religious audio dictation. I was lying in bed, l...

Conversations In Dreams on 2017-06-17

Interesting dream, hoping to describe experiences that demonstrate new information being obtained in dreams by a foreign entity, that is, another intelligence and not just imagination. The dream started as I was scanning a map of land from above, similar to Google map's satellite feature. I was s...

Incoming Messages Upon Waking on 2017-06-16

I have lots of dream experiences in which I receive auditory and textual information, but I thought I'd share my experiences of getting information immediately upon waking. For all of these experiences, I was fully alert, I usually wake up to full consciousness immediately upon waking. I don't dr...

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Date: 2017-07-23
The New Mexico desert was pretty interesting too, almost like a Disney cartoon with the colors. I got some feedback from intel while in the dessert, what they said was "I can't get that information". I also got some information from a bm radio announcer who said, "you're going to be surprised about the British Government's role in all this, it will all be over on 7/7".
Date: 2017-07-23
Also, I'd like to share that a lot of the dream activity is location based, some places are much nicer to sleep than others.

I recently visited Malaysia again, and although there are many nice people and museums there, I had some occult experiences while there, including a severe lucid dream in which I was impaled by large metal hook, which was scraped back and forth against my back for 3 or 4 minutes while a group of europeans ravenously watched and enjoyed the severe excrutiating torture.

It was the worst torture dream I had since spending a night in New Mexico.

I was in Missouri, which was pretty nasty, not sure where to go, and had a dream of a car with a New Mexico driver's licence on it going to New Mexico and there seemed to be a suggestion that I would find girls there. The next night, as I was falling asleep, I was experiencing some disturbances related to a cyberattack on my cell phone which were pretty severe, when I recieved a message, which I perceived to come from the Chinese Government which said "Leave now." It's seemed to make good sense, the only good advice I had received in a long time, so I immediately left for Albequerque. I drove through the city limits of Wicheta, Kansas at precisely 3AM (which may be connected to some Christian occultism). Perhaps the speed of my vehicle was being controlled through neurological control by a local paramilitary or corporation).

I crossed the state border of Oklahoma, and I was immediately bombarded with the voice "I like" and seperately, "Atrocity". As I was driving, I keep hearing the chant, "Oklahoma is our home, we love Oklahoma, Oklahoma is our home, we love Oklahona,..." in the wind. The highway signs were not in English, they appeared to be hieroglyphics which I understood to read "Department of Defense identification required beyond this point".

I spent a night in Oklahoma City, and was really well restored there, but I didn't want to stay, so I kept going. I crossed into Texas, and was bombarded with the voice "No one fears the judgement".

The field was really nice, but kind oppressive, like it was an effort to remain erect while driving.

I pretended to convert to Christianity for about 20 minutes in the desert, and was able to enjoy the sunshine and desert vista and totally forget all the wars and problems in the world briefly.

I spent a few nights in New Mexico and was only briefly pestered by a few professional agitators, kids mostly, and a few spirit vampires or whatever.

Then one night I had a severe torture dream, in which I was driving through the desert again and singing Amazon Grace (forged first person speech in dreams which I can detect). After the song and re-enjoying the desert vista, I turned around and saw a small child in black and white, probably my brother from 30 years ago, behind me on a desolate desert path. He said "I have a disgusting sword". Which he then weilded. It wasn't a sword, but almost like a taser that flew through the air in a ball of light and struck me in back. The electrical shock then raised up to the base of the back of my brain and did a kind of scrambling/shaking/eletrecution effect that was excrutiatingly painful for about 10 seconds before waking up.

It was so bad that I immediately resolved to leave the country, and left immediately for a 30 or 40 hour nonstop drive to the northeast to get my birth cerficate so I could get another passport. I crossed into Texas again (a few hours before the mass shooting in Dallas, which I learned about after returning to the Northeast), and saw the entire sky shimmer, as if the entire sky was not real. I remember specifically thinking that I'd like to drive through Louisiana but got a feeling that it would be too dangerous there so drove directly back to the Northeast.
A lot of the incoming is hostile, but I'll try. Good advice, thanks
It's definately possible to influence the weather, although I am not certain that you are personally in control.

It is possible that your thoughts are being read or your actions are being monitored by a black market corporation or foreign government or your own government and the actual manipulation of the weather is affected by the entity that has the actual ability to influence the weather.

It's easy to assume that there is no middleman and that you are affecting the weather yourself through some kind of magic ability. I'm not saying that magic is impossible, but it's also possible that there is some larger organization involved.

I have also affected the weather. For example, by getting angry and saying something insultory which caused an immediate gust storm, or recollecting a child in the news that was killed accidently, immediately causing the sky to open with a flash downpour, or by saying the name of God and causing the clouds to immediately part blanketing the desert with a flood of brilliant sunshine on a dark day.

Also, I spoke the words aloud while driving through New Mexico after about an hour of silence, saying, "she's a devout convert to Protestantism", referring to America, and in less than 1 second, my radio blared an alarm sound and the announcer said: "this is a message from the emergency broadcast system, this is not a test. A severe thunderstorm alert has just been issued for Randall County, Texas by the National Weather Service. Expect flooding and hail the size of quarters".

So again, it's definately possible to affect the weather, but I think it is probably an illusion if you think that you are actually affecting the weather on a large scale by yourself.

The only explanation other than a secret corporation or government agency is some kind of magical power or an act of God. I guess you can decide what you think is most probable.
Date: 2017-06-17
I wouldn't trust anything on the TV to prove or disprove anything. There are several possibilities, the least likely of which is a precognition of what was going to occur.

First of of consider that digital techology, including the TV operates at the speed of light, so information can travel back and forth to the broadcaster content provider within milliseconds, faster than your brain can perceive.

Also consider that there are enormous amounts of money, on the scale of hundreds of billions of dollars, controlled by the corporations you interact with on the TV and they are extremely sophisticated.

I'd think the most probable explaination of what is occurring is that the content provider is uploading information to you telepathically a few seconds before the broadcast appears on your TV. This could be accomplished with a technological device in your area that is monitoring not just you, but your entire regional consumer market. There could also be a co-located telepath that is working for the corporate broadcaster.

Any telepathic upload could precede what is broadcast, and the broadcaster would retain control of the content of the broadcast.

It is also possible that you are a target for mind-reading, be it telepathic or technologically accomplished, in which case the broadcaster may be interested in you personally, and could be monitoring your thoughts and reactions for entertainment or financial gain or they mayor they may perceive you as a threat. In that case your thoughts and reactions could be influencing the broadcast, under the direction and control of the broadcaster. If you do have pyschic abilities, that may have got the broadcaster's attention.

The final possibility is that your thoughts are precognative, and the broadcaster is not engaging in any shenanegans. This is definately possible, but unlikely most of the time.

Again, I wouldn't trust anything on the TV. I can react with the TV as well, and have done so so frequently that the broadcaster has stopped perpetrating the illusion and speaks candidly to me without the farce of one-way information exchange.

In this way I can basically tune in to whoever I want and have conversations with the people on the TV. Instead of reading my thoughts as in the past, I can ask the people on the TV direct questions and receive direct answers to my questions in real time. This is probably accomplished with artificial intelligence and cgi along with computer generated voice, because most of the time the people that I have conversations are government officials or foreign heads of state and are probably not available to speak live most of the time. The other options to cgi is human clones or imposters or people wearing mission impossible masks.

So again, there are lots of possibilities, including precognition, but it is more likely that you are actually interacting with a sophisticated corporate broadcaster operating at the speed of light through the IP address of your television and what you are perceiving is an intentionally engineered illusion.
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