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*Currently Self Experimented-With and Practiced Clairvoyant
*Natural Receiver For Clairsentience
*Clairaudient To An Unknown Degree (As of 01/13/18) Permanent Physical Change Has Been Noticed. Uncontrolled Episodes Lead To Panic Attacks, etc...
*Psychometric Sessions Lead To An Almost Complete Merge Of Consciousness Between The Owner Of The Item And I. Incredibly Intense, Audible/Visual/Emotional, Leads To A State Of Intimate Remote Viewings Of The
Person And/Or Their Strongest Memories and Emotions Tied To The

*Chakras not under proper tuning. Not presently sure how to attain.
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Rapid Onset Of Abilities. Help Me on 2018-01-13

My story is a long and personal one, but because of the multitudes of horrors and atrocities I've experienced and lived through, I went 20 years in a mostly solid dissociation state. Since it began at 4 or 5, I never began the process of actually developing my personal identity, or any identity at a...

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I might not have a completely solid answer for you, just know this. I'm incredibly new to my experiences (about 2 weeks), and they've been overwhelming. If you'd like to read the bio, you'll probably be able to tell that I understand.
You worried that you quite possibly could be crazy is probably a good sign you're not. As I've been wondering the same things. But I have the assurance, from somewhere beyond me, that I'm not. So I'm pretty comfortable giving you the same.
Email me anytime. At least somebody to talk to who understands will be nice for the both of us.
This also goes out to anyone else. As long as you're a verified user, you'll be able to see my email address. Anyone with any wisdom, on both our cases, would be nice. My first post and request is still being approved. Bless.
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