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I Know When Someone Has Died on 2017-11-29

My mother says I have always been 'spooky', and for the most part I have brushed it off as just coincidence. I'm a logical thinker, and although I've always wanted to believe in spiritual things I've never been able to break down the barrier that prevents me. My grandfather was a science professor; ...

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Thank you so much for your insight. I was just telling my mum about this, and again she was recounting things that have happened with me. She said it normally happens with dreams, that it's been more prominent with someone dying obviously but there have been other instances in which I've dreamt about something and then it happens, or I'll dream about a place and then I'll go to the place and its exactly as it was in my dreams. The empathic side makes sense. I wonder, as I struggle with empathy on a face to face level. If someone is inconsolably crying to me I struggle to react or respond, I become 'robotic' to a sense... I'm very much the kind of person that 'shuts down' instead of reacting emotionally, and I cannot put myself in other people's shoes at all. I mean, could it be that all my empathic energy is being used up in my dreams? I don't know.
In the dreams with the builder it was completely through my eyes. I look forward to further imput! Thank you!
Really eager to have some feedback on my experiences, if anyone has any clue.
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