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Something Dark Has Made Itself Known on 2017-10-06

Alright, I should start off with saying I am very new to all of this. I am trying as hard as I can to learn as much as I can as fast as I can, although I can't seem to find help or any decent websites. That being said, I hope this website is as legitimate as it seems. I went through a lot this pas...

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Thank you for the comment Anne, I appreciate the input. I heard about Mothman but I haven't really done any looking into him I just assumed he's got wings and I know this thing didn't. The thing that appeared before me was probably around 6ft or so and was maybe 2ft away from me. As for any disasters... I'm not quite sure. It's a small town built on native grounds. I know I walk through some wendigo territory on the way home but I didn't think it was a wendigo. You're right it didn't attack, but it felt so real to me and looked so real... I can't imagine that have been someone pulling a prank on me and at that time nonetheless. The walking dead is a terrifying thought and so true! Thank you for the link as well, I will definitely look into this further.
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