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Astral Spider - Urgent Matter! (i'm In Trouble) on 2018-02-06

I'm looking for some help, rather urgently. An astral spider has been attacking my aura, or something. Or my chakras. I do not know, I am not a spiritual expert here. But this has caused me to hear voices, but in the form of "thoughts", not actual voices. It also tried to take over my brain, so t...

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If anyone's interested in what 777 is. It's not God. It's not Satan. God = Satan.

777 is your reaction to the Truth of everything and some things I cannot say right now (only ones who are ready to hear will hear), sort of.
[at] thulsadone

No. 666 is Satan. Satan and God is the same person.

God is like a drug. He's unhealthy for us all, but can help preserve things which need to be preserved.

666 is not praising fear. Fear needs to be praised, or else you will be attacked by angry spirits who know that fear needs to be praised.

I cannot give you any more information than this. But trust me, I am wiser than you.
[at] ebonycat "I would like to ask for some more specific information, as I think I might have had a similar experience in my past. Does this "spider" appear slightly misty?" No, I had this vision very few times. I've had visions of spiritual viruses as well, and sea creatures I have phobias of (octopuses) basically.

"Do you feel a deep rage whenever you see it? Do you observe it in your dreams?" Yes I feel a deep rage when I see it because I know the truth which is that it's very illogical how this "spider" has been able to follow me this whole time and the way that it works makes me feel like there is an agenda behind it all. As if the source/God or whatever it is, is a dark force of evil. And I can assure you that it is. God is evil indeed. God is Satan. I rarely observe it in my dreams. One time I dreamed of it, it was a very intersting dream. The spider didn't look like a spider. It looked like a gigantic man, drawn with a black pencil (like in the music video "Take on me", except they had drawn an evil shadow man sort of), that was following a girl and she looked devastated. And told her friend that someone was meddling with her life. And he believed her. And promised to help her. Then, I had this vision of this shadow being something dark in my life. That something in the future was going to happen to me, that maybe would make people laugh.

"And most importantly, is there a room in your house that you're afraid of going in, that has always been in some state of disrepair?" The bathroom. Back in the day I would be able to be left alone in the bathroom since I had an ON/OFF button, but the ON/OFF button disappered for some unknown reason. I blame God aka Satan for this. God and Satan is the same person, that is just the truth. Not that I'm Christian, but metaphorically and truthfully, they can only be the same person.
Thank you for your advice. Fear is essential to positive existence, though. Trust me, I am a very wise being.

It's important to watch out for anything that makes you feel like it's negative. Being fearless is a shame, not something to be proud of. Ever. Never in eternity. And I know why. I made all the mistakes, I was abused. I overlooked danger. I overlooked 666. I fell into a place you wouldn't believe exists.

To not believe in fear is 666. To not praise fear is 666.

My advice to you is not to overlook danger. Perhaps one of those dark creatures you have encountered yelling stuff into your ear is actually *me* from the future, after my death. For I will do demonic things for people who doubt my knowledge, and the truth of all existence, that is for sure.

You are a christian? Do not overlook 666. Do not overlook 666.

Follow my advice. Spread it all over the world.

I may seem like just anyone, but this is the only message you'd ever need. Just trust me.

And thank you for the help. I will make my own version of "god's eye". Something I find helps is looking at pictures of cedar trees, because I imagine the negative hallucination around me getting stuck into the trees. But eventually, I know, that it's just going to come back later...
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