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I was born to a very psychic and spiritual mother who had many related experiences. It seemed she lived more in that world than in the reality of day to day life. I inherited a small percentage of her abilities and have had my own encounters with the psychic realm.

It is one thing to experience these things, it is quite another to understand them. I am here to learn more about psychic reality with the hope of demystifying what has already transpired in my life.

This would be easier if my background had been in a single type of experience and could be labeled. My encounters have come in a variety of flavors over decades. Also, there have been peaks and lows, and these things take place without my influence or control. Put another way, someone seems to be doing the sending and I'm doing the receiving. Only rarely have I been able to enter into an experience at will.

As further background, I have had a near death (like) experience, have been out of body a number of times and had an encounter with a spiritual entity. The NDE, one of the OBE's and the entity encounter were profound experiences that altered my life, and, in a way, time stopped for me. If my life had a focal point, it was these unusual events. This specific OBE was such that I have yet to get my head around it. I left my body to enter that of another person. I was beyond astonished and remain so.

Now, here we are.
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Dream Walker on 2018-01-01

It was, as I recall, the Christmas when I was 6. Among my gifts under the wonderfully scented Christmas tree was a child's bow and arrow set. I could not have been more pleased. Wild with joy, I soon became a pest with the arrows. Shooting my napping grandfather on the top of his balding head was th...

The Dead Man Who Walked on 2018-01-01

Most people would call me an old man, though I don't feel that way at all. At 70 most of my life is behind me, leaving me with many memories. I remember my very psychic and spiritual mother, and many of my psychic experiences. One story comes to mind rather often. I saw a dead man walking a high ...

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Date: 2018-01-15
Jubeele, I do not recall being able to do remote viewing while conscious. In the sleep, or dream state, yes, definetly.

While asleep in Virginia in 1983/84, I saw my brother being attacked and apparently murdered in Hawaii. I awoke soaked and dripping with perspiration. I felt as though I had witnessed a killing.

I arranged a business trip to Hawaii and met with the police detectives who handled the case. They were polite and professional. Everything I saw had actually happened, with a single exception. My brother had been attacked but survived.

The sleep state for me can bring prophetic dreams of events or warnings. Dreams brought me into contact with my deceased mother, who provided a death warning. That death took place within 48-72 hours. I have had what I believe was out of body travel that began in the sleep/dream state.

While in a relaxed state, possibly asleep, I left my body to enter that of another person. You can find that story published in the astral projections section of YGS. I believe I posted anonymously as a guest.

I do not recall being able to do these things while conscious. Asleep it seems many things are possible. The only time I ever intentionally performed by dream or out of body travel was as a child.

I was born very prematurely, had a low birth weight, and was ill as a child. I believe I am an empath, which posed problems as it could be acute. It took a lot of earnest prayer to get that load reduced. I also have pre-birth memories that confirm your observation about my being a handful. I was a little too persistent for my own good.
Date: 2017-12-31

You are most welcome.

I have read your words written on November 29th and in your most recent message. Taking into account all that you have said and respecting what you have to say, my position remains unchanged.

The internet is a strange place, like an electronic sea. Ships pass each other in the night and signal back and forth, showing respect and offering a guiding light. They may share information about dangers that lay ahead. Then they go their own way.

Be careful of the course you choose. The waters of life abound with rocks. I hope you find safe harbor.
I'm going to begin by asking your pardon should you find yourself offended by my comment. It is not my intent to do so.

It has been my lot to have inherited some psychic ability from my mother. Her gift was great, mine more modest. I believe I am also an empath, which has been a bit of a hardship.

Having read your post, I think what you are experiencing is a blend of empathic ability and human biology.

Your skills allow you to read love energy, and now that ability seems to be growing stronger. In other words, you have great perception in this area.

As a woman, you find a particular man attractive to the point of dreaming about him. You have dreamt of him getting you alone in a room. You find him sexually attractive to the point that you find yourself physically stimulated.

Awake, you are attracted but aware and respectful of his marriage. You feel good vibes in his presence. Asleep, in a dream state, the attraction may be less controlled.

I think it is not him, it is you. The root of this is basic biology. Men peak sexually early in life, women much later. As you are in your 40's, you are certainly in the zone to experience increased sexual drive and interest.

Your empathic abilities may provide you a more concentrated and pure source of love energy, but you biology is giving you an increased interest in responding to it. Your psychic ability may be an unusual skill not commonly possessed, your biology appears perfectly normal.

Depending on personal tastes and behavior choices, this could be an enjoyable and personally rewarding phase of your life.

Again, it is not my desire to offend. I only offer a perspective you may not have previously considered.
You are so wrapped up in this that you are struggling. I think that your situation can be simplified.

You can choose to act or stay static. Make a choice. If you choose to remain where you are now, you will. If you do remain in your present situation, give this up. It is unhealthy and a self-destructive dead end.

If you opt to go forward, locate him. If he is married, leave him alone. There is no benefit for either of you if you destroy a marriage. If he is single, contact him.

You two are mature adults. Step up to the plate and be just that. Contact him and meet with him if you can. In person will be more effective than the phone or internet. Put your cards on the table when conversation provides an opportunity.

When that contact is finished you will have a better understanding of what your reality is and what may come of it.

Letting this go unaddressed is counter-productive. Resolve it one way or another. Right now you are caught up in romantic quicksand and going nowhere. It becomes more painful as the days pass. There is no point in lingering where you are.

Hope you find what you are looking for.
Date: 2017-12-18
Based on the information you have shared, I do not believe that you are at any more risk of death than any other 21 year old woman.

I suspect your psychic abilities are being used to frighten you by feeding you false information. Your real issue has been using the ouija board and making contact with the spirit world. It sounds like you have attracted an entity of some type and it is feeding on the energy created by your fear.

In other words, you have been fed disinformation to put you in the state you are in.

Get rid of the spiritual entity and you get rid of your problem. First of all, no more ouija boards or related items. Second, research the information on Your Ghost Stories (YGS) and their related spiritual site for information on how to get rid of this thing. Third, get help from a church leader that has spiritual authority.

Now is the time to start to get tough. You are going to have to develop a backbone and get busy. Your present state of mind, weeping as you type, is exactly what it wants. You are making it stronger when you give in to it.

This thing is not your friend or your lover. It is a liar and deceiver. It does not love you. It is manipulating you to its advantage and for its own purpose. You need to stop it.

Do not give up. Do not lose heart. Resist and defeat it.
In a word, yes.

Don't stress, it is perfectly natural. Those abilities can be quite strong as a teen. Just go with it.

This will likely last all your life so get used to it. It's a gift.
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