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I have dreams in vivid colour; sometimes they are messages to guide my choices during my waking moments. At times I still am visited by loved ones who have since passed in my dreams: my grandmother, father, friend, even mother-in-law. They were just dropping by to see how I was doing!

Recently, I've come to the realization that I have empathic abilities that I'm now learning to harness. I'm here to learn as much as I can from others far more experienced and knowledgeable on this subject.

I enjoy dabbling in the creative arts and crafts, and write for pleasure and relief.

Drop by for a friendly chat: jubeele.ygs [at]
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Bhaam - You're Trapped! on 2018-01-22

Queenstown, located in the southwest of Singapore Island, was the first satellite town established by the Housing Development Board (HDB) around the 1960s. The apartment block where my Mum still lives is reported to have been built over a Chinese cemetery. The HDB flat which was the family home w...

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Hi Mayank, what a truly amazing experience. Your exuberance makes me smile. I'm glad your faith in Krishna is keeping you strong spiritually and you're not letting fear overcome you.

I think the priest gave you good advice in telling you to be cautious and to "test" the spirits. This is so you're not led astray by false voices. Do keep up your meditation. It will help keep your mind clear and refreshed.

It's interesting how the fireball was a manifestation of the spirit of that girl. Were you able to help little Sakshi pass over into heaven? Sometimes these visitations are a call for attention (as it seems to be in this case), so that someone can acknowledge them and help with prayers to ease their way.

Your spiritual journey has begun. It will be challenging but it is spiritually rewarding when you can help others. Remember to be patient with yourself and others too. We are all constantly learning life's lessons as we go.

Wishing you all the best for a bright future. You'll do just fine. 😊
Hello from Australia, healingmama. I read your account with interest as a good friend of mine has recently mentioned that she "saw" my aura as a pure Royal Blue. This really surprised me as I never thought of myself as having an aura before.

Having purple in your aura is interesting. There are different shades of purple with different meanings. I've attached a link that hopefully can help you:

Your gift sounds similar to mine. You could have 'emotional empathy' and 'cognitive empathy', plus the ability to do mind healing. I tend to have complete strangers tell me their problems and then leave feeling better. But I do have to shield or I can feel completely drained by the end of the day.

If the advice given by the Psychic resonates with what you feel deep inside, then perhaps that is the path ahead for you. But it is your decision alone. You must listen to your heart and soul and mind. I've found that meditation helps bring my focus back to what is truly important to me. For others, going back to nature, walking along the beach or seeking the quiet of the garden helps.

You may not need to have a dramatic sea change to be a Healer. Often, we can help others by being careful to be kind, thoughtful or simply being there and willing to listen without judgement. I leave comments on this site whenever I feel a particular experience "speaks" to me and hope my words are of help and bring someone comfort.

If you would like a chat, my contact details are on my profile. All the best to you and your son. You are both very Special. 😊
Date: 2018-02-23
Hi Lyssy, you have a very interesting gift. It seems to me that as with all abilities comes responsibility. Perhaps you can begin by learning to better understand yourself. This is easier said than done though. I've found that self-knowledge is an ever-changing voyage of discovery.

Anne V, the site moderator has provided some helpful tips on how we can develop our gifts. Basically, they are to Focus, Meditate and Develop:

Hope this helps. Be well. 😊
Hi Paulie, thank you for the link. The comments are truly interesting. I do think that you must have "dream walked" in your youth and was somehow able to connect physically while you astral projected.

At the same time, I sense the key was a physical manifestation of a deeper spiritual message for you. To put it as simply as I can: the key you seek is in your hand. You have found it and now have the power to unlock all the answers you seek. The key isn't lost because YOU are the key.

I feel what you need now is to accept the experience as a gift and be at peace with all your abilities. Sometimes, the "knowing" isn't as important as "accepting". There is a quiet joy in just "being". You are as special as your gifts. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

If you ever need a friendly discussion now and again, my email is in my profile details. 😊
Hi Mayank, if the voices don't fill you with fear, then it may be that someone or something is trying to get your attention with a message for you. Perhaps if you attempt to clear your mind in meditation, a clear message will come to you. At the moment, I feel that you are getting more and more anxious in your search for answers. I would advise patience because the path to wisdom and knowledge does take a lifetime. You might find some comfort in soothing music, lighting incense, a walk in the park to allow your thoughts to calm and better focus on what you need to do.

If the thought of Lord Krishna calms you, then perhaps you can think more on his Teachings and how they can help guide you. Maybe you are called to learn more about Him so you can help others in your faith later on? You can also approach a temple elder to provide advice and sage counselling.

I hope this helps you. Be at Peace and be Well. 😊
Hi Noel, I'm sorry at the hardships and loneliness you've gone through. You're had a hard journey, but it sounds like you're now on the right path. Your partner and child will need you healthy and whole to be there for them.

