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Affecting Other People's Feelings on 2018-01-01

I don't really understand any of this stuff, but it's really been on my mind again a lot very recently and I wanted to know if anyone here could explain some things to me. The main thing I wanted to know about, is that very recently, and also in the past, when I am feeling an emotion very strongl...

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hey thank you so much that really helped:) I think lol

I googled EMPATHIC and I found out that the thing I seem to do is called REVERSE EMPATH?

It says reverse empaths are able to project how they are feeling onto other people to make them feel it too. That's what people seem to say I do to them.

I've always been able to tell how other people are feeling or if they are a good or bad person... But I didn't realise that had a name I just thought it was normal.

But I never understood what the thing is where I seem to project how i'm feeling onto other people so they know i'm feeling it. And I do it to a LOT of people without meaning to or realising i'm doing it.

I had no idea that it was actually a thing:)

I feel kind of better about it now lol

It really bothered me because it didn't make any sense and sometimes it's quite a big thing like... I self-harmed one time, quite badly, and my ex-boyfriend who I had recently broken up with and hadn't seen or spoken to for a few months suddenly rang me that same day and asked if I was okay because he said he felt like I was in trouble... He was one of the men who would sometimes tell me he could feel what I was feeling even if I didn't say anything or show it.

So basically I had cut myslef quite badly and he apparently felt that there was something wrong with me... Even though I hadn't seen him or spken to him for a few months.

So that was really wierd and maybe that has something to do with the reverse emapthy thing?

I will read more about it now that I know what it is thanks! I thought maybe I was imnagining it or that it meant nothing but it's happened so many times so i'm relieved to know that it's an actualy thing hahaha

Thank you! X Lolia x
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