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Marlone Finley
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Finleymf's pictureI am a creative writer and blogger, delivering amazing content and copy, covering a broad range of topics. I have been working, writing and speaking about technology, philosophy, politics, culture and psychology for over two decades. I earned a Bachelors degree in Applied Behavioral Science from NLU, and am working towards earning a Masters in Written Communication from NLU. I have published two books on self-help. I founded The Chicago Thinkers Journal (, an organization dedicated to presenting relevant news and stories that engage minds to think differently. It currently has more than 10, 000 viewers in 10 countries.

Professional IT practitioner and educator with over 16 years' experience
Bachelor's Degree in Applied Behavioral Science
Worked with and managed large teams of IT professionals
Uncanny attention to details, fact-checking and deadlines.
Self-driven, mission driven, quality assurance driven.
Owned two small IT businesses.
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A Journaling Of Precognitive Events Intro on 2018-01-24

Since I was young--seven or eight--I have had precognitive experiences. It would start seemingly insignificant. Thinking about a movie I wanted to see on the school-bus ride home, only to find out that my parents had rented that movie (VHS days). At the time, I felt this could be chalked up to coinc...

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These certainly sound precognitive to me. Many similar things have happened to me as well. I used to better at documenting them, and I intend to get back to that record keeping. I always approach testimonies such as yours from a posture of believing, so I am excited to hear more of your experiences.

How old were you when these events began occurring? Did anything particular happen in your life preceding the awakening? (birthday, relationship change, death in the family, etc.)
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