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A Soldiers Tale on 2017-11-03

It was March of 2008 in CT. It was storming outside. The wind was howling and mom lay dying. I was thinking back on times past. My childhood, the good memories and the bad. My teenage years, my dating years, growing up with my brothers and sisters, family holidays and gatherings, weddings, my marria...

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Date: 2017-11-26
Thanks for that comment Carriwill. I do believe that too that our souls are connected like a family unit. I'm a Christian that believes in reincarnation. I never discuss my beliefs in church but my youngest son (not Joe) is a doppelganger for my mother's younger deceased brother that passed away a few years before I was born. Everyone comments on the resemblance. And I have seen shows where famous psychics have told families that so and so is the reincarnation of a child that died in the family in a previous generation. So I do believe families stay connected even after death.
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