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Dreams In Meditation? on 2017-11-06

I was in the bath while meditating. (Probably not very smart I know, but with two toddlers this is the only quiet time I get.) Suddenly I saw a big beautiful forest with tall trees and a bright blue sky. The sun was brightly shining down over a beautiful large river with Crystal clear water and perf...

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Date: 2017-11-09
First off, thanks for all the quick responses, I really appreciate It!

Now the white being was just a silhouette, but it was as bright as it could be. Beautiful actually.

I was just told the other day that there seems to be something I need to find out, no detail or explanation but I needed to look. Maybe this place I got to is where I need to be looking like you said.

I would absolutly love guidance on all of this, I'm totally lost. But I have always felt a strong connection. So your help would be absolutly amazing! Thank you so much!

Also, I do feel like that knight tarot card does have some significance in this.
Date: 2017-11-09
Her name is betty, Evelyn came to mi d when the white being appeared. Thinking maybe this was one of my spirit guides giving me her name? I've never met a spirit guide or had any spiritual expieriences like this before. I have always believed though. I have always had your typical feeling when spirit may be around and what not but never any visual or anything like what happened. I actually just started meditating and cleaning my aura. So this is all new to me. My cousin is thinking it may be the beginning of my awakening? She speaks with her spirit guides all the time and seems to think my true purpose is beginning to come through. I'm lost on all of this.
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