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A long life of many instances I cannot explain. Trying to figure out more.
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Spirits Trying To Tell Me Something? Or Hiding Something? on 2017-12-19

I come from a gifted family. Not everyone in my family have experiences like I and my brother do. It started when I was younger and I was able to read clouds. I got visions (almost like I blacked out for a second) occasionally or strange feelings. Sometimes I could sense what would happen a few days...

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Hey Ladygirl, you may want to check into past lives. I've done some reading on it and it's possible you may have a connection to this person from another life. Sometimes if you leave bad feelings in a past life and meet them in your current life, you may have difficulties with them. Many say they feel drawn to this person. If the bad feelings between you are reconciled, you may feel a weight lifted. Might be worth a look.
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