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I am self taught recently hatched. I have humor, compassion and do not judge. I work with others, I know my skills and gifts and I know your skills and gifts because that is my gift. I am like a crystal or a teacher. I can help with path direction.
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The Oldest Tree on 2018-01-24

I have had a very full life full of experiences and jobs and life and family and and and... I got sick. Very sick. I had operations upon operation. I was in pain. I was drugged. I was infected, addicted, and lost. I said I quit. I tried to take my life, multitudes of times. I was lost and had given ...

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My name is Theresa, Anapo is Lakota it means morning sun. Objects seem to hold energy from the living thing that they were or had touched them. These little bits of atoms we take for granted create kinetic energies that some of seem to be able to understand. It takes time. You have to learn about the world, about things, about how they are made or touched or used. History, how do rocks form. It is a lot to think about at once however you will do it even if I do not tell you, you should. ❤ We can not help it. It seems like we collect just tons and tons and tons of useless knowledge. We think to ourselves as we do millions of jobs learn about toenail clippings and the rate of rainfall on some island no one knows about that this is useless information. WRONG! How do we communicate? Words... Do these spirits of energies of these things use words? Nope, they sure do not. They share sensations, pictures, sounds, smells, feel. The more you know about this world the better you can understand that smell or that feel or that touch or picture or emotion or age... To move the pencil, who made it, what kind of tree, what was it like, the things in it you need a energy connection like an emotion you are comfortable with. I do not know if this is your gift, it may not be. Your gift might be to understand something about it and for you to make it ok. We are like spirit healers, talkers, the care takers. Shaman, Heyoka, Medicine man, Gypsy, Fortune Teller, Psychc, Empath, alllll these labels. We are the care takers the love and understanding to set things right and keep them communicating. We hear life. I rambled I am so sorry. I hope this helps a little. I will put contact info on my profile. Please... This world is a mess. It is time for us to work together to help it not to gain fortune by it. That path is dark. 😘
Date: 2018-01-24
I am new here. Hello! Shadow... I can not see them but they are nearby. My granddaughter actually can see them and knows what they are doing. She is gifted with that sight. I can clear, calm, soothe, recycle, rectify the shadows. I almost consider them, extreme emotion pools. Please this is how I describe for me, everyone has to explain things in a way they understand so please I am not judging or trying to make someone see it my way. We are all gifted and we need to work together to make this a better time in history. 😊 I find strong emotions good and bad leave this big emotion smudge, its rather brainless but confused and has some leftover of the person who experienced it. I just accept it unconditionally I do not name it, I do not fixate on what it might be, I just accept and love and pat like a mother with a newborn and it just dissipates. I am strongly gifted however. It can be mischievous and obnoxious like children if it is not getting attention. It mostly wants to know its ok now. Do not deal with anything at any time that you feel is not for you. Our best hope is to educate ourselves to understand as much as they are trying to relay to us. Everyone here is right on the money except Seawitch who is rejecting a spirit that she feels was malevolent towards her and it is trying to make amends.
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