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I See Tiny Dots In The Air on 2018-01-01

I have seen these dots ever since I was little, I remember when I was a toddler seeing these dots and I thought everyone just saw them they are enhanced at night and are easier to see. I see them 24/7 every time I look up I see them but don't know what they are. And I've heard people say these are ...

I Think There Is Energy In My Hands on 2018-01-01

I'm 13 years old and throughout my life my hands would heat up and I wouldn't know why and I wouldn't think anything of it. But like a year ago I told my mom about it and she said maybe you can feel energy in them so I looked online and found out that there are many people like me. Like out of nowhe...

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Yeah sometimes I see colors around objects and people and I believe those are auras
Thank you, and I did meditate for a few minutes yesterday and plan on doing it today before going to bed
I would love to email and tell you about my experiences so please watch out for it my email is ravenmcclendon32 [at]
You should try going to a quiet place and meditate, try really hard to focus on talking to them but make sure to stay relaxed. Hope this works:)
I have felt the same way with this, I also feel I have a connection with the moon and things like that I have experiences with the elements but I never know if they are coincidences. So I try meditating but I always stop maybe you should try meditating and see if something it helps you
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