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Strange Experience, Hearing And Sensing People Not There on 2017-12-13

The other night I was sitting in the local bar with my friend. We were mid conversation when I felt/sensed someone standing really close to me. It felt like they were behind me, leaning over my shoulder. I instinctively moved in (away from the 'person') and following this heard them talking to me. I...

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Ah, I'd realised years ago I was an empath,hadn't picked up on anything else yet but makes sense, 3 different 'psychics' have reacted weird to me in the past year, like coming to greet me then backing off stating they find me 'too overwhelming'.

How do you know if it's a negative entity from a positive? I'm so used to feeling vibrations and 'light touches' I think I forget it isn't normal. Tbh I find it unsettling if I can't feel it.

Thankyou for your advice X
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