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Is This Real Or A Dream? on 2018-02-06

Another day, another way. How many of you feel like things don't feel the same as they used to? The weather isn't consistent, people try not to feel emotions and considered weak if you express them. The places, people, and material things have a different attachment not saying it's negative maybe we...

Future, Present, Past on 2018-01-27

Welcome In this article I will share some examples related to a few personal abilities and spiritual experiences in which I do not understand. As an adolescent I wanted to have a rebellious way of thinking, as a skateboarder it made sense. I remember when my rebellious tendencies took a turn int...

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I've read somewhere that animals can also live in the spirit world although it's more difficult to see then "ghost" or "shadow people" I know if I see something n no one else does I probably won't mention it too much... Certain people will just call you crazy... And maybe you can hear feel and see things that you can't explain because your way of reasoning plus open mind allows them to happen... I think you'll be alright pretty cool to know they like you enough to show...

Take it easy
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Date: 2018-02-06
Thanks for the compliment Ares and I have obtained a lot of visions, although in my research one article I read stated "just because you have a vision doesn't mean you understand them" so I guess to answer your question about other powers I believe each and every one of us has powers even though we see most things in black and white... I have felt connected to the earth and not only in the woods but in the woods taught me many lessons mainly patience peace and survival... And it's extremely difficult to do good things when you feel negative about certain situations... At the end of the day you get what you give... Thanks again and take care...!
Sincerely T.O.W.
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You're not the only one neko everything and everyone matters don't take it too personal... One ☝🏼 Love
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