Like you, I'm an empath. I was affected by the sheer volume of input from everyone, and it was terrifying and painful. For years, I was medicated to treat depression. But now that I'm off the mood stabilisers, my empathetic powers are returning in full swing. So I understand how overwhelming this can be. I meditate to clear the chaos from my thoughts and instil a sense of calmness. This helps me feel more in control and better able to make sense of the impressions I'm getting. Try and see if this also helps you.

Look up "White Light" and "psychic shielding". An empath of your strength will need to set some boundaries to preserve your peace of mind. Do not be afraid. With practice, control with come.

Many others here have undergone similar struggles with their abilities and have shared their experiences. You might wish to read the experiences from other empaths to see if anything feels right for you. You're not alone. Peace be to you. Be Well. ❤
Date: 2018-01-26
MrRiggs, I'm glad to know that you've embraced your gift. I can see it in your honed, inner strength that shines through so clearly. You've brought me comfort in turn with your calm acceptance and that sense of distilled energy.

Thank you for sharing with us.
Date: 2018-01-26
MrRiggs, this experience must have been traumatic for you as a young boy. It is a difficult gift you bear. This dreaded "knowing" and yet helpless to prevent it. Clairvoyant isn't one of my gifts, but rather empathy; so please allow to give you what comfort I can.

I will tell you that yours is a precious gift. It is an integral part of you that has shaped and guided your path in life. This special spark of knowledge which you bring to every situation. Your farseeing brings you awareness of possibilities and prepares you for grim eventualities. It reinforces your spine and forges your character. Which is why you are made of "sterner stuff", like tempered steel and able to perform those difficult duties in service for your country.

Although I am half a world away, I can feel your pain and fears. I hope you're not offended, because I do not mean to intrude. You're also a strong "broadcaster", or is it because we've somewhat chanced on the same frequency?

This has often been said, but it still holds true: there can be no Light without Dark, no day without night, no laughter without tears and no joy without sorrow. It is what it is. You are who you are because of your gifts and what you've chosen to do with them. As long as there's life, there's hope.

You're hardly "old", MrRiggs. I do feel there are many more happily productive years ahead for you...😉
Hi LeBec,

It sounds to me that you're very gifted and your abilities fully manifested at the onset of puberty. The sensations can be overwhelming. All gifts come with its share of responsibilities.

I would suggest baby steps first with your gifts. You may wish to try deep breathing techniques as a prelude to preparing yourself for meditation. This is to provide discipline and focus for your mind. With meditation and practice, control will surely come.

I've found that when I meditate, my thoughts become quiet and calm. Suddenly a clear thought will float to the surface of my consciousness. I will examine it logically, assess and digest the information. This is how I determine what I need to do when faced with difficult or conflicting choices.

You must be patient and gentle with yourself. Don't take on the "blame" or "responsibility" when circumstances are beyond your control. It won't be easy, but the journey will be worth it. You mustn't be afraid because your gift is a part of you, waiting to be nurtured and accepted.

Also, if you feel that your desires actually create some form of "wish-fulfilment" to happen, then I would advise some caution. Just in case...

Do take the time to read the experiences of others on this site. There's a wealth of knowledge here that will benefit you. I've learned a lot about my own empathetic abilities from many others here too.

If you have need of a friendly voice, my email is among the details on my profile page. I wish you well on your journey. ❤
Date: 2018-01-24
Hi ixamxm, I was followed by a shadowman as a child. Fortunately, I was with my family at the time and my parents believed that something had frightened me. They made us wash our feet in a cleansing ritual when we came home to prevent anything that may have followed us. Then they burned frankincense to provide us with further protection.

Shadow people could be spirits who lack sufficient energy to fully manifest. You must not give in to fear because they will feed off your negative energies. Take comfort in your religious belief. It will provide you in the strength you need. You've right to stay away from Ouija boards - they'll only make things more complicated.

I've attached an article on shadow people for your reference:

Be at Peace and stay Safe. My well wishes are with you.
Date: 2018-01-24
Melda - Thanks for your comment and encouragement. The timing of that very sudden breeze was certainly quite suspicious. That particular incident has always niggled away at me. My gut feeling at the time told me it was a bit too much of a "coincidence". The feeling of malice on that day was very clear too. I'm glad I could share that experience with you. ❤
Date: 2018-01-23
Hi HarperD, thank you for your kind words. That was such a strange experience. My gut instinct was screaming at me to get out of there that day. I listen to that inner voice because it's been right far too many times. It's the same sense that makes those little hairs rise up on the nape of your neck - when you just know that someone or something is watching you... 😨
Date: 2018-01-23
Hi Grant1616, if what you saw was indeed paranormal in nature, there are a few possibilities. It could be a residual haunt, in that the spirit of that little girl was re-enacting an habitual action from her past. Or perhaps you saw someone's doppelganger or an astral projection?

You could also look into the history of that complex or around the area. Was there any incident involving a little girl of that age?

As for your glimpse of your grandfather - who knows? But I do believe our loved ones sometimes drop by to check on us. Over the years, I've also had a number of visits from loved ones in lucid dreams.

