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An Evil Foreshadowing A Negative Future Event on 2017-11-16

While I was sleeping I saw an entity in my room. This entity was just evil, had a dark energy and everything about it was negative and bad. In my bedroom, there was a furniture located opposite my bed and against the wall. That entity was sitting in the right corner of the wall on a cabinet. ...

Unknown Entities Touching My Belly - Vision Of A Little Girl on 2017-11-16

This story happened one night in my sleep. Actually, what I do recall happened when I started to wake up. I was sleeping on my back, which is not so usual for me. Anyway, as I started to wake up for some reason, I felt fingers touching my belly. I don't know how many fingers were there, but I got t...

Indigo-lightworker-empath-alien-if There Is Known Word on 2017-10-15

I am writing this to share my story with everyone. I believe, actually I know there are others feeling this or similar way, also. I'll start with the word different, that's how I feel. I'm a fighter, but also feel helpless when I see I cannot help this planet on a global level. It's like I carry...

Soul In Threads Shape - Brought Back From Light - Red Bruise on 2017-10-15

It was a restless night and a restless sleep. In one moment I started to wake up, I started to become more aware of what was happening around me, while my body was still in a sleeping state. I was lying on my back on my bed. Above me, where usually the ceiling is, there was a blue-bit purple sky/u...

A Visit From Other-dimension Beings on 2017-10-13

This happened in the state in which my body sleeps but my soul is awaken and aware of everything. They came one night and just passed through my bedroom door. There were three of them. They stood there at the door and were watching me for a short period. They were shining with this golden-yellow ...

A Presence In The Room While My Body's Sleeping on 2017-10-11

Firstly, before I get to the story, I would like to know how exactly is called the state in which your body sleeps and your soul is awaken - and you are very well aware of that? So, it's definitely not an ordinary dream, but something that really happens. I've come across few terms describing this p...

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carriwill: Thank you for your post. How do you personally cope with such things?
Winter_Solace: thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. To discuss this matter in more detail, I'll respond to your e-mail.

Kind regards
Tatteredsoul 1: what comes to my mind is you are seeing yourself in different parallel realities.
Jubeele: thank you. I'm glad I could share this with you and everyone here. It meant a lot to me and it maybe helps others in any way possible.
kimbodanno: Even though you know happiness comes from within, you still can't help it feeling lonely sometimes, yes. It helps having someone to share your thoughts and experiences with, connecting with people. So, I'm glad you left your comment and to getting to know you:-) Since I know exactly how you feel I'll just tell you this: be proud of yourself (no matter hard times), you are here to do good!
ArcanumInvestigator: I agree about the good fight. You know it's good when you feel it's worth it no matter the outcome. I've seen that you're into lots of psychic areas. That's great. Knowledge is power so keep up with that:-)
AnneV: thank you for your kind words. I couldn't agree with you more. In general, it's relieving to meet people who do not judge, but listen and even motivate you for being who you are and for reaching your own potential. In the end, when you find peace and love within that's how you vibrate no matter the surroundings. And then even 'the loneliest person in the world' isn't alone.
I was surprised when you mentioned dragonflies. Can you provide me with any info you have on them?
I feel connected to them for all my life and it's not something you can describe but rather feel. I've read all kinds articles about them, but haven't come across on anything that would explain dragonfly-human connection. What's your opinion on that?
When it comes to loneliness, pain, love, being different... I hope you're aware problem isn't in you. People don't understand you or maybe they're afraid you and that's why you feel not having anybody's support, they just don't know how to communicate with you. What you want is something they can't give you because you're on different evolutionary levels. You are able to understand that and forgive them. The real problem is not having someone from your own kind by your side. I know how it is. This is the role I have accepted and turned my pain into happiness. How? I do what I love (like hobbies, things that fullfill me) knowing there's a reason for me being the way I am. There's a bigger picture to all of this, believe me. Love and accept yourself, love and accept people around you. When you start opening to the universe things start to happen and answers start to come 😊
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