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Something Came To My Room And I Was Unable To Move on 2018-01-07

My name is nixon. I am from Kenya. For the past 7 years I have been experiencing unusual situations when asleep. The first one happened in 2012, second one in 2016 and third one happened this 6/1/2018. In 2016, I was asleep then all of a sudden, I woke up and I looked back and saw my body still ...

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Holy shiat! I experienced the same thing today... Exactly the same thing. I felt someone coming fast and I expected the door to be forced in, but that didn't happen. I felt the person inside the room and at the time I had covered my head with a blanket. I wanted to uncover my head to see what it was but I couldn't.i was completely immobile. I tried to call the name Jesus Christ but I couldn't. Then I felt something like a cat beside my head on the back. Then it vanished. Wow... This was the second time when I experienced this but this time it was more real and I could even hear noises and I had ringing sound in my head the entire time
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