Then again, perhaps you somehow stepped for an instant into the past and "saw" him in a blink of an eye. I know a few people who've claimed it has happened to them. Time may not be quite that linear for all we know.
Date: 2018-01-17
MrRiggs, thank you for inviting me to read about your other experience. I've gained new knowledge from your what you've shared. I wonder how much more enhanced the sensations would have been if your partner was as gifted or as emphatically in tune.

It is intriguing that AnneV also spoke to you about remote viewing as I did. If that fits your ability, then it is indeed a rare and precious gift. I think one of the reasons why you're able to access your abilities only through the dream state is the desire to be always in control. It is a logical and natural wish to be the master and architect of your pathway. But perhaps your remarkable gift requires a certain degree of acceptance that the flow of life is in constant motion and not always subject to control. Sometimes, faith is all we need to continue on.

I have faith that your heart will lead you along the right path, and your head will keep you from the pitfalls. If you have need of a friendly ear, my offer still stands.
Hi Wallyr1985, I feel that your headache is tied to the gift which you've been denying. Meditation may help with easing your headache and clearing your mind. You gift is a part of you waiting to be acknowledged and accepted. Have you felt restless, as if you're searching for something, but not sure what it is?

I'm not sure what the medium meant, but my impression is that the Dragon with the red eyes is a warning to take care. The song "Don't Mess with the Dragon" by Ozomaltli kept playing in my mind when I read this. I've attached the link to it. Perhaps the music or the song might have some resonance for you.

Are you aware of any negative energies around you? Constant fights, stress, general unhappiness? Negative energies may attract certain entities seeking to manifest and cause mischief. The black shadows may be spirit entities of some sort.

If you wish, you may try a general cleansing, followed by a blessing of some sort, depending on your beliefs. There are different methods of cleansing. Baptism is cleansing by holy water, with prayer, followed by blessings for protection. How you wish to proceed is up to you.

I hope this helps. Be Well and Peace to you.
Date: 2018-01-15
Loulou66, negative people can sometimes be "psivamps" and often they're not aware of what they're doing. If you find that prolonged contact with these people leave you feeling drained and tired, they could be leeching off your energy.

I've been working on personal shielding using white light visualisation. It has helped me filter out negative energy. You can look out various ways for psychic shielding. I've attached a link to an article about it:

Control will come to you from prayer, meditation and practice. Be Well.
Date: 2018-01-15
Hi MrRiggs,
I wonder if you have a form of remote viewing ability with some degree of precognition (from your other story).

I had a chuckle at your youthful confidence and resourcefulness. You sounded like a real handful as a boy! Have you been able to tap into this ability when fully conscious?
TheYoko0, you're blessed and gifted. Your story really resonated with me. I don't often visit this site, but once in a while, I feel called by someone with a message for me. Thank God your mother heeded her inner voice to go to the ER for your birth. I too was a premature baby and was very sickly from asthma as a child.

People often tell me their problems, even total strangers on the street. Often, I feel urged to help ease their pain. Even with people I do not like, which may be rather difficult and draining at times.

I do understand about getting answers from a higher plane. I often intuitively "feel" for the right answers. It may not be what the person wants, but it will be what I feel that they need at the time. It brings me a quiet joy and a sense of "rightness" when I know I've been able to help someone. Like being wrapped in gentle warmth from the neck to the waist.

Music brings me comfort too. I used to sing in a church choir and was part of an a cappella singing group.

I pray often and meditate to keep my focus clear. Do you find that the darkness around some people and places can be painful? I'm learning to set a personal shield to protect myself from excess negativity. I've been told that I must also "ground" myself regularly. What sort of methods do you use if you feel the need to replenish yourself?
Hi MoonInsideMe, I felt called to the site today and now I know! 😊 "Starseed" does indeed describe much of what you've mentioned about yourself. I'm glad you now know that you're not alone feeling like this.

Lightworkerhealer has also mentioned what I've advised, which is to meditate. It will help clear your mind so that you can focus on what you truly need.

The garden will be good for you as your empathy with the earth needs that connection. Practise drawing light from the universe to help protect and replenish yourself. Imagine roots from your feet reaching deep into the earth. Let out the negativity from you. Feel white light from the heavens coming through the top of your head from the crown chakra. Let the light flow into you and through all of your body, and into your surroundings. If you feel there is too much energy, let the excess flow out through the roots at your feet back into the earth.

I hope this all helps. I wish you well on your journey. ❤
Hi missrose5694, I too feel that you should stay far away from a seance, channelling, the Ouija or Spirit Board. Those paths are fraught with danger and will cause further complications.

I do hope you will find the advice you've received from ThulsaDune beneficial to you and your family. Spring cleaning is a great "cleansing" activity. So cleanse first, then bless and shield. It is best that the whole family is part of whatever blessing ritual you decide to do. Once all of that has been completed, you should still regularly cleanse the house as a preventative measure.

Be Safe and Well. 😘
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