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I Think I Saved My Little Cousins Life? on 2017-10-06

I woke up one morning after a crazy nightmare or vision it was about my little 5 year old cousin. I had dreamt that he and his mom were at the lightrail station about to Catch a train and my little cousin had ran to rails and the train was coming too close it couldn't stop so it killed him and I saw...

Concern About My Spiritual Abilities on 2017-09-17

New to this forum and I have a concern about my spiritual abilities maybe you guys could help. First a small background story my mother has a gift and she got it from grandmother and when my grandmother passed away we weren't not in town at the time we lived in a different state so my mother was not...

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Date: 2017-10-06
I love reading your experiences you have such a way of describing them and you have an amazing gift I also get scared when I wake up from visions or dreams. Only one time in my life I heard a whisper in my ear and its intense for sure specially when your wide awake
Hello well I can relate to you, but in my situation sometimes are dreams or a vision of what could happen and it usually happens months later. I also know when things are about to happen like silly things sometimes I think about something and instantly it happens, quick example I was watching a movie with an aunt at her house and we each had our blankets because it was cold in the living room and I thought shes going to tell me to raise my blanket up so it doesn't touch the floor and in about a minute guess what comes out of her mouth so I just laughed but its silly stuff sometimes but when I do have my dreams I take them seriously just advice listen to your inner voice most of the times it could be right!
Thanks guys I appreciate your comment sorry for the late reply so that day that I wrote this story maybe a day later I think not sure it was Sunday morning and I wanted to go church something that I normally don't do and I felt connected had a nice time and after I got home walking back to my car I twisted my ankle and had a severe sprain couldn't walk or anything for about a week just I'm recovering but not sure if that has something to do with anything or just me being clumsy what do guys think about that?
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