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trying to grow into my higher self <3
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Shadow People /man on 2018-01-22

When I was younger around 9-12 I was getting terrorized every night. I'm 18 now sometimes I get flashbacks when I think about it.I'm very spiritual for my age I think I might have clairaudience, but I'm unsure. I lived in an bad home at the time My dad would physically abuse me almost everyday if it...

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Date: 2018-01-24
[at] ThulsaDune I just spoke with my mom and she tells me she remembers me telling her I saw a lady and a little girl I have no memory of this what so ever. The house was 560 princess street woodstock ontario. Sadly I can't get a hold of any archives bc I'm not there. 😕
Date: 2018-01-24
[at] ThulsaDune The shadow man didn't leave me alone until me, my mother and my brother moved out. I never saw him after that thank god. But also I used to hear little girls running down the stairs and one time me and my brother were playing with barbies I was in front of him someone behind me lifted my braid and slapped it down on my neck. & yet again no one was to be seen. I also remember seeing three people hung in our attic but I never saw it I just remember this vision, I don't consider myself psychic so... My stupid friends were playing the Oujia, and I didn't want to originally, then I stood near it and then I just played it but it felt like someone was pushing it but I could be wrong. Ever since I played it I've been saging my room more than normal. Dw I won't get involved in dark arts but for some reason it spiked an interest in me recently. Thank you 2 everyone commenting <3
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