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Is A Ghost Trying To Contact Me on 2017-09-27

First let me start with I have always felt different from my family and the people in my small community. I have always felt from a very young age that I was adopted. I know for a fact that my parents are my parents. I used to have these feelings like something was going to happen. The only way I...

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OMG! How do I get these voices to quit bouncing around in my head. There is to many and I do NOT know what to do. Just Breathe! ❤ ❤ 👄
I had to give that a few days for my brain to wrap around. I will revisit the bible but just not right now. Any other suggestions on where to start?
Thank you for your words of wisdom! I am feeling so lost right now. I need to understand more. Any recommendations on where to start? Anything that helped you to start to understand. Reading materials?
WOW! You have powerful words... Thank you so much for sharing.
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