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Serbia and Montenegro
I've been seeing dead people, visiting other realms, planes, and dimensions when sleeping;
I've been seeing beings from other realms and I often have lucid dreams and astral projections.
I am also a ThetaHealer, Reiki master, and a Norse Pantheon believer.
I like strawberry ice cream, X Files, and nature.
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Waking Up To My Name Being Called on 2018-01-29

In the last seven days, I've experienced my name being called while I was sleeping three times. I've had lucid dreams, astral projections, mystic beings coming to my dreams, seeing dead people and premonition dreams since I was a child. But I never had someone call my name so loud that it wakes ...

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I see that this post is 10 years old, but I've experienced this "dream-calling" my name (for the 1st time) 3 times in the last week.
Last night I was awoken by it, and when I asked my boyfriend (who was sleeping next to me) what did he want, he said he didn't call out my name.
I got chills going down my spine but I went back to sleep because he hugged me.
I see deceased people and talk with them in my dreams, I see beings from other realms, I visit other realms and I often astral project.
I even have lucid dreams.
But this is the first time I'm experiencing someone calling my name and waking me up, only to see that no one is calling me or that nobody' there.
I'm open for advice, suggestions and ideas on how to deal with this and what could it be.
Thank you ☺
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