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Possible Visions From My Past/home? on 2017-11-04

This past June, I had an odd vision. It was during the night. I was outside and the moon was very big and bright. As I looked up to admire the moon, I got a very deep and sudden flash of a place. This vision I saw- The place felt real, I knew it was real. The place I saw was in a desert cany...

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Date: 2017-11-02
Wow, I never heard of your abilities before. Very interesting!

If you feel uncomfortable of using your abilities at your friends requests, then tell your friend how you truly feel and tell your friend that you're not ready yet... It's best to be truthful about something than to hurt yourself holding it back.

I understand that your friend feels eager to learn more about themselves but they should understand your feelings about it as well.

I hope I helped.
Sorry to hear about the negative experience after you were trying to gain a positive one...

To answer your question, yes. Unfortunately, bad energies, spirits etc can follow you and it can have disrupt your life.

And unfortunately...I'm not very experienced on how to get rid of bad energies.
Hello Angel,

As psychicgirl said, there are many people who feel the same way you do. I have even felt the same way you have for a long time. I never felt like I belonged, even growing older, I grew more apart from humans. But I was able to find myself eventually.

There is a website I go to, it's where other people who feel like you talk about their experiences. It may help you if you decide to join-


I hope this helps...
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