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Gods Might Be Real? on 2017-12-27

I know I sound as crazy as these nut jobs on here but I think gods and death and so forth might be here on earth in this reality my take on it is there is a different reality one I feel like I have been to not sure if this happened or I made it up (I have a very active imagination) I think I have be...

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The title makes me burst out in laughter

Like this is a joke right? Doesn't sound serious to me
Date: 2017-12-28
My mom is a nurse and I have learned a bit or two from her
It could of been you being half asleep (I was like that once and was bumping into walls haha) but I myself have seen odd shadows move accross the room but be realistic it could just be a normal spider and it moved suddenly maybe you were on medication and saw things (happened to me once I thought I saw multiple of a certain object when in reality it was one which was funny as well as creepy)

I also feel energy but the energy I feel is beyond the body it is hard to explain like I could tell if someone is not human it may be instinct but I just think that is as crazy but I would listen to it anyways I have only felt 2 people who have the same non human aura as me (it is hard to explain how I feel it but it's like looking past the physical body and the soul if there is such a thing) it is creepy maybe astral beings and or entities do live on earth but not in the same way you explained
I have had similar experiences but I think what your experiencing isn't supernatural (which is fake by the way, ghosts, auras etc don't exist) I think it all ties in with energy your energy you give off and your interperation of others create these situations since I think logically and not spiritually this is a perfectly good explanation
My mom is similar to you her energy messes up with others around her whether its her animals or not

Everybody is energy whether emotional or not and your idea on the world reflect those around you trust me I struggle with the same things too it is crazy that's also why I am a hermit most of the time except for work I don't want to deal with others issues but that's life sadly
Date: 2017-12-25
I know this is an old post but I feel like if entities were real they wouldn't be like how you described why am I saying this? Because I feel like I am very connected to death to the point where I am suspecting I am death I know it sounds crazy crazier then your explanation but hear me out
I feel like I have been dead before, there is no heaven and hell (not sure about a god) and whenever someone dies around me they look at me weird every single time a person is in a sick near death state they stare up at me (yes it scares the daylights out of me) I also have a very unusual connection towards animals and babies and children they have the same look in their eyes but animals LOVE me even a dog who bites everyone else would never do it to me also another odd thing I found is I accept death I accept things that happen and am fine with it a death in the family I can take I don't feel affected by all from it and I also seem to never die from things others have died from (from the beginning of my birth even I started getting close encounters of almost dying throughout my life every single time I never die but I am not going to test this out hell no I am not stupid)
Also I don't think I am human (I don't think like you guys and I don't feel human inside I am human outside but inside mentally there is something else a lingering feeling I have always had)

But to reply to your comment I seriously doubt everything you said is real and funny how I am on here commenting my experiences I still don't believe my own crap because I think logically
And maybe because I am human we have a "God complex" but that is just my theory still there is something strange with me and animals can feel it too I am just as confused as you are and personally if I am special I will deny it and I wouldn't want it to be true but if anyone can help please do because I think even phychics (which I know I am not you cannot contact the dead and there is no ghosts it is in a seperate reality I like to call it) are insane lying human beings but who knows maybe I am the real deal maybe I am death possessing a human but hell trust me I don't want to be on earth I would rather be dead (Earth feels like hell for the dead as I say it)
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