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Voices, Visions And Uninvited Guests on 2017-12-24

My story starts when I was about 21. I'm 29 now and all my life I have seemed to attract energy to myself as well as being able to feel people's emotions and predict when things will happen. I was with my my boyfriend at that time we had just gotten news from a friend that he had rented an apartment...

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Wow. I felt like I was reading about myself. It's crazy how a lot of your stories and a lot of the things that you just said I can relate to and actually have had similar occurrences. Like the man counting up from 1 I had that similar experience only it was a woman's voice and she would say my name and say my name and say my name and say my name until she finally got so loud that she was screaming and it sounded she was right in my ear. It was one of the scariest voices that seem to follow me around for a lot of my childhood. And your dream of flying that is altogether too real. I had an experience where I was lifted out of my bed and what felt like out of my body by 2 luminescent figures with wings I couldn't see their faces they didn't speak. They just lifted me up and we flew almost like we flew through the wall. I believe that you are an empath you have a very strong sense about you. And this could be the reason that that voice was so prominent and the things that happened to you happen. Because I feel that I am an empath and I feel like I'm an energy magnet. I definitely think that you have an amazing gift. It's just learning how to tap into it ❤
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