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Visions Of Myself While Awake on 2017-10-24

Im new to this. Just looking for answers. Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it just me? Lately I have been meditating and lighting candles (only white and black candles) to get into my spiritual self seeking for my spiritual guides. After that I started having visions of myself appear...

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I have been trying to connect with the spirit world and I only sense a strong energy around me. I don't have a feeling of bad or fear. It's just a content feeling.

The only thing I invisioned lately is a blue eye with a yellow ring.

And the last time I meditated I felt like I was spinning inside and I got nervous and woke out of it. But not like a nervous scared more like naughtious if that makes any sense at all.

And one morning I woke up with the feeling of warm hug around my upper body but my feet were cold. I woke up with a this is a good day feeling. The blanket I had was wrapped around my body from my neck covering all down to my toes. It was a okay day, it was frustrating at first working on the house and the pets in the way but it was just a normal feeling after. Nothing to be sad about or extra happy over. No good or bad news of lately around me.

I haven't met a doppleganger. And maybe so your right because "I or she" had two tattoo sleeves and I have no tattoos on my arms or desire to do so because of the job field I am in. Referring to my last vision. The other two visions were identical to me.

But this event in the last vision I/she was at seemed to be for a new interest I have been taken a interest in lately that I'm working on. So who knows if it is of the future. Either way I am going to persue my new hobby whether it is a success or not. It's my creative scapegoat.

I only was able to astral project once but I was alone running the roof tops and skies. Or maybe it was just a really cool dream. Or maybe I was just unaware to enter the realms and stayed below. I guess if I have that experience again I'll figure it out.
I'm not sure either. The last one I get that but what's the others? I'm lost on this one and I can't find any similar experiences online or with anyone I know
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