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Am I Reliving The Past? on 2018-01-07

I have a small suspicion of me reliving my past. For example I could be somewhere and someone might say something that you don't say everyday and that could give me the impression of me repeating the past. It's like the thing called deja vu that you get when you have been in a place that you are sur...

I Keep Seeing Things on 2017-12-29

I see same weird things for months and yesterday I saw it again, not the same thing but again. It was weird enough to look it up online. I searched on the google bar the thing that I saw and in led me to this page and here is where it got weirder. At first I though those this that I kept seeing whe...

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Date: 2018-01-04
It was exactly like the northern lights but in a smaller version
So I once had a dream were I was on a big boat ready to arrive into a island and my veins somehow were caught on something and they were pulled out of me I got scared and I woke up and I could feel my veins hurt and my heart was beating so fast that even aliens could hear it. I may have a theory about this. I have a scar n my head its like someone stabbed me with a knife or hitted me with an axe or something. The doctors can't tell what that is but it may have been something from my previous life or something... I really don't know what do believe. Those dreams of yours could be caused by a fear you may have or something that might happen in the future.
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