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I Don't Know What I Am, I Know I'm Not Human on 2017-11-01

Ever since I was young I felt like I was different from other humans. I know I was biologically born a human, at least I was born from humans, but something about me was off, I felt different and I never knew how to explain it until now. I still have that feeling inside me, in my senses, the way I s...

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I don't really know how to explain this feeling. It's very complicated. Its like every other soul is made up of different types of energy, some are rare but but not alone. My soul, it feels, unique, alone,different, old, since the beginning of creation. I don't believe myself to be superior to anybody, just different.
I like the humans, I find a lot of them fascinating in a manner of speaking. Sure, there are some that are not very bright and see everything in black and white (by that I mean they're too simple-minded) but what fascinates me is that they are able to learn from mistakes, depending on if they want to or not. Personally I feel like protecting all life including humans. I am not capable of hate because let's face it, it leads nowhere. Creation is my home, my neighborhood, I just want to get to know the neighbors and explore the rest of my home, if you know what I mean. I hope this answers your question.
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