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Purple Human Figure In Our Bedroom on 2017-09-22

I am 47y old man and I live here in northern Finland with my wife and we also have a cat. Our house is a old school building (built in 1947) but at this same spot there use to be a military hospital during the war. When the German soldiers leave this place they burn the hospital and after the war lo...

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Thank you AnneV, Xarath, DawnT, jasmine_glaze and psychickarma for your comments 😊

This is what I can add to our experience:

1. The figure was purple but like glittering/ sparkly... It emitted this sparkly light.

2. I totally believe my wife saw it too, she is very honest.

3. Many people has experienced a strange things here. They heard steps, doors closed by itself example (not me or my wife)

4. When my wife is away for the night I have to sleep with light on because I feel that someone is watching me... It's a little scary feeling.

5. Our cat sometimes stares at the end of the dark hallway like there is something but when I put the lights on there is nothing.

We felt that this house is a safe place to live and nothing bad has never happened this time what we have lived here.
Should we call my wifes brothers name and encourage him to go to the light? (or is that Hollywood).
I wonder is the spirit strong enough to paralyse a human cause I felt that way when I was watching it?
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