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Bael Deimos
Alchemist of energy and Pathfinder.
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I Meet Death Or Something Else? on 2017-11-04

During the morning hours of today (04/11/2017) while I was asleep I had quite the lenghty dream. Alhtough most of the time I was seeing everything in a first person view, in some instances I would watch myself from outside of my body while I was doing things insidie my dream. I had strange dreams...

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And another thing is that you end up using the substance as a crutch, which would not be necessary.It's just like with exercises, some will tire you out completely when you first start them, but after repeating the same thing (and later gradually increasing the difficulty) for a while, you'll notice that your own endurance to that specific thing will increase.

It does take time but at least you'll get stronger as time goes on, instead of relying on a temporary boost that helps for THAT moment but won't add much for you in the end. You have to decide which one you want, the temporary (and with certain setbacks) or the permanent solution.
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