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Paranormal Investigation Witness on 2017-11-12

I was having a drink in a local very old pub, the landlord told everyone there was going to be a paranormal investigation team doing a search after closing time. We were told they were well known for their TV investigation work all over the UK. I put my name forward to be part of the investigation w...

Chain Of Psychic Events In Storm on 2017-11-09

I was working in the county of Essex, England. I rented an old gatehouse lodge which was attached to an old mansion at my workplace. Built around a 100 years ago, the locals say it was on top of another site that was connected to the local church and monks. While resting one day on my bed in the ga...

Psychic/claivoyance Death on 2017-11-08

Shortly after the divorce of my wife many friends confided in me of the persons who had been with my wife. I had been in denial for many years but began to see how and why things had developed during our 13 years of marriage. In my attempt to be a good father and husband, I was always looking to de...

House Hunting Fright on 2017-11-06

I come from a family who have many psychics on my mothers side, I've had experiences but am unable to control them. This is the first of many I will share with you, they are not in chronological order. In the 1990's I was newly married, wishing to purchase an older type house in Devon, England. For...

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I've had a similar experience. As a divorced mature male living in Wales UK I often attend antique and craft fairs for the interest and company.
On one occasion many years ago I was walking slowly browsing in a fair when I saw this woman walking towards me. I can still tell you exactly what she was wearing and everything about her appearance. When our eyes met we were both transfixed in a stare that went into my soul, I felt naked to it's depth. We continued to walk slowly past each other keeping our stare.
As she passed I had this overwhelming desire to ask her to marry me, I felt I knew her from just those few seconds.
I have never seen her since but will never forget her.
Thank you Anne. Trying to keep the original story short there is more to it.
From the local church to the nearby river is a tunnel that monks used to flee when their lives were threatened. This tunnel runs under the lane where I saw this spirit. I'm convinced it's his territory but don't understand why there were no feet.
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