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Energy, Magic, Gifts Or What? on 2018-02-05

For some time now I have had this warm feeling in both my hands. And it gets really warm!? I also see dots in the sky and on objects and around objects, but what really interested me was the fact that I could feel where things are without knowing where it is. It happened one day when I was searchi...

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Probably and have you tried curing the pain you feel by sending positve energy into the negative energy and making the negative energy positve. If that doesn't work take the negative energy and send it into the air where you destroy it with positive energy
Please help I need to know what this is this feeling in my hands I don't under stand it and its getting stronger
Yes but it happens when I try to move something but I can't and I feel wind energy
Try blowing over a peice of paper when you feel the wind bring your hand close to the paper if it starts shaking try to make the wind stronger
I accedently pressed wrong button
But I Will participate in the discussion when I have time
Please help
I realy need someone to tell me what this power is my hands get warmer each day I can't fokus in class because I sometimes see the inner parts of my class mates or the projector and when I touch someone I see a part of their future like 1hour or ten minutes into the future
When I think of an object my hands get warm in the objects direction I can't consentrate on work because every time the teacher says a curtain word I see images in my head please help
I also feel connected to nature
I am a cristian and I think my power comes as a gift of God when I was younger I watched superman and preyed for super powers
And I got them I published a story about it when I didn't know what it was but they have not made it public yet
I feel the same I had dreams of moving things with my mind and it doesn't work I can only sense objects I think of in the objects direction
(basicaly I'm a metal detector or an anything detector)